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Let’s peep into today’s episode..


Saumya enters into her college and parks her bike.. Her friend Riya comes to her..

Riya : Somu.. why are you late?? I have been waiting for you for half an hour..

Saumya : Sorry yaar.. It’s already late nah?? Come let’s go to the class..

Riya : Not needed.. The professor mam is absent today.. I gave attendance for you too.. come.. let’s go to the canteen..

Saumya : Oh.. If I had known this earlier,I would have come slower.. I rushed so that I could reach atleast before the first hour ends..

Riya : That’s ok yaar.. It would have been a thrill nah?

Saumya nods with a smile..

Riya : Is that even possible that Saumya riding slower?? Somu always flies in bike,isn’t it??

Saumya : Yeah yeah..

Riya : So tell me… why were you late??

Saumya : That is because of an irritating uncle..

Riya : Uncle??

Saumya : Not really.. I have met him before.. He studies in my brother’s college.. and he once called me aunty.. and I called him uncle..

Riya : (laughs) Ok.. what did he do today??

Saumya : He is blind I think.. he hit my bike..

Riya : Oho.. Seems like a filmy hero heroine meeting..

Saumya : (grins)Is it?? Stop it.. (seriously)He is mannerless.. he again called me aunty.. and he was teasing me whether I was driving the bike..

Riya laughs uncontrollably.. Saumya stares at her angrily..

Riya : Ok ok sorry..

Saumya : I was angry and shouted at him.. I asked him to visit an opthalmologist..

Riya : Then??

Saumya : Nothing.. He gave me money.. and I got it..

Riya : You started very well.. but the ending is not good .

Saumya : Am I narating a story?? That idiot has to give me 2000 thousand rupees more.. I asked it for his behaviour and words..

Riya : What did he say??

Saumya: He agreed.. And told that he would give me later..

Riya : Is that so?? Seems like a sweet person..

Saumya : Riya!! You are very bad yaar..

Riya : Sorry sorry dear.. nobody is sweeter than my friend..

She hugs Saumya..


Anika,Rudra and Gauri are in the campus.. Rudra and Anika are upset.. Gauri notices it..

Gauri : Guys.. Did you both eat in the morning??

Both of them just nod..

Gauri : (to herself) I don’t know why they are sad then.. Hey Rudy.. Why are you sad? Did any girl insult you??

Rudra : How do you know??

Gauri laughs.. Anika too joins her..

Anika : That happens everyday,isn’t it??

Gauri : Yeah.. You are upset for this??

Rudra makes pout..

Rudra : Something else had happened too..

Gauri : What it can be?? Did she slap you??

Anika : He might have flirted with a girl.. her father might have slapped him..

Gauri and Anika high fives..

Rudra : Actually.. I lost my money too..

Anika : That is not a big deal to you nah?? 1000 rupees is your daily pocket money,isn’t it??

Gauri : Honey!!(Anika) He says so.. But he doesn’t  spend even a rupee..

Anika : Yes.. Master of words..

Rudra : Stop pulling my leg stupids.. I hit a girl’s bike and I had to pay her for repairing..

Anika : That is right only nah??

Rudra : it will cost only 1000 rupees.. but I have to give her 3000..

Gauri : Why?

Rudra : I teased her.. And she told me that I wasted her time too.. so that..

Anika : Oho.. She is right..

Gauri : She should have slapped you hard..

Rudra : I should not have told you.. seems like both of you would go and give idea to her to spoil my life..

Anika : What an idea!! Gauri.. The first work we should do tomorrow is that we have to find the girl and give her ideas to screw up his life..

Gauri : Sure honey!!

Rudra : God!! Please send someone to trouble these two girls too.. why are you troubling me alone all the time??

Anika : Hello Rudy! Don’t include me too.. I am troubled already..

Rudra : Thank god.. I did not expect that you would answer my prayer even before I ask..

Gauri : Shut up Rudy.. Honey! Who troubled you??

Anika : Who can it be? That senior.. what is his name??

Rudra : Shivaay bhaiya..

Gauri : What did he do??

Anika says everything to them.. Gauri and Rudra laugh..

Anika : Don’t laugh guys..

Rudra : Anika.. I think he likes you.. That’s why he teases you..

Gauri : Haan.. I think so..

Anika : I am already angry.. Both of you go away before I kick you both..

Gauri and Rudra run away..


It’s evening.. Gauri waits for om..
Om comes running to her.. he pants..

Gauri : Why are you late??

Om blinks..

Gauri : I asked you why are you late??

Om : Sorry.. I will not repeat Gauri..

Gauri looks at him angrily..

Gauri : What did you say??

Om : (to himself) Why is she reacting so much?? Coming late is such a big thing?? I think she is short tempered too..

Gauri : What are you murmuring?? What did you say before??

Om : (smiles) Gauri.. I was ____

Gauri : Stop it.. This is what i asked…How dare you call my name??

Om : What is this stupidity?? Names are for calling only no??

Gauri : These people don’t have manners at all.. and they don’t respect elders..

Om : I don’t understand anything..

Gauri : You are my junior,right? Why cant you call me ‘didi’?

Om is shocked..

Om : (to himself) Stupid girl.. You are my junior indeed.. but I won’t tell the truth now.. and how can I call you ‘didi’? Something is preventing me from doing so.. now I have to think of an idea..

Gauri : Answer me..

Om : Wo.. wo.. actually.. I don’t call anybody as didi..

Gauri : Why??

Om : I.. I. I.. I had a sister.. I really loved her and when I was five and she was seven,she died in an accident.. whenever I call someone as didi,I get memories of her and I start crying.. so I don’t call anybody as didi.. I have only one didi and it is my Rekha di..

He fakes tears and pretends like crying..

Gauri : So your sister’s name is Rekha??

Om nods..

Gauri : Ok.. Don’t worry.. You can call me as Gauri.. no problem with me..

Om nods like a kid.. Gauri gets a call..

Om : (to himself) She believes whatever I tell her.. so cute..

By then Om sees a boy coming towards Gauri.. she hangs up and listen to him..

Boy : You are Gauri Kumari Sharma right??

Gauri nods..

Boy : Professor Mehra sent me here.. To learn about poem writing from you..

Gauri : One more again!!

She rolls her eyes.. om sees them and runs to them..

PRECAP : Saumya sees herself in mirror and finds two grey hairs.. She smiles..

Guys.. How is the episode?? Hope you like it.. I will come with the next within two days.. till then take care.. keep smiling.. don’t forget to give me a thumbs up.. and I am waiting for your comments too..

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  1. Awesome episode dhidhi…❤❤😚😚😚..waiting for next one..

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dear

  2. cute and awesome episode..will be waiting for the next..till then take care..

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dear.. and I have posted the next episode.

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