Anything for u my love… Swasan – Part 3

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@ Class
Swalak were sitting on a bench together. They were waiting for sanskar to come.

Someone kept hand on swara’s shoulders from back. She turned back and saw that person.
Swa: sahil? How dare you touch me? I already told you I don’t want to talk to you. Then why you are behind me?
Sah: what to do shona. Dil hai k manta nahi(heart doesn’t listen).
Swa: don’t call me shona. Go from here.
Lak: look sahil. Already u got warned from college for your behavior. Again don’t repeat such things which makes you suspend from college.
Sah: angrily. Lucky you don’t interfere in my matter.

A voice came ‘What if I interfere?’
All saw there. Sanskar was standing. He came to sahil.
San to sahil: lucky just warned you. If you repeat this again it’ll be very bad for you.

When he was talking swara was just seeing sanskar.
Till that time professor came. All went to their place.

Swa: what to do of this sahil?
San: don’t worry swara. Till am with you I’ll do ANYTHING FOR U. nothing will happen to you.
She felt good bby his talks.

Swa: sanskar what about your parents? Are you going to meet them in coming holidays.?
San: ya. Thinking so. If I finish studying syllabus I’ll go.
(sanskar’s family lives in Kolkata. He is studying in Delhi college. He came to Delhi for study. He stays in hostel. Swalak lives in delhi only)

Swa: today you both come to my home. We will finish chemistry assignment today.
Lak: actually I got some work. You both carry on. After finishing give me tomorrow.
Swasan: ok.

@gadodia home
Its evng. Sanskar came with books.
She: come sanskar. Hows your study going on?
San: good uncle.
Sha: shona is in her room. You both start study I’ll bring some snacks for you.
San: ok aunty.

@swara room
Both started to do study. But in between they were getting distracted coz of their feelings for each other. Both of admiring each other without their notice. Other time laksh would be present to disturb them. This time only they both were there.

Swa in mind: sanskar I think I started to love you. Not think, am sure I love you. From first day I saw I got attracted towards you. I scare to tell you. Will you feel same for me?

San in mind: (thinking same as swara) what if you reject me when I propose you. I cant loose you swara. Its better to remain friends than loosing your frndshp.

Their thinking broke by sharmishta.
Sha: hows study going on kids? Have these snacks and juice first.
She went from there. They both at a time going to take same snack and there hand touch eachothers. They feel shy. They had a small eyelock. It broke by a call on sanskar mobile.

San: (saw caller and keeps on speaker) yes lucky tell.
Lak: have u finished assignment?
Both swasan blushed. Coz they know that they were just admiring each other.

San: a..actually lucky. L..lights problem is there. So cud not finish. Tomorrow we will do.
Lak: ok fine. Meet you tomorrow. Bye.
San: bye.

San: ok swara. I’ll leave now. Tomorrow we will study.
Swa: ok sanskar. Bye.

Days were passing like this. Swasan feelings were also growing. But they dint confess.
One fine day swara was coming from library. She was alone. Sahil blocks her way.

Swa: what nonsense sahil? How many times I have to tell, stop following me.
Sah: swara pls accept my love. I really love you so much. Pls swara.
Swa: but sahil I don’t love you. I already told this. So stop now.
Sahil moving towards her: say yes dear, or else…
Swa: (in fear) e..else what?
Sahil was about to touch her cheeks, sanskar comes and pushes him. Sahil fell down.
San: swara r u ok? Don’t worry. Am here.

Sahil got up and raised his hand on sanskar. But sanskar holds it.
Sah: who r you to interfere between us? Leave us both. You r just her frnd. She’s also just your frnd.
San: who told she’s just frnd. She’s my girl frnd. I love her.
He pushes his hand.
San: she’s my love, my life, my everything. Dare you to come to her.

Swara got shock sudden coz of his words. She was very happy listening to him. Her heart was jumping inside with happiness.

Sahil also shocked listening this. He looks at swara for her response. He thought swara will slap him.

Swara comes near to sanskar and tells to sahil.
Swa: yes he’s my boyfrnd. We both love each other very much.
She holds sanskar’s hand by saying this.
Sanskar also got shocked. He also thought swara will slap him for his words but she agreed. He was very happy.
All were looking at them only. Laksh who stood little far from there, stopped there only shocked by listening to them.

Sahil went from there giving them angry look. All went from there. Swasan looks at each other. They had eyelock. Laksh comes and broke it.

Lak: (by crossing his hands on chest) guys.. from when its going on? U never thought to tell me? Don’t you consider me as your best frnd? You both hurt me.

Swa: lucky listen…
Lak: no shona. I thought am your best frnd. But..
Swa: actually we too dint know. Now only we told and came to know.
Lak: means? Now don’t say that you dint confess your love till now.
Swasan bend there head and nods in no.
Lak: wow.. super love story. It means through sahil you confessed your love. Great. Different confession. Must say that your confession way is unique.

Both swasan smiles. Laksh looks at them and says.
Lak: what guys. Its time to party. My best frnds love eachother. Come lets go. But ha onething. I’ll tell your love story to your kids.

Swasan blushed. Trio smiles and went for party.
FB ends.

Ritu: wow.. unique. Without telling I love you to each other, without proposing each other you both got your love.

Swara smiles shyly.

Precap: swasan scenes

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