Aman and kunj are in kunj’s cabin discussing about the project. at that time there is a knock on the door

K:-come in

security:-sir, there is a post to you

A:- post…… who would send post to you (seeing kunj)

K:-what would i know…. security give it to me and you may go

before kunj could take aman snatched from security. and security leaves. immediatly aman tore the post.

A:-kunj this is an invitation.

K:-invitation ??

A:-yes some fashion fest competition

K:-fashion fest…. i would they send me?… i don’t have fashion department in my company

A:- offffuuu not for participating as a guest they are inviting you

K:-fashion fest……… when and where??

A:- UK after 15 days

K:-ok inform them that i would like to come and main thing tell them that no one must know that i’m guest. and you aman don’t tell rohan or chinki too.

A:-but kunj why?

K:-chinki is my sis. she’ll also participate and i don’t want anyone to object my judgment.

A:-fine as you say my lord. both smile and aman go to inform the organizers

K:-fashion fest……… twinkle is very found of fashion crazy girl. from past 5 times she’s the winner. but know she’s not there. (a long tear fall from his eye) i wish you would be here. his thought break due to his phone call.


K:-who would call me now……. helloo……

P:-hello bhaiya ……

K:- chinki….. how are you ? did rohan do anything.. i would kill him…

R:-oyy saale, before you would kill me, you sis would kick me out of house if i would do something. chinki  give death gear to rohan.

K:- you fear a lot to my sister. good keep it up my sis.

C:- ok stop now, bhai do you know, i got an invitation for fashion fest.

K:-ya i know

R:- how you know we just received it…

K:- i mean she just told. so i knew it..

C:-it’s ok. bhai i want your help. plzz

K:-sry yaar i’m hell busy. i have to complete a project with my client.

C:- bhai seriously project. im not a fool. in this newyork expect yours all others are participating in fest. then who is that idiot who is ready to do project with you?

K:- ok sry im not busy but i cant help you

C:-bhai plz. you are there with twinkle helping her in designing right. now plz help me too.

K:- chinki plz understand i cant help you. ok i do one thing aman will help you.

A:- me help ……

K:- aman chinki want help so you are going to help her.

A:- chinki need help….. (happily) i would definitely

C:- no need. he would definitely disturb avni.

A:- i have a right being my fiance

R:- you come bro we’ll enjoy these two do their work

C:- i’ll kick you out aman. and you(rohan) it’s your company so you are going to work.

K:- it’s right rohan work comes 1st. ok bye i need to go home.

C:- bhai. come home for dinner today with mom and bebe.

K:- ok fine. see you in evening


A big luxurious building is shown surrounding with full of greenery. now lets move inside.

A lady of nearly 50 yrs performing pooja. but she’s crying… owww lets see y she’s crying

L:- god, 1yr passed. in this 1 yr there is no happiness. my kunj forgot to smile. i wish only one thing plz bring back his happiness.

she clears her tears and goes to kitchen to help in preparing lunch

usha:-bebe. you take rest i’ll prepare.

bebe:-usha rani your health is not good so you take rest servants will help me.

both argue and finally  both together prepare lunch

At that time kunj and aman enter the house

A:-maa(aman is an orphan bebe usha treats him as their son) im hungry you son made me work lot today

k:- mom know how you work. so stop drama.

A:- mom he’s really sadu he;s getting angry on jokes

U:-now stop lunch ready now sit eat.


Kunj chinki aman avni rohan all came to the fest. all are exicted for the competition. the guest is also a suprise to everyone


1st round:- western wear


2nd round :-bridal wear

3rd round :- Indian traditional wear

(in this round designers would perform the ramp walk)

(all costumes are very classy its very difficult to judge the winner )

now the last contestant would be “Miss k”.

every one are shocked seeing her beauty and her talent designing all types of wear. but all are sad that she wore mask covering her face.

later judge announces the winner of the fashion fest as “miss k”.

judge invite the guest and the winner on the stage.

kunj and miss k goes to the stage. all shout to reveal the face of winner.

so as per the audiences request judge tells her to reveal her face. she removes her mask. all expect chinki, rohan, aman, kunj, avni are astonished seeing her beauty but they are shocked.

here i end the episode. to know why they were shocked stay tune.


I’m really sorry for late update. im hell busy. i know this episode is hell boring. but trust me next episode will be awesome. plz share your review. even silent readers so that i can improve. and very thanks for your likes and comments. im hell happy for ypur response.

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  1. Vibhu

    I’m sure this “Miss K” would be twinkle.
    But, why did you speed up the story suddenly. I mean you could have taken more time with this fashion event and would have increased the suspense too!
    Anyways, loved this part too! 🤗😍
    Eager to read the next! 😊

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    Amazing episode…
    Miss k…mystery
    Don’t she is twinkle or not… and if she is twinkle than why she used her name as miss k…
    Eagerly waiting for next one…
    Please post soon

  5. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing episode…
    Miss k…mystery
    Don’t know whether she is twinkle or not… and if she is twinkle than why she used her name as miss k…
    Eagerly waiting for next one…
    Please post soon

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