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Saanvi’s decision

CHAPTER 56 Part 2
Saanvi gazed at the Venus Park estate with anticipation and a healthy dose of apprehension. She was not sure if she wanted to go inside right now.
Saanvi (thinking) : Maybe I’ll just turn back…
Misha : Don’t even think about it, my doll!
Saanvi groaned.
Saanvi : Did you have to accompany me? (glaring at her friend) Oh God Misha, Let’s just turn back.
Misha : Do you realise it’s been one week since Laksh Maheshwari has been here? You still haven’t attempted to talk to him. You’re chickening out of this… But why? Don’t you love him?
Saanvi (immediately) : Of Course I do. You know that. (thinking to herself) But…. But what if everything goes wrong? What if… What if…
Misha broke her train of thought.
Misha : Then it’s simple Saanvi. Talk and confess to the man. That’s all you have to do.
Her simple words brought Saanvi back to focus. Misha was right. It was no use thinking about things that may or may not happen. She had to believe in her love for the right path.
Saanvi : Chalo Misha!
If Misha was surprised by Saanvi’s sudden change of mind, She didn’t comment on it. They continued down the path and entered the huge Venus Park estate.
Saanvi was enchanted. The place looked so magical. It reminded her of a fairy tale walking across the gardens filled with flowers to the main hallway. She smiled. It looked like books were never out of her mind.
One of the staff in the household led them to a private room and asked them to wait there while Laksh came downstairs. Saanvi again grew nervous. The moment was finally here. She was finally going to meet him.

Suddenly it became too real for her. How was she going to face Laksh? How was she going to tell him anything?
Saanvi (panicked voice) : Misha! Let’s go, please. I don’t think I can do this. How will I tell him?
Misha opened her mouth to speak, but another voice interrupted them.
Laksh : Good afternoon ladies!
Saanvi looked to her right and saw him in the flesh for the first time. Her eyes went straight to his face, staring at his eyes, which were soft and sent a burst of warmth through Saanvi. He started walking downstairs and she couldn’t take her eyes off him.
Misha (whispering) : My doll! If you had your tongue out, you’ll look exactly like a starving dog. Thoda resistance dikhao.
Saanvi blushed and gave a sideways glare to Misha, Who clearly was enjoying her friend’s expressions. Laksh stood in front of them, looking slightly puzzled.
Laksh : Hello! You’re Misha right? I’ve seen you in the market once or twice.
Misha (smiling) : That’s right! I’m so glad to meet you properly. A huge fan, Mr Maheshwari! I can’t wait for the next one. When will you finish writing?
Laksh laughed. Saanvi smiled and moved closer. His laugh was irresistible. Misha noticed her and smiled. Saanvi was so in love with the man.
Laksh : Don’t worry! I’ll finish soon. Thank you for liking it by the way.
Misha : This is my friend Saanvi! She is staying with me. Saanvi too loves your books and so asked me if we could meet you.
Laksh’s smile grew even wider if that was possible. He turned towards Saanvi and reached out a hand.
Laksh : A pleasure to meet you Saanvi! How are you?
She stood still, trying to gauge the fact that he was actually talking to her. She stared at him and probably would have done so for eternity, but Misha’s phone rang bringing Saanvi to her wits.
She smiled slightly at Laksh and shook his hand. Misha picked up the phone and excused herself. Laksh and Saanvi stood in the hall looking vaguely uncomfortable.
Laksh : So Saanvi, Are you always this quiet?
Saanvi gave a sheepish smile.
Saanvi : Not usually. I just don’t know how to talk to you.
Laksh (surprised) : Me? Why? Do I look like an alien?
Saanvi snorted a little.
Saanvi : As if you could be anything but gorgeous.
Laksh’s eyes widened in amusement and surprise. Saanvi’s cheeks grew red. Had she just said that out loud?
Laksh : Wow… Thanks! So, I hear you like my books?
Saanvi became animated. Books were one topic that she could talk about for hours.
Saanvi : Oh my God! Your books are too good. In the first book, the scene with the rose and the book… I nearly died. Your portrayal of the characters is simply amazing, I mean the depth in which I could feel the protagonist’s determination and desperation………
She continued non stop for almost ten minutes before stopping to take a deep breath. Laksh was really amazed. Saanvi was a wonderful critic and managed to see through the little things in the book, instances that no one else managed to see.
