My Time To Shine?? Episode 5 (Kanchi)

Sanchi goes to dinner with General Surgery Department
Suniel continues to torture Sanchi
Sanchi takes Suniel to Meera’s house
Kabir annoys Sanchi on the weekend
Sanchi knocks something and Kabir confronts her
In Car
Suniel: What was he saying now??
Sanchi: Nothing Dad. Just asking about some lesson
Suniel: If you say so
Sanchi: What do you think
Suniel: I think you like him
Sanchi: Dad if I join the army…
Suniel’s face brightens up
Sanchi: will you leave me ALONE
Suniel: Stop yelling and NO
Sanchi: Ugh
Suniel: Isn’t life great??
Sanchi: Sure

Kabir’s Home
Kabir is sitting on his couch and has a blanket wrapped around him

Kabir: Miss you Maa…
And he gets lost in his thoughts and eventually falls asleep

Sanchi’s Home
Suniel: Sanchi…
Sanchi: Hmm
Suniel: Would you rather …
Sanchi(mumbles): Oh no
Suniel: marry a doctor or businessman or engineer
Sanchi: Neither… mujhe shaadi nahi karni
Rahul: Huh I thought you would choose doctor
Sanchi: Oh please Dad
Rahul: Dad?? Sanchi!!! You’re are pregnant?!?!
Sanchi: WHAT
Sanchi turns around
Sanchi: OH … MY … GOD Dad why is he here
Rahul mimicks Sanchi
Sanchi: You …
Sanchi runs up to him and they hug…
Sanchi: Yaar I missed you so much
Rahul: Too bad … I didn’t
Sanchi: Then how do you remember this address
Rahul: I called Uncle
Sanchi: And …
Suniel: Are bas bhi karo. Let the boy chill. Oh and Sanchi Rahul will go to work with you to meet your Mr. Kapoor
Sanchi: Dad…. he will make everything worse
Rahul: Oh trust me… I will
Suniel: Soldier I want you to make that Kabir Kapoor’s feel like he is in hell
Rahul: Yes SIR
Sanchi: Hey Bhagwan …


Later that night
Riya is eating dinner with some colleagues and texts Kabir

**On Chat**
Riya: Hey I am at a dinner with some colleagues. Why don’t you pick me up??

Kabir: I am the Dean of SDCH… not your driver. Just use Uber

**Off Chat**

Riya: Ugh
Male Colleague: What happened??
Riya: Nothing, isn’t this chicken delicious
Male: Yes, hey how is the casting going
Female: Not good I can’t find the PERFECT CEO
Male: Ooo
Riya: “IDEA” I can help you.
Female: Really?!?! Who
Riya: Dr. Kabir Kapoor
Male coughs
Female: Dean of SDCH??
Riya: Hmm, if you want I can set up an interview
Female: Thank you so much

Sanchi is in bed thinking about the conversation before Kabir and her had s*x.

Kabir is in his office thinking about the moment when he kissed Sanchi…

The Next Day…
Rahul is following Sanchi around. And “annoying” her
Sanchi: Can’t you just sit in my office
Rahul: Noo. I’ve been assigned a mission and I won’t rest until it is completed
Sanchi rolls her eyes

They reach Kabir’s office… Sanchi knocks
Kabir: Come. In
Sanchi goes in and drops his breakfast
Sanchi: Fruit Salad and Smoothie
Rahul(mumbles) So yeh hai Khadoos Kabir
Sanchi(mumbles): Shut up
Kabir looks up
Kabir: Dr. Sanchi, you know that
Sanchi: Rahul isn’t a patient … yet
Kabir: Excuse me
Sanchi: This is my
Rahul: My name is Rahul Khanna, Sanchi’s fiancé,
Kabir(shocked): … Dr. Kabir Kapoor… The Dean
Rahul: I hope you don’t mind me staying with Sanchi today
Sanchi pinches Rahul hard
Kabir: No I don’t mind at all. Just don’t be with the patients
Rahul: Yes Sir
Rahul holds Sanchi’s hand and walks out
Sanchi: What the hell?!?!
Rahul: Just chill… tell him when I leave that we are just friends
Sanchi: Why did you do that??
Rahul: I think you forgot that you told me about the one night stand
Sanchi: So…
Rahul: Sanchi I’ve known you since we were toddlers. This “Dean” was the guy… right
Sanchi lowered her eyes…
Rahul: This is how my mission will be completed
Sanchi: Only today though
Rahul: Chalo ab kahan jaana hai
Sanchi: Office

