Episode 5

Shekar and dadi came out and saw bose mansion which is locked. They left it and went to maheswari mansion. Dp and others welcomed shekar and dadi.

“Dpji we are here to talk about my daughter. First its u guys who came to our house to talk about laksh and ragini alliance. We didn’t. Then after everything is fixed laksh said he loves swara. My daughter is generous so she left laksh and tried to unite swara and laksh. But what happened?? Again laksh made her believe he will marry her but in the end again he betrayed her. Now after Marriage how can he again go to swara??? And dpji how can u allow that swara a characterless girl inside this home. Don’t u know this?? And also swara came here only to destroy my daughter’s happiness. Just get her out of this house. And sanskar he is not less than swara. Both should not live in the house dpji. Ask them to go from here. If swara is here then surely she will try to spoil my daughter’s happiness. So send them out now itself.” shekar ordered dp which didn’t go well with dp.

“Shekarji this is my house and i know what to do and what not to do?? U don’t need to say this to me. If u have that much problem then u can take ur daughter back home. After the problem is solved bring here. Still that let her stay in ur house itself.” dp said and dadi,ragini and shekar is shocked as they didn’t expect this at all.

“Durgaprasad u mistaken us. We didn’t mean to order u. It’s just we are worried for our daughter. That’s it. And don’t take shekar words seriously. He said it due to the affection he has on his daughter” dadi said.

“Parvatiji this is my house and i am the head of this family. I am here to take decision. Even ram hasn’t talked to me like this. If u fear for ur daughter’s life that much then take her to ur home as i said before.” dp said angrily.

“Dpji even u have a daughter in this house. Think my situation. I am worried for my daughter. So that only i said like this.”

“Shekarji but i won’t take decision of uttara’s sasural. And one more thing it’s ragini who said she will give divorce and one more thing now swara and sanskar are married. So there is nothing to worry.” dp said.

“Bhaisa shekarji is right. Send swara out. If she is here then surely our house will be in problem. There won’t be any peace in our family. Swara is not innocent like ragini. She is very cunning. She will surely spoil the peace of this family.” sujatha said.

“Mom enough. If u speak a word against swara i won’t take it. And what u said swara is not innocent like ragini na. True what u said is true but one thing u forgot to add. Swara is not like ragini to ACT like innocent. And mom just remember my words. U are supporting this ragini going against ur son. She is a snake and one day she will bite u itself.” sanskar said who came down with swara. Swara saw shekar with disgust.

“How dare u sanskar??? U r saying my daughter as snake and praising this swara??? My ragini is very pure. And u don’t have any rights to say about my ragini. First u see urself. U betrayed ur own family by acting as mad. U urself is not right. Don’t speak about my daughter.” shekar spoke angrily.

“Then it suits to u also Mr.Shekar Gadodia. U too don’t have any rights to speak about sanskar. For now i am not saying anything and even i don’t want to talk to a coward like u. But when the truth comes out i will see u.”

“Swara is right Mr.Gadodia. And u said i betrayed my family na. Ya i betrayed and i don’t have a single percent of guilty bcoz they don’t consider me as their family member and so do i. So i didn’t betray my family members. And what u said ur ragini is pure. Let it be. When truth comes we will see whether u say the same. And also u said to bade papa to send us out na. Who r u to say that??? And when bade papa doesn’t have rights to send me out who r u haan??? And one more thing don’t mess with me. Then the consequences will be bad. Keep that in mind.” sanskar said and went to dining table with swara and started to eat. Shekar felt insulted. He just went from there followed by dadi.

“Ragini this family matter should be solved within this house. If it went outside then u too get ready to go out. I won’t tolerate this.” dp said and went from there. Ragini is shocked as her plan backfired. She went to her room and sujatha followed her and went inside her room and said,”Ragini u and me don’t like swara. She is hurdle for both of us. Lets join hands together and also remember i know everyone’s behavior here. And bhaisa already started to doubt u.”

“What r u saying chachi??”

“Yes. I heard him talking to jiji on ur Marriage day. So be careful. He is thinking u r wrong and swara is right. If that is so then u will be in danger and swara will prove everything. So think 1000 times before doing something. I am with u.” sujatha said and ragini hugged her and thanked her for supporting her. Then sujatha went from there.