Laksh : Say, You really love books, Don’t you?
Saanvi (forgetting all her shyness and anxiety) : Books are my life. In Mumbai, I used to teach literature in a school. I just adore spending time in libraries and book stores.
Laksh (smiling) : I can see that… So what’s your favourite book? Don’t include my work though. I don’t want to be disappointed later….
They laughed and Saanvi replied. They continued talking for a long time about their book choices, about their favourite authors. Soon they spoke about themselves.
Laksh : My family is great. Ma and chachi absolutely spoil me. Uttara is the best sister.. supportive ad mischevious. My brothers Adarsh and Sanskaar are amazing as well. I can tell them anything I want. They always have time for me and nonsense, even if they are busy. Ofcourse, I can’t forget Swara… my best friend and Sanskaar’s wife. She calls me draamebaaz, you see.
Saanvi (surprised) : Draamebaaz?
Laksh (sheepishly) : I love over reacting to things. Then I can give a long impassioned speech, you see.
Saanvi laughed. Laksh was so much fun to be with. She remained quiet for a minute,thinking, then spoke up.
Saanvi : So what about girlfriends? Anyone special in your life?
Laksh’s easy smile fell. It was only for a second and if anyone other than Saanvi had been watching, they might not have noticed it. But Saanvi was paying close attention to him. She observed the way his eyes dimmed and his fist clenching. She saw the smile slip away and a painful grimace appear.
Saanvi understood.
Her heart broke into two.
Laksh loved someone else. Even if he didn’t seem happy about it, His heart belonged to someone. Saanvi did not stand a chance now. She got up startling Laksh.
Saanvi : It is getting late,isn’t it? I had better be getting back. Will you please tell Misha?
Laksh (puzzled) : Is something wrong?
Saanvi (not quite meeting his eyes) : Of course not. I just remembered something I had to do. Bye Laksh. Thank you for meeting me.
She gave a sweet smile but did not really look at him. She walked out as fast as she could and then took a taxi home. Quiet tears spilled out as her dreams and hopes were dashed.
Saanvi (thinking) : Somewhere in my mind, I still had a doubt if this was love. I mean, It might have just been a crush. But now, I don’t have any doubts. I love him and he doesn’t reciprocate. I can’t do anything now. I’ll start packing. I’ll go home to Papa.

Saanvi found herself back at the door in Venus Park. She smiled though her eyes were still clouded. She was nervous but there was a steely determination built around her.
Her smile faltered as she stared at the door again but she soon recalled her dad’s words the day before.
Saanvi’s Papa : Saanvi! I fought with your Nanaji and your Mausa, not to mention your mom herself before she finally agreed to marry me. She wanted to make sure that she wasn’t making a mistake. I want you to be like her. Think about what you want to do. Come back doing nothing for your love or making an attempt to honour that love. You can come home right now. But nothing will change except for the fact that you might wonder for the rest of your life about what might have happened. Just think about your decision. I’ll be there no matter what.
Saanvi ran over these words in her head and nodded. Her papa may want her to be like her mom, but she would be like her dad. She would proclaim her love. She would lay bare her true feelings and then face the music. She was not a coward.
The door opened and she looked right into Laksh’s eyes.
Saanvi gulped. She hoped she wasn’t a coward.
Laksh (smiling but puzzled) : Hey Saanvi! You’ve been standing outside for almost 5 minutes now. Were you planning to knock?
Saanvi (a bit flustered) : 5 minutes? Oh..
Laksh : Well, Never mind. Why don’t you just enter now?
Saanvi entered the house, gazing back as she did so. As she saw him close the door, She gave a little heartfelt sigh.
Laksh : What was that sigh for?
Saanvi started. She focused on him properly and smiled.
Saanvi : The gardens. They’re so beautiful.
Laksh : That’s true. Swara loves it here.
Saanvi : I’m sorry… Swara? Your best friend?
Laksh nodded.
Laksh : Believe it or not.. Swara tells that Venus Park was the reason she fell in love with Sanskaar. Ah, The fights they had here…. Seriously, Love is so different for everybody.
