Mahakaali 15th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Narkasur kidnaps Lakshmi

Mahakaali 15th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakshmi comes in a caged box Narkasur’s cave. He has detained her.
Parvati says to Shiv i know you are angry because your decision you will have to go aganist youe decision. Because if that Lakshmi and Vishnu are in trouble. Shiv says I will kill him even if I have to go against my word.

Narkasur says no one can kill because Mahdeve gave me this blessing. Lakshmi says for Mahadev nothing is more important that a woman’s respect. You have tried to harm Vishnu’s wife. Mahadev won’t leave.
Shiv sets the ways on fire and marches towards Narkasur.
Nandi says to Kartika we have to calm him down before its too late.

Narkasur’s cave shakes. Lakshmi says I told you that Mahadev won’t let you. Let me go and rectify your mistake mistake.
Indra says his anger will destroy everything only Parvati can stop him. Parvati stops shiv. He says don’t come in my way. SHe says I am your wife and I have to be with you. He says its about time to open up my third face. SHe says please stop Dev. I am your wife thats why saying calm down. He says I didn’t know my blessing to someone will harm my family. don’t stop me. SHe says if you kill him you will kill so many faiths. You gave him that blessing you can’t take it back. I am with you. In married life we have ti show each other right way like you did to me in Shumbh’s case. Today I am stopping you from it. She touches Shiv’s forehead. HE clams down. She says when I am here no one can disrespect you not even you. He says I agree with you but we have to be careful. This is a complicated thing. His goals are way more than just Lakshmi. So much has to happen yet.

Narkasur’s dad says we shoudl let Devi Lakshmi go. Kalkasur says are you mad. Why would I let her go. Lakshmi says listen to your dad. Let me go. Narkasur says so much is left. He cuts his hand with knife. His blood lits fire. He says sadhvi comes here. Sadhvi comes there. He puts his hand on her head. She is numb. Narkasur’s dad says to Lakshmi Narkasur is doing this for his 16,000 wives. If he finds them nothing can stop him. His children will be sinners. Imagine how many off springs would he get from 16,000 wives.
Devis from somewhere are numb. They walks towards his cave. Their men try to stop them but they are numb.

Indra says we have to stop him for those women. Kartika says I will come with you. We have to protect those women. Parvati says stop. What place did you talk about he takes the name. Parvati recalls that it was Sati’s place. She says I feel like I know this place. Like I had something to do with it. Shiv says yes you have an association with it.
When sati was killed her pieces fell into different places. This state was one of them. All the women come to Narkasur. He laughs. He says you will be honored to be mothers of my kids. No one would be able to kill them. Devi lakshmi you asked why are you still here I have an answer. I Narkasur will kill you on a amwas. So no one can have lakshmi. No one can save you. Thats my promise.

Parvati says there is only one way to save those 16000 women. We have to send him to hell. Vishnu says how? She says soon narkasur will abduct me and then..
A man tells Narkasur you can’t be a mom. This is because of some powerful devi. Lakshmi syas your end is near. You will know what woman power is. no one can save you from Mahakali. He says i am Narkasur I will become a father.
Parvati says Narkasur will try to control hearts of 16k women.
Parvati says he has a wish. A wish started the world. I will be born again to fight him. Vishnu says no Parvati. Laskhmi is already in trouble. Can’t get you in trouble as well. Shiv says but something needs to be done. He stands up. He says to Parvati for Kamakhiya roop you will have to walk over me. You will have to forget this promise that you made. She recalls when she stepped on Shiv as Kali. Kali says no I can’t do that. He says if you want everyone to get rid of Narkasur this has to happen. SHe says but you promise you wont let me step on it. He says I wont but you will have to step on. She is dazed.

Precap-Parvati becomes Kamakhiya to kill Narkasur.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Stop this trp ke Nam pe Kuch bhi mat dalo
    Narkasur ja vadh bhagcan krisna aur unaki patni satybhama be Kiya
    Aap sirf trp dekhate ho usake liye kuch bhi karoge
    I hate this serial

    1. The story is correct.. There are two legends for the death of Narkasur. Some believe that he was killed by Kali while some believe that he was killed by Krishna and his wife Satyabhama. Since he was killed by kali according to some legends, hence the name kali chaudas. There’s a temple of Devi Kamakhya too..

    2. ya right prachi

  2. no rupesh actually story is right narkasur ko jab ghamand ho gaya apne vardano k upar tab parvati ne godess kamakhya k roop mein uske samne aye unko dekhke usne unko shadi karne ka proposal diya tab godess kamakhya ne kaha ki agar aaj raat k andar kal subah hone se pehle agar tum mandir k charo dwar aur vishram graha yani ki rest room bana diye to mein har man lungi and tumhare ho jaungi but jaise hi devi ne dekha ki woh jaldi sara kaam khatam kar raha hai charo dwar bana diye bas woh room banaana baki tha tab devi ne apni maya se murga bheja and us murge ne sound karke yeh indication diya ki subah ho gaya hai jaise hi narkasur ko samjh mein aya ki yeh woh murga ne fake indication diya to usko marne uske peeche dauda aur usko mar dala tab tak time waste ho chuka tha and subah bhi ho gaya and as promised use devi kamakhya nai mili woh challenge har gaya tha uske baad bhi woh devi kamkhya ko dubara shadi k liye bola tb gusa hoke devi kamakhya ne hi use yeh kaha tha ki dwaparyug mein bhagwan krishna jo ki narayan k avtar hai aur satyabhama jo ki bhumi devi ka roop hai woh dono k dwara tumhara ant hoga …..bas yahi connection hai narkasur k story ka kamakhya k story se…..thatswhy they are showing narkasur part in dashmahavidya story because kamakhya ko shodashi ka roop mana jata hai and shodashi 10 mahavidyas mein se ek mahavidya hai

  3. Thank you mahira didi.

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