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hey guys…… how r u all ?… i hope u r all enjoying my FF specially the silent readers…bcoz i don’t know about ur opinions regarding the FF hence if u find any mistake plzz tell me… i am very positive person i don’t mind at all if anyone shows me my mistake….

special MSG for those who r supporting me in this journey of TRUST ME FF. U know what guys actually i don’t have words to thank u for ur support, hence i asked one of my friend to help me & u know he gave me many words but i liked this one most.. my friend is so superb and always led me helping hand ( and that friend is google…… LOL)


so lets move on to the next epi


Epi 6


shivay is going to read the chit given by ACP just then our drama queen annika starts her drama & does acting of fainting which distracts shivay.. daksh & shivay both comes to help her in nick of time. shivay is jealous of daksh’s closeness towards annika… in mean time annika stealthily takes the chit from shivay’s hand. daksh asks annika for some time in evening. she agrees that she will manage some time for him which irks shivay.. she behaves sweetly with daksh & avoids shivay.. she runs from their with the chit after making the excuse of preparations for sangeet ceremony..shivay forgets about the chit totally…
annika in her room reads the chit ACP asks her for friendship bcoz she is unique in his sight. annika gets confused over ACP changed behavior..annika doubts him but letter thinks to give him one chance…
at poolside some obros moments, in which its shown that they r tangled in their life & they try to find some relief by sharing their problems..shivom pulls rudra’s legs and tease him about his devi GF and not dating any girl after that, rudy jokes on om bcoz of which om remembers the accident and burst out his all anger on rudra, later shivay shares his confusion over annika’s behavior with rudy and rudy solves his problem smartly and teases him like annika…….he decides to confront annika for knowing the exact reason of her anger…
annika is passing by from corridor just then someone pulls her in a dark room & she gets scared…..


annika is going toward the store room for some work just then someone pulls her in the dark room and pins her to the wall…she tries to get out of that strong grip…. but no use he pulls her more close. bcoz of this she gets goosebumps on her body.

shivay: don’t try. i am not gonna leave u……… until i get my answers.
annika: now what answers do u want from me sir ? is their any problem in the preparations of ur marriage ( she looks away… in another direction so not to get lost in his rainbow color kanji eyes..)
shivay: stop it annika, why r u behaving like this ? why r u calling me mr. oberoi..
annika: actually sir, u r my boss hence i should call u like this only.. am i wrong? and u gets irked when i call u with ur nick names hence..
shivay: (cuts her in between bcoz he wants to know the real answer not the fake one which she is giving right now) stop it annika, i know u r angry on me but what did i do now ?? plzz tell me…
annika: (thinks to herself wow great great great shivay singh oberoi knows that i am hurt but this pain is given by him only… when he has that POV towards me then why he is faking & acting like if he is really concerned for me..)she acts like being frightened plzz mr. oberoi don’t say plzz if someone gets know that u r pleading to ur ordinary wedding planner then it will become a breaking news….
shivay: annika i am asking u directly, tell me whatever it is don’t try to test my patience….
annika: (she don’t want to tell him anything hence she remains silent)
shivay: annikaaa…….i am asking u ans me dam it.(& bangs his fist on wall and goes closer to annika & stares at her soft lips which r inviting him he goes more close to grab them.., but suddenly feels a jerk.. annika has pushed him away with force and crying like hell… he gets tensed and panics tries to pacify her and goes toward her to explain her but she backs off and stand confidently in front of him..)
annika: ( holds her hand in front of shivay to sign him that don’t come closer ) mr. oberoi, i am ur employee… don’t u try to come near me, what do u thought ? u can do anything with me bcoz i am a low std girl and u r the great mr. shivay singh oberoi, so u have that right to do anything then i must tell u may be i am a girl who does not have name, i may not have blood, linage, family nothing but i have my self respect, i have earned my name on my own ability so don’t u even dare to misbehave with me, u must remember i don’t have any price tag…. did u understand it, u better understand…
shivay: annika listen to me i was just (but she goes from there without listening to his explanation) what happened to her suddenly. i know its my fault i should have controlled myself but she didn’t gave me chance to explain her….. my intention was not like that…and why she is again & again saying about her standard….
(says to himself shivay u r an idiot what did u do. u came here to solve the issue and instead of solving u created another big problem…)

[annika is crying miserably when somu sees her like that she becomes concerned and talks with annika]
somu: annika di…. what happened ? why r u crying this much….? plzz tell me r u okay ?
annika: (tries to compose herself but can’t do it hugs somu to lessen her pain )
somu: di plzz tell me.. did bade bhaiya said anything to u…
annika: (hearing shivay’s name she breaks the hug and composes herself ) kuch nahi saumya bas itna samaz le
aasu girane ki ahat nahi hoti ;
dil ke tutane ki awaz nahi hoti ;
agar hota unhe ehsaas dard ka ;
toh dard dene ki unhe aadat nahi hoti |
( and leaves to hall from there after composing herself somu stands confused but she understands that something has happened between shivay & annika hence she goes to inform omru)


dadi is sitting beside annika and they r checking the preparations for sangeet ceremony..,pinky and janhavi r busy in selecting some jewelry. shakti & tej r discussing something important about business, just then omru & prisomu (priyanka + somu ) enters shivay also comes from outside along with daksh…