Saanvi (softly) : How would you know?
This time, Laksh was startled. His carefree smile slipped away and a wary one took its place.
Laksh : How would I know what?
Saanvi : Love, Mr Maheshwari… How do you know what that is?
Laksh shrank back a little. Saanvi seemed different today. She was still smiling but there was a certain determination in her. Not to mention that she had an expression on her face which showed that she knew more about him than he wanted her to know.
Laksh : Call me Laksh. And as for love, I don’t know what love means. I just know what I’ve learnt from books and my family.
Saanvi nodded.
Saanvi : But you’re right. It is different for everyone.
Laksh : What do you know about love?
Saanvi drew in her breath. Now was the time to tell Laksh.
Saanvi : I know what it is to love someone. I know how it makes one feel. What I don’t know is what it means to be loved in return.
The force of Saanvi’s words hit Laksh. She sounded forlorn.
Laksh : Why don’t you tell the man that you love him?
Saanvi (her eyebrows raised) : You think I should do that?
Laksh nodded.
Saanvi : I have decided to tell him today. Shall I?
Laksh smiled and nodded again.
Laksh : Who is this lucky man?
Saanvi looked him straight in the eye and replied.
Saanvi : You.
Laksh blinked.
Once. Twice. Then another time for good measure. He thought he heard her say you.
Laksh (croaking out the words) : I beg your pardon?
Saanvi : I said you, Laksh Maheshwari. I, Saanvi love you.
Laksh stared at her for a full minute before bursting into laughter. Saanvi was flustered but maintained her cool expression.
Laksh : You’re kidding, right? Did someone put you up to this? I suppose the joke is funny, but it’s also weird.
Saanvi (smiling slightly) : It’s not a joke. I really love you.
All traces of humour went away from his face at that. He looked at her open mouthed before a firm unyielding look crossed his features.
Laksh : Now I really don’t find this joke funny. I’m asking you to stop.
Saanvi ( her expression betraying her for the first time) : I’m asking you to stop calling this a joke.
Laksh : So you really think you love me?
Saanvi : I don’t think. I know I love you.
Laksh (sarcastically) : You love me in the two days that you’ve seen me? No… The 45 minutes that we spoke that day? Love at first sight, is it?
Saanvi (quietly but her words ringing round the room) : You have known me barely 2 days but I’ve known you for three whole months. I know enough about you that makes me love you. All I hope is that you might do so some day.
Laksh was angry now. Who did this woman think she was? Bad enough that he had to deal with his own emotions, He didn’t want to deal her imaginations as well.
He stood up, wanting to impose over this girl. He tried giving a stern unyielding look to her, but as soon as he met her eyes, he was unnerved. He didn’t see any fear. Maybe slight nervousness, but he could see the truth. There was only straightforwardness in her gaze. Shaking his head, he walked towards her and placed his hands on either side of the chair so that she couldn’t escape. She looked down once, biting her lip slightly, then looked up.
Laksh : You love me?
Saanvi : Yes.
She said it without hesitation surprising him once more. There was conviction in her tone, but it was all wrong. She couldn’t be in love with him.
Laksh (moving closer) : I don’t believe you.
Saanvi : Why not? If you can love someone, Why can’t I?
Laksh straightened upright, his patience broken down.
Laksh (with barely contained anger) : That’s it, Saanvi. This is enough. I don’t know if you’re actually foolish enough to believe that 2 days is enough to fallin love or whether this is all a prank. But this has gone on too far. Please leave.
Saanvi got up, walked to the table and picked up a book. One of his books. She opened a random page.
Saanvi : This scene with the ducks? When I read that, I understood not only what the protagonist was feeling. When I read that, I knew you were inspired to write that particular scene because you were feeling quirky. Something funny must have happened at that time. Either you had played a prank or someone else had. (picking up another book) This dance scene? You must have been really sad that time…..
She continued to explain many other scenes while Laksh listened to her tense. Was his work that visible? What she said was all true. He wrote his books based on emotions he had felt or based on experience he had had.
Seeing his dumbstruck expression, Saanvi laughed slightly.
Saanvi : I don’t know if anyone else managed to discern what I just told, Don’t worry. But there you go and I know I’m right, judging from your expression.
