Aman kunj are in car going to malhotra mansion. suddenly trinh trinnnnnngggggggg (phone call from chinki)

A:- hello chinki (on speaker)

C:- aman actually come to malhotra farm house I’m sending the address

K:-any problem

C:- no bhaiyya we’ll have fun there.

K:- ok then we’ll meet there.

Both reach the given address after 20mins.

A:- kunj address is not wrong right

K:- addresss is right why?

A:- looking around it’s like booth bungalow……………

K:- shill bro may be they not yet arrived . come we’ll go inside and wait.

Both move to go inside. But kunj receive a call from his clients. So he excuses and go to talk. So aman go inside reading mantras.

A:- (stepping inside)is anyone there?

He goes inside searching if anyone is there. But he listen some wired  scary noises from inside. He goes further to see where the noises from.suddenly he feels someone around. He truns around to see,but finds no one. He further walks to the middle reading mantras. Suddenly he see someone in white walking in balcony. He goes to check , but finds no one. Gaining courage he goes inside, there he see someone standing there facing there back to him. He goes near her and tap on her shoulder.

A:- kunjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj ahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Hearing his voice kunj hurriedly come inside to see what happened. But finds aman on floor scared and twinkle chinki rohan and avni laughing around him.

R:- missed it.

K:- what happened? What you have missed.

Avni :- nothing bhai . actually they made plane to scare you but poor aman got scared and you missed.

He see remaining laughing seeing aman scared. But he;s mesmerized by twinkle’s laugh with dimples.

A:- (irritated) everyone find me only to scare. Hmm I’m going I don’t want to talk to you all. 1st this kunj and now you 3. He go from there

Chinki see kunj lost in twinkle. She goes near him

C:- how’s she?

K:- (still lost) beautiful

C:- do you love her

K:- soo much. (He realize what he said and comes to reality and see chinki with a evil simle standing beside him.) I mean ………………………….

C:- wow bhai, finally I got my bhabhi….

K:- chinki it nothing, shut up

T:- chinki what happened. You are saying something about bha………….

K:- twinkle, nothing full rubbish, fully pagal.

T:-anyway, he’s rohan my bother

K:- CEO of malhotra industries right

R:- ya your kunj famous business tycoon. Both shake there hands.

At the same time anni also entres the house with dinner as necessary items are not there in farm house.with lots of talks teasing and laughs they all finished their dinner.

Aman:- so guys lets enjoy the night playing games.

K:- no we’ll watch horror movie Hollywood.

Girls/aman:- what horror movie noooooo

K:- girls……… why so just now you all scared him as ghost then why fear.

T:- it’s bhai’s plan, so we are doing so we don’t have fear but seeing movie ……………noooo

K:- movie to same done by actors no more objections we are watching.

Immediately chinki aman twinkle and avni walk to rooms to brings cushions and blankets and along with cotton to cover them in scary scenes. In mean time rohan and kunj arranged the home theater and select the horror movie. chinki rohan twinkle kunj on one sofa, aman avni on adjacent one. As the movie is horror with suspense everyone are eagerly waiting for scary scenes to cover them and use cotton. Kunj and rohan are having fun time watching girls and aman. As the scary scenes both chinki and twinke held kunj and rohan arms and hide them close to them.

K:- (self talk):- god she’s so beautiful. Her innocent face scary eyes rosy lips. I want to taste those lips. And want to held her close to me in my arms forever.

Soon seeing movie twinkle and chinki slept cuddling kunj and rohan. After the movie kunj and rohan took them to their room. And also helped avni aman reach their rooms and they also end the day.        

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