dadi: are daksh where were u gone we all r waiting for u from last half hour
shivay: waiting for him why ? and raises his one eye brow and looks toward them for ans..
daksh stand their shying
dadi: ask him only i don’t know anything ( everyone has confused look over their face)
shivay: yeah tell us daksh why u gathered everyone here…
daksh: thank u so much dadi. u r such a darling u know and hugs dadi
dadi: areyy hat !! dadi is ur darling ( & playfully hits him on his head)
daksh: i have gathered u to share the most important moment of my life with u shivay u don’t mind i want ur wedding planner’s some time
dadi: whats there in asking, (turns toward anni and speaks to her) annika the work is complete here. will u give ur some time to daksh ?
annika:( looks at everyone and agrees as dadi is asking hence…) okay dadi, no problem (and smiles )
daksh: i request u all to plzz take a seat and u plzz be here only i’ll just come back..(and goes to his room and comes back in hall again sees everyone sitting and and only annika and shivay r standing..) hey shivay why don’t u take ur seat…
shivay: no, no, am perfectly fine u carry on ( thinks to himself now what is this idiot up to.. i just hope it should not be about his one sided love towards annika)
everyone in unison: now tell us what r u waiting for…

daksh sees annika lovingly goes toward her and forwards his hand she feels awkward and eyes dadi, dadi asks her to go ahead she hesitantly puts her hand in his. daksh makes her walk toward the center of the hall.

daksh: u know guys this is my life’s best moment i want u all to witness it hence i called u here…(turns toward annika makes her stand in the middle and bends down on his knees suddenly lights get dim and a focus falls on both of them only… shivay is watching all this and gets irked bcoz of his so sweet behavior towards annika

daksh: annika u know u have rejected me once before but i want one chance only once to express my feelings…will u give another chance just listen to me… i don’t want to force u last decision will be yours only & i’ll not mind it. i promise
annika: (looks at shivay) at nods to daksh to go ahead
daksh: u know annika, ur not the first girl who came in my life, i had many GF’s in my past but i was never serious about them then u came in my life, U may feel that it’s just attraction from my side but it’s not like that…, u know u r the first girl in front of whom i kneeled down like this but u r different than them. whenever i see u my heart beat raises and speeds like Ferrari. i get lost in ur those beautiful eyes… i am madly in love with u, not just bcoz of ur beauty but bcoz of ur soul, ur heart, ur dashing and bold attitude..this things made me crazy… i don’t know exactly when i fall in love with u but yeah it undeniable fact that i am madly, crazily & whole heartedlly in love with u. When I met you, I knew I’d met my match. It was only a matter of time until we arrived at this moment. How it turns out is all in your hands. I promise you, no one will work harder to make you happy or cherish you more than me. will u marry me plzzzzzzzzzzzz……… just from upside a board comes down which is decorated with all heart shape balloons and glittery lights and in middles beautifully written I love u Annika, daksh hold a diamond ring in his hand……… (daksh waits for her ans and makes a cute puppy face)

[everyone is shocked specially annika and shivay bcoz they didn’t expected daksh to go this much extend. shivay just stands there speech less and he to waits for her answer as others… he is dam sure that annika will say no to this proposal and everyone looks on ]

annika stands there totally confused she is dumbstruck by his this act…
epi ends on annika’s confused face & shivay and daksh with curious face



What will be annika’s ans ?
Will shivay find out the reason behind annika’s anger ?
what’s about ACP ?

sorry guys i know this update is little short but i have my studies hence i can’t update longer but i had promised u guys that i’ll update daily hence i am here with my new epi
plzz forgive my mistakes…
tell me ur opinion about this part…….

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      Plzz bear with suspense for 4 to 5 epi after that all mysteries r gonna revealed….

      Thank u dear for ur support…
      Can i call u jayu..? Plzzzzz.☺☺☺

  4. Anjaly

    mind blowing episode mrunal

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      1. Akshaya

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    2. Akshaya

      Yeah you can call akshu, akku, akki, aksh, achu, etc

      1. Mrunal

        i think akshu will be best… it sounds cute…

  6. Priyali

    Mind ka blowing ka karne wala episode yaar… post next asap yaar…… too much suspense.

    1. Mrunal

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      1. Priyali

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  7. Lisaaa

    Superb…. poor shivays baby

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  8. Shivika

    Wow…it was amazing and liked the words spoken by daksh and a way he proposed anika…..dear i liked it a lot post nxt one soon…..and to ur thnxx i ll surely reply that no need to thank ur ffs are always comment worthy… u too dear…..?????

    1. Mrunal

      Wow dear tysm for this lovely comment….????

  9. Very nyz story plz update daybyday episode in english wiating intresting story plzz

    1. Mrunal

      Thank u so much sulthana…?
      I am glad u commented… I think u was a silent reader till date bcoz i saw ur comment for first time….
      Thanks a lot
      Plz comment like this always

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  11. Saasha123

    Di the epi was good and great… But a humble request please don’t use the word f**k…. I don’t like to see such a bad word amidst such a great ff…. Pls pls??

    1. Mrunal

      Thanks Saasha??
      I know dear i also don’t like to use that word but what to do in original serial shivay uses that word frequently.. To show his frustration hence i had to use that word….
      sorry for it & already i am using that word whenever it is too.. necessary to use.

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