She turned away for a minute then walked closely to Laksh.
Saanvi : I don’t know what will happen from now on. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing telling you all this when I know you love another. (his eyes tightened an inch and he clenched his fists) But I still had to do this for I may leave with a broken heart, but not without peace of mind. (she looked down then at him after a few seconds, her eyes filled with tears) I love you, Laksh Maheshwari and if you’ll look in my eyes, that’s what you’ll find.
She walked out then, stopping in the middle of the garden for a minute, wanting to turn back but didn’t. Laksh saw her leave and then cupped his face with his hands. What had just happened?

Laksh was in the gardens trying to find solace, but he couldn’t. As he looked at the flowers, He saw Ragini bending down to smell one or Ragini showing Swara a butterfly on it. He turned the other side, which was where Saanvi had stood yesterday. Her hands tightly on the side so that she wouldn’t shake and he sighed.
Why was his life messed up? He wasn’t doubtful anymore about Saanvi. She had spoken the truth. She loved him.
She loved him.
She loved Laksh Maheshwari who loved another. And she knew this. She knew it and yet she had told him. Laksh wished he had the courage to do that. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t go tell Ragini for fear that she would despise him for loving her even as she loved Karan.
Ragini and Karan would get married and then maybe his pain would lessen. But now, He didn’t know what to tell Saanvi. He couldn’t accept her love. He couldn’t insult her by loving another but being with her. But he also couldn’t leave her broken-hearted. He was an expert on that after all.
His mind was in turmoil. He didn’t think he could ever stop loving Ragini. How could Saanvi love such a man who was worthless of everything, even love?
Saanvi : Laksh!
He whirled around shocked to see her standing there in a simple blue salwar.
Laksh : What are you doing here?
Saanvi : I came to ask you if you had enough time to think.
Laksh (smiling tightly) : About your confession? I suppose I have thought about it.
Saanvi : And?
Laksh (crossing his arms) : What do you expect me to do about it?
Saanvi was slightly taken aback but soon recovered.
Saanvi : I…
Laksh : Actually let me finish. You know I love someone else. You know I will not love you. Yet you came and confessed. Why is that? Why throw the burden of breaking your heart on me? Why would you do this?
Saanvi (whispering) : Because you will never get the one you love.
Laksh moved back like he had been whipped. How did the girl know?
Saanvi : When I can guess so much from a book, All it took was a glance at your eyes for the rest. I don’t know to whom you have given your heart to. I don’t know if she is stupid enough to refuse you…
Laksh (his nose flaring) : Don’t you dare speak like that about her.
Saanvi (nodded) : That was wrong, I’m sorry. I don’t know who she is or why you and her are not together. I don’t know why. But I know you can’t be with her.
She stopped but Laksh sensed more.
Laksh : Finish talking, Saanvi.
Saanvi : I want you. I want to be your wife.. Saanvi Laksh Maheshwari. I want to be part of your family and help ease your pain.
Laksh : Stop!
Saanvi stopped talking. She had laid bare her entire wishes and hopes and now it might all come crashing down on her.
Laksh : You are right. I do love someone else. But I can never be with her. I know that you love me. But I can’t be with you too. That would be an insult to you and me. We both would never be happy. So leave. Please leave. I have to go write a book. Good bye Saanvi.
He walked towards the house and almost went inside when her voice stopped him again.
Saanvi : I don’t plan on leaving. I don’t think I am quite convinced of your answer and am perfectly willing to wait here in the gardens while you continue to think about it.
Laksh (with dry humour) : You planning to sleep the night in the garden? (not waiting for her reply) Go ahead… Do whatever you want. I’m going.
The whole day, He watched her stroll round the gardens, make a beautiful flower arrangement in the corridor and talk to the staff there. She seemed happy for the company but her eyes held a sad look. Laksh felt like a cad. He knew what it felt like to not get your love but here he was doing the same thing to her. But each time he looked at her, He saw Ragini as well, smiling and laughing and his heart ached.
He appeared with a plate of food during lunch time and gave it to her. While she ate, they spoke a little about mundane matters and found that they actually could talk to each other without walking away. But later, once she was done eating, the same conversation had come up which ended with him shouting at her.
