Chandragupta Maurya 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Tarini Tricks Dashasiddika To Kill Ambhi Kumar

Chandragupta Maurya 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tarini walks towards Dhananand’s room reminiscing Ambhi Kumar taking her name when she see guard stopping Vaidya and Vaidya telling he needs to inform king that Ambhi Kumar’s condition is getting better. Guard says king has ordered not to let anyone in. Dhananand orders his brother Dashasiddika to keep 13 janpad princes in his palace till his order. Dashasiddika says he will not let king disappointed. Chandragupta sees Sthul angry and asks if he is missing Mansa. Sthul says they could have extracted information from Mansa keeping her in their army. Chandragupta says he wants his each soldier trusting belief of united Bharath. Mansa returns throwing money bag in front of Chandragupta and says Dhananand offered him this money to kill Chandragupta and his whole team and now she does not need it, she just wants Chandragupta’s trust; reminiscing Dhananand threatening her to throw acid on her face if she fails to kill Chandragupta and his team. Chandragupta gives her a message and asks her to deliver it to Durdhara and as a confirmation get something from her. Mansa delivers message to Durdhara who thanks her and gives her bangle for Chandragupta as assurance. Tarini enters and informs Durdhara that Ambhi Kumar’s condition is better now and it is difficult now to kill him or Dashasiddika. Durdhara gives her a plan.

Tarini walks in corridor when Dashasiddika stops her and says she is beautiful even today like before and has not change. Tarini warns him to be in his limits as she knows his intentions, she is here as she still loves Dhananand. Dashasiddika stands fuming.

Dhananand walks towards his chariot when he sees Dashasiddika there and asks why did not he leave yet with princes, if he had gone to meet his secret girlfriend. Dashasiddika says he was preparing his chariot. Dhananand says he is untrustable and orders Amartya to take children via tunnel route and he will wait for them on the opposite side of tunnel. Amartya agrees and leaves. Tarini walks into Ambhi Kumar’s room. Ambhi stands up seeing her. Tarini taunts that he cannot harm her and no one will believe him. Ambhi Kumar attacks him. Tarini acts as victim. Durdhara watching their fight smirks and rushes calling Dhananand. Dashasiddika asks what happened. She informs that Ambhi Kumar has attacked Tarini. Dashasiddika rushes to the spot. Ambhi Kumar warns not to interfere and trust Tarini. Dashasiddika kills Ambhi Kumar shouting how dare he is to touch Tarini. Dhananand reaches there. Dashasiddika informs that Ambhi Kumar tried to kill Tarini. Dhananand gets angry seeing Tarini’s hand injury and orders to inform vaidya to get medicine ready. Tarini says she can take care of herself. Dhananand say she cannot stop him from taking care of her.

Mansa returns to Chandragupta and informs him that she gave his message to Durdhara and she gave him her bangle. Chandragupta asks if Durdhara is fine and if she sent any information. Mansa says no, but she heard Dhananand has locked himself in his room since 1 day. Chanakya after a long explanation informs that Dhananand must have hidden 13 princes in his room and asks Chandragupta to somehow free those kids.

Precap: Chanakya asks Chandragupta to solve puzzle.

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