After some time dp is sitting in the study room and discussing some office stuff with ram. At that time adarsh came inside with an invitation and gave it to dp and said,”Papa vo karma group of industries MD got married recently and tomorrow there is reception. We are invited for this. Also before this invitation he will introduce himself who he is to the world. Then the reception party. Everything is telecasted live in all business news channels. Whole business world is eager to know who he is.”

“But adarsh there will be more guests na??”

“No papa i inquired and only some well known business man are coming. And everyone are invited with their family. This party would be beneficial for us too papa.”

“Yes u r right. Then inform everyone and ask them to get ready tomorrow.”

“Okie papa.” saying this adarsh went from there.

Scene shifts to badi where shekar and dadi came inside with anger. At that time shomi and dida came inside laughing. Seeing them they neglected and went to their house but shekar stopped them. Dida and shomi stopped but didn’t turn their face. They are facing backward. Shekar came infront of shomi and asked,”How dare swara faked her marriage and went to maheswari mansion to spoil my daughter’s happiness. Can’t u leave us happily?? What bad we did to u?? Or u r taking revenge for leaving u before 20 years?? Is that so then i will ask sorry but don’t ever try to hurt my daughter. Then u will see the worst of me sharmistha.” he roared and went from there but sharmistha snapped her fingers and this made shekar to stop and he turned and saw shomi. “Mr.Gadodia who told my daughter faked her marriage??? Her marriage is real and one more thing she went to her sasural not to destroy Someone’s happiness unlike ur daughter and i can’t say anything to ur daughter bcoz its in ur family blood to destroy other’s happiness. So before telling me tell ur daughter not to spoil my daughter’s happiness. And one more thing i am not interested in talking with u so pls don’t ever talk with me.” saying this she went from there.

Shekar called ragini and informed her that swara is married for real and she don’t need to worry for it. Hearing this ragini became happy and at the same time angry as becoz of her lie she got scolding from dp. So she went to see swara who is in her room listening to music. Seeing ragini swara got irritated.

“What do u want???” swara asked with irritation.

“Swara y did u lie to me that u faked ur marriage???”

“When did i lie??? Even now i am saying i faked my marriage only.”

“What then ma told u both are married for real.”

“Ha ha do u think ma will allow if i say i faked my marriage??? Have some sense ragini”

“So ma don’t know that u faked??”

“Uff yes. Now ur doubt cleared na pls go from here.” swara said and closed the door. Ragini smirked and went from there. She thought to tell shomi and in turn shomi will take swara from here as she won’t support for lie. Dreaming this ragini went to her room.

Sanskar came to his room and saw swara listening to music. He went near her and tapped her shoulder. Swara opened her eyes and saw sanskar standing. She off the music and asked him,”What happened sanskar???”

“Swara actually maya ma invited us for dinner. Today she wanted us to taste her food. U don’t have any problem na??”

“No sanskar. Even i am bored sitting in home simply.”

“Ha ha but get used to it. Or u can go out and meet ur friends. No one will stop u.”

“My best friend went to native place. So as of now i can’t go anywhere. Otherwise we both spend lot of times together and make much fun.”

“Oh okie okie. Then u can do anything swara. For first day itself u r saying boring??”

“Ha ha if it’s my home either i watch tv or enjoy with dida. But here no tv and no dida.”

“Don’t worry i will fix the tv soon.”

“No sanskar just for me don’t need to do anything.”

“Not for u alone swara even i will watch sports na.”

“Oh then okie.” swara said and smiled. Sanskar too smiled seeing her. Then he went from there. Swara again immersed in her music.

At evening both got ready and came down. Swara in simple but grand anarkali while sanskar in shirt and jeans. Sujatha saw this and is irked. She went to them and asked,”Sanskar what is this?? And where are u going with this girl???”

“Mom she is not this girl. She is my wife and i am not answerable to u. I will go anywhere. Don’t ever question me.”

“Sanskar i am ur mom!!”

“If u r my mom u would have thought of my happiness and supported me but no u don’t want to leave this sophisticated life. U choose to stay here.”

“Sanskar do u think this money is important for me than my son??”

“Then y u didn’t support me when i came with kavitha?? Y u didn’t confess the truth to bade papa that we are the reason for swara’s weird behavior???”

“Bcoz i didn’t like benaglis. This is reason in both cases.”

“Yes ma for u the money,caste,prestige are important than ur son. So pls don’t expect any love from me. And don’t question me also. Come swara we will go.” saying this he held her hand and both went outside. Sujatha with tears went to her room.

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