Saanvi waited until 6 o clock but when it became apparent that Laksh wasn’t going to come any longer, she left for Misha’s house resolving to come tomorrow.
Laksh was deciding to leave. Yesterday was the last straw. The cocksure Saanvi was not for him. After waiting until 6 day before yesterday, He thought she would have learnt the truth. But maddeningly, She had shown up yesterday as well. It was the limit. He would leave Venus Park and Darjeeling and go somewhere else.
Yesterday he had told everything to Sanskaar and was now waiting for Sanskaar’s advice. He badly wanted to talk to Swara but he thought he knew her wish and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear it. He couldn’t be with Saanvi. She deserved someone who loved her, not a man like him. He knew she was hurting underneath her demeanour and it ate him apart.
The only thing to do was leave. Maybe then, It would be fine.
Sanskaar (yelling) : Swara! SWARA! SWARA!
Swara (running into the room startled) : What is it? Why are you shouting, Sanskaar?
Sanskaar scowled at her and pointed down.
Sanskaar : Just look at what that THING did.
She looked down and began laughing. Zozo had come upstairs while Sanskaar was getting ready and had messed with the tie. It now lay in tatters.
Swara : Awww! My Zozo, Baby…. Did you want something to play with? Was the tie nice? Was it fun to rip it apart? My cutie pie….
Sanskaar : SWARA!
Swara : What is it?
Sanskaar (pouting now) : Stop fondling the damn thing. Your love, your husband is here and you’re supporting that?
Swara (glaring) : Did you just call Zozo a thing?
Sanskaar (thinking) : Uh-oh! Now we’re screwed.
Swara : DID YOU?
Sanskaar (crossing his arms) : Yes! i did. So what? I am your husband, not that th… not Zozo… You’re ignoring me na.. Jao katti… Go be with your Zozo…
He turned away and looked like a petulant child. Swara smiled and put Zozo down and left the room. Sanskaar watched her leave in disbelief. Was she going to do nothing to cheer him up.
Sanskaar : Pata nahi mere life mein ho kya raha hai… Outstaged by a dog…. I don’t believe it.
Swara entered at that point and chuckled looking at his disgruntled expression.
Swara : Offo Patidev! Just imagine how you’ll be when our children arrive and I support them instead of you.
She stood in front of him and started knotting his tie. His arms came around her and pulled her closer to him.
Sanskaar : What children? You don’t want your husband… you only want Zozo… Shona no love Sanskaar. Shona’s Sanskaar feeling sad.
Swara’s eyes lit up at his fake anger. She put her arms around his neck.
Swara : Close your eyes.
Sanskaar : Why?
Swara : Come on… Please!
Sanskaar complied and closed his eyes. Swara removed her hands and removed his hands from him as well. Sanskaar knew she was still standing in front of him but they were not touching. She moved one step closer, then another until they were less than half an inch apart. She then placed her lips on his and her arms went around his neck again.
She kissed him softly at first, but as his arms went around her, it deepened. She felt the kiss right till her toes. Each kiss with Sanskaar made her feel different, more special. She smiled against his lips causing him to stop and look at her.
Sanskaar : What was that for?
Swara (smiling) : The kiss or the smile?
Sanskaar (hugging her and whispering) : Both.
Swara : The kiss was to tell you just how much I love you… The smile because each time we kiss you make me feel more special, like I’m the only one who counts.
Sanskaar : You are, Shona!
Swara : I love you!
Sanskaar : I love you, Swara!
Swara : I think you should leave now… Warna office ke liye you’ll be late. (moving from the embrace nd walking outside) Come on, Sanskaar! You’re going to be late.
Sanskaar followed her and picked her up.
Swara (startled) : Sanskaar! What are you doing? Mom or Badi Ma will see.. Sanskaar, put me down.
He walked back the few steps to the room and closed the door.
Sanskaar : You were the one who mentioned kids, Sweetheart!
Swara’s eyes widened at his words. Surely, he didn’t mean now…
Swara (squeaking out the word) : Now?
Sanskaar : Why not?
Swara : Because it is morning. Because you have office. Because someone could call me or you any second.
Annapurna (from downstairs) : Sanskaar! There’s post for you. Come down and check. SANSKAAR!
