True soulmates who made for each other (chapter-8)


Abeer and zara reached near zara’s hostel.

Zara:stop..stop the bike .

Abeer:What happened!!!(abeer surprised)

Zara:pls..stop the bike.

Abeer stopped his bike. Zara get down from bike.

Abeer:what happened!!We didn’t reached yet.Why you asked me to stop the bike ?

Zara:My hostel is only 5 mins away from there.I can go by foot now.

Abeer:But,i was dropping you by my bike.

Zara: Actually i don’t want anyone see us together.If anyone in hostel see us together they will definitely cook up some stories about us.And i don’t want that.I hope you understand my point.

Abeer:Hmm.Maybe you are right.But are you sure you can go alone.

Zara:Yeah.Thx,Abeer .Thx for helping me.For dropping me safe.

Abeer give her a smile.

one man (wearing black hoodie,b black pant and cap)sta standing on the other side of the road behind a tree watching them secretly.He clicked some pictures of them while they are talking.

Zara:I think i should leave now.Thx once again.

Saying this zara move towards her hostel.Abeer watching her go away.Then he turned his face and start his bike to go.

Zara turned back and saw Abeer is going away.A smile showed on her face.

“They left for their houses.I clicked some pictures of them.I am sending those to you.Dont wry.I am keeping my eyes on our prey.”that mysterious man told someone over phone.


hi guys….I am back☺️☺️☺️for you. I hope you all didn’t forget me or my story.My exams are over ,i post this chapter for you.I hope you all like this small chapter which had suspense, mystery.Mystery just start now.More are yet to come.I know this chapter is small.But,next chapter will be big with new suspense.

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