to my daughter — shivika — 5th letter and 6th letter

as well as a letter, a little gift from her mother:

Dear Choti,
Oh my goodness! My baby is 5! A big girl! So what are your plans? Waterpark? Fun fair? Cinema? Are you a Shah Rukh Khan fan like me or a Aamir Khan fan like your billu papa? I am pretty sure you look like your papa but you must be loud and use weird words like me? I hope so. Anyway hope you enjoy your birthday with pomp and show. Also in the cupboard mama kept a small surprise for you. Open it and find the gift with number 5 on. I may not do this every birthday but don’t worry on some i will.
Love from mama.

Naira was done reading the letter and went to the cupboard, found the gift and opened it only to find money.
Naira: yay! I love you mama and yes I only look like you.




the 6th letter her mother wrote to her:

Dear Choti,
Kamal hai! I still do not know your name! But you must be a girl, how do I know? Because your papa wants a princess. A beautiful princess. The Gods smiled on us, the angels blessed us and the fairies worked their magic on our lives on the day you were born. Unfortunately I am not here on this special day. But I know that the Gods blessed me and your papa with you but I think he wanted me with him.
Happy birthday!
Hugs and kisses,
your mummy, Anika

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