Swara giggled at the look on Sanskaar’s face. He set her down and gave her a quick peck on her cheek.
Sanskaar : We seem to have too many disturbances (spotting Zozo trotting in) including a dog. No matter… But I can still do this. (turning towards the dog) Look away! This is not for your eyes. Turn that side. Grown ups are busy.
He kissed her once more though it was shorter than last time. Swara stood in front of the mirror and Sanskaar kissed her once more on the cheek.
Finally, Swara fixed his tie again and smiled at him.
Swara : Shall we go now?
Sanskaar nodded, his arm around her waist. He stopped suddenly and bent down to talk to Zozo.
Sanskaar (triumphantly) : So, Zozo, my boy, now do you see who Swara loves more? Hah!
Swara began laughing and pulled him away.
Swara : I love you pagal!
Sanskaar smiled and left, the sound of her laugh still ringing in his ears.
Swara picked up her phone which was ringing.
Swara : Haan Sanskaar!
Sanskaar : I’ve got it! I’ve got it!
Swara (curious) : Got what?
Sanskaar : Let’s go somewhere together…
Swara : Sorry? Go somewhere?
Sanskaar : Yes! Where we won’t be disturbed by anyone.. Where we can do whatever we want….
Suddenly he stopped. This was the wrong time to go. Laksh needed him.
Swara : If you mean a honeymoon, I don’t think we should go now.
Sanskaar : I’m sorry?
Swara : I don’t think we should go now, Not with the weddings coming up…. But I would love to go to Venus Park for a few days.
Sanskaar (his eyes lighting up at the thought of his childhood home) : Venus Park? Really?
Swara : I fell in love with the place as soon as I saw it… It was also the place where I fell in love with you. I would love to go back there.
Sanskaar smiled.
Sanskaar : Then Venus Park it is.
Swara : Aur haan, This time I will win the game again. We have to call it by a different name by the way.
Sanskaar : My dear! I will win from now on, Not you.
Swara (her eyebrows raised) : Is that a challenge, Mr Maheshwari?
Sanskaar : Maybe Mrs Maheshwari…
Swara : Then we shall soon see the outcome… I will pack our things tonight. We’ll leave tomorrow?
Sanskaar : Yeah, in the morning.
She cut the call and then it struck them both.
Swara (thinking) : Laksh is in Venus Park. Chalo, it’s ok… I can finally see how he’s doing.
Sanskaar (thinking) : Laksh will be there. Now I’ll be able to meet Saanvi and help him.
Sujata : Will you both stop fighting?
Sanskaar and Swara turned towards her somewhat ashamed.
Sanskaar : Mom! Will you please tell Swara that I will drive.
Swara : Mom no! Tell him I will drive.
Sanskaar : Swara, The journey will be long.. Let me drive now, You can drive later once you’ve slept well.
Swara : Sanskaar! You sleep. I will drive. I’m not tired.
They went back and forth for another ten minutes before Sujata stopped them.
Sujata : Bas! What is this? Are you both kids?
Swara and Sanskaar : But mom…
Uttara and Adarsh appeared then, laughing.
Uttara : Oh, ELDEST brother and ELDEST bhabhi, How nice to see you so mature.
Swara and Sanskaar scowled at each other, crossed their arms, then gave a death glare to Uttara.
Adarsh : Chachi… Why don’t we punish the kids by not letting them go?
Sanskaar : Adarsh Shhh… Mom no, See Swara and I are not fighting. (putting his arm around her) See…
Swara : Yes mom! Uttara and Adarsh are mad. Ignore them.
Uttara : Mom! Let the kids go. Sanskaar, Swara, Now see how I solve your problem.
She produced a coin.
Uttara : I am going to toss this coin. If it’s heads, Sanskaar will drive the first leg and if it’s tails, Swara will. Is that ok?
Everyone nodded and Uttara tossed the coin.
Sanskaar snorted with laughter looking at his beautiful wife.
Sanskaar : Next time, don’t be tails.
Swara glared at him, then at the steering well he was holding.
Swara : If you’re going to be mean about it, Take me back home. I don’t want to come with you.
Sanskaar : Accha! Sorry… Chalo, Let’s play some songs.
