The course of true love never did run smooth (devakshi) – Part 6

Sonakshi was thinking of ways to convince dev.she smiled brightly as a 1000 watts bulb after walking to n fro like a tornado for nearly 1 hr.

She walked into devs room ,she smiled mischievously.then a splashhhhhh dev woke up shouting tsunami tsunami save was sona who splashed water on him.he forgot his anger n pulled sona on top of him n tickled her continuously .sona laughed pleading pls dev leave me pls was lost in her laughter.both were lost in each others eyes.

In parvai pothum plays….

Dev remembers his anger n jerked her n went.sona eyes felt tears brimming out.her dev still did not forgive her.she then said leave it sona there r many more ways…

Dev came after getting ready ,he saw sona serving all he sat when sona was about to serve him he stood up n went.

Sona was trying many ways to cheer him up but he ignored.

Sona went to dev n said see Mr dev dixit I can’t bear ur anger see if u do like this I will go away from ur life all.Dev closed her mouth n hugged her n said sona I can’t be angry with u for a long time.

Past Allahabad

Sona went to orphanage after misunderstanding dev.she inquired about her baby.when head said she was taken by some goons.sona cried hard n searched her child but didn’t find her.

Dev said sona never dare to speak like that.they both cherished moment n neither was ready to break it up.bcos they have joined after a long time.

Now sona said Dev about wat happened in Allahabad. Both went along with cute angry angel who was nagging to come along with him.they reached Allahabad when enquirong they found out that his daughter or her child was none other than their angel.

Yes ,his angel was running from goons thats when dwv took her home .knowlingly or unknowingly,he saved his daughter.

Finally all mysteries are solved.all miseries are cleared.

Dev n sona wifh their little angel lived happily.

The course of true love never did run smooth but always ends smooth just like devakshi.

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