He switched on the music player and then began singing loudly.
SANSKAAR : Tumhe Pata Toh Hoga, Tumhi Pe Main Fida Hoon
Tumhe Hai Jabse Chaaha, Hawaaon Mein Udata Hoon
Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein, Tum Aaj Mein, Tum Kal Mein
Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona….
Swara smiled at him and he held one of his hands which she took and cuddled.
SWARA : Tumhe Pata Toh Hoga Ke Mere Dil Mein Kya Hai
Chalo Kahe Deti Hoon, Kabhi Nahi Jo Kahaan Hai
Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein, Tum Aaj Mein, Tum Kal Mein
Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona….

SANSKAAR : Tum Jo Ghussa Bhi Karo Toh Mujhe Pyaar Lagata Hai Jaane Kyun
SWARA : Main Toh Jo Bhi Kahu Tumhe Ikraar Lagata Hai Jaane Kyun
SANSKAAR : Chhodo Bhi Ye Ada, Paas Aake Jara, Baat Dil Ki Koi Keh Do Na
Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona….
They stopped at a small dhaba on the way and fed each other tall glasses of milk and huge plates of parathas.
Swara (pointing towards a shop) : Sanskaar! Look.. monkeys.
Sanskaar saw and they took any pictures of them. Swara tried keeping a banana for the monkeys, but before she could do so, a monkey came and quickly stole the cap she was wearing right from her head. Sanskaar laughed at her surprised expression and took many pictures of her.
Swara : I demand compensation.
Sanskaar : What sort of compensation?
Swara (smiling triumphantly) : I drive!
He agreed cheerfully and they continued, Swara at the wheel while Sanskaar fed her bits of chocolate. She smiled at him.
SWARA : Saari Duniya Ko Chhodake Maine Chaaha Hai Ik Tumhe
SANSKAAR : Maine Jindagi Se Maanga Hai Toh Sirf Maanga Hai Ik Tumhe
SWARA : Abb Isi Chaah Mein, Abb Isi Raah Mein, Jindagibhar Mere Tum Ho Na
Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona….

SANSKAAR : Tumhe Pata Toh Hoga, Tumhi Pe Main Fida Hoon
Tumhe Hai Jabse Chaaha, Hawaaon Mein Udata Hoon
SWARA : Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein, Tum Aaj Mein, Tum Kal Mein
Hey Shona, Hey Shona,
SANSKAAR : Hey Shona, Hey Shona….
SWARA : Shona, Hey Shona,
SANSKAAR : Hey Shona, Hey Shona……
It was late evening by the time they reached Venus Park. Sanskaar who was back at the wheel, looked really happy.
Swara (delighted) : It feels so good to be back here. Let’s go in and surprise Laksh.
They entered happyand anticipating Laksh’s surprise at seeing them both. But their anticipation was short-lived.
Swara stared in surprise. Laksh and some girl seemed to be arguing.
Laksh : Saanvi, No! I have been polite until now and allowed you inside this house. But now no more. I refuse your proposal.. I don’t want anything to do with you…
Swara (shocked at his tone) : LAKSH!
Laksh (shocked to see them) : SWARA! SANSKAAR!
Sanskaar : Laksh.. Saanvi, I presume?
Saanvi nodded mutely, wondering what was going to happen now.
PRECAP : Decisions made
Hey guys, I’ve been gone for like a month because of exams and once they finished day before yesterday, I sat and wrote this.
I have written after a month, So it might not be good. I just wrote whatever came into my mind. Hopefully you like it.
NOW, I don’t know how many of you still read mmai but i’m thinking of ending it. I’ll probably end it with chapter 60 with 2 epilogues or maximum 62 chapters plus 2 epilogues.
I started this story in Feb and since then, you all have loved this story and i thank you all for that. Lately, I haven’t had the oppurtunity to talk to you all… i haven’t posted often and many people have left tu… But i hope i still get to talk to most of you during these last few chappies.
Thank you once again for the immense support you all gave me for this story.
Main thanks will be on the last chappie.. .but I LOVE YOU GUYS <3<3<3


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  37. […] Chapter 56, Part 2 […]

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        waiting 4 da nxt part f mmai and snfm!! 🙂 🙂


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