Kabir’s Office
Kabir: She’s engaged!! I’ve never seen her ring
Angel Kabir(AK) and Devil Kabir(DK) come in front
Kabir: Why are you guys here
Devil: Why do you care about that girl?? You’ve had many one night stands??
Angel: Also she’s a surgeon she probably took off her ring
Kabir: Sure
Devil: Move on… you have chance. With Riya…
Angel: You want to ruin Kabir. Move on but NOT with Riya
Kabir: Definitely never Riya
Both: Whatever
Both disappear…

Later that day…
Sanchi goes to Kabir’s office… (Rahul is having lunch)
Sanchi: Sir. We have a blah blah blah blah planned (sorry idk a lot of medical terms)
Kabir: Hmm okay. You can take care of them …
Sanchi: Excuse me??
Kabir: Excused
Sanchi: I am not doing ALL of these
Kabir: I am saying that you can schedule them
Sanchi: Okay also …
Sanchi hands a jewelry box to Kabir
Sanchi: Sorry I broke your original box
Kabir: … Hmm you can put it here …
Sanchi puts it on his desk and is about to leave when
Kabir: Arranged or Love
Sanchi: Sir that is a personal question and I am not obligated to answer you
Kabir: You aren’t obligated… to answer me??
Sanchi: Yes
Kabir: You seem to have lost your good taste for men
Sanchi: Rahul has been known for his looks since he was young. He is generous, good looking, and very kind. Compared to some… who just look slick
Kabir: Slick??
Sanchi walks out
Kabir: This woman!!!

Later Sanchi is reading a magazine while testing the interns and Kabir walks in …
Kabir: “He’s a celebrity interior and fashion designer”
Sanchi: Hello Kunal
Kunal: Hello, how is
Sanchi: Isha is fine. I think she is on her break
Kunal: Excuse me Sir
Sanchi chuckles
Kabir glares at her.
Kabir: Where is Rahul
Sanchi: Here
She shows the magazine cover
Sakshi: Here you are ma’am
Kabir: I meant
Sanchi: He’s at home. Papa called him
Kabir: I need you to do tonight’s surgery with me
Sanchi: All 3
Kabir: Yes


3 AM
Sanchi: Uff…
She sits on the chair near the OT
Kabir: Oh come on you can’t be tired
Sanchi: I am… oh my god … It’s 3!!!
Kabir: Hmm
Sanchi: Uff Rahul must be sleeping… I guess I will have to Uber
Kabir: I think you are forgetting that this is Delhi
Sanchi: Maybe you are forgetting that I am an army child
Kabir: I’ll drop you… after I have dinner
Sanchi rolls her eyes… Kabir grabs her hand and takes her to his car.
Sanchi: Excuse me?!!!
Kabir: Shh, Siri which restaurants are open right now
Siri: Kapoor’s 24 Hour is a good place
Sanchi: Paid promotion …
Kabir: Chalo
Sanchi: Excuse me just drop me at my house
Kabir: AFTER I eat
Sanchi: “F**king spoiled brat”

Kapoor 24 Hour
Kabir: I will have … a chicken salad
Sanchi: Could you just get me some pink lemonade without ice
Server: Sure
Kabir: So …
Sanchi: You seem a little upset today
Kabir: Work stress, I was wanting to ask how long you have been engaged
Sanchi: “What do I say!!!” About 6 months
Kabir: And you haven’t gotten married
Sanchi: Well it was a very informal moment and we both have been so busy. He just came back from the US…
Kabir nods his head
Server brings their food/drink
Sanchi: Thank you

Once they eat/drink Kabir takes Sanchi
Kabir: Doesn’t this car look familiar
Sanchi: Stop playing these stupid games… it was a ONE NIGHT STAND
Kabir: Just making sure you remember
Sanchi: You should also remember that I am engaged

They reach Sanchi’s home
Sanchi is about to get off the car when …
Kabir: Wait…
He pulls Sanchi close
They share a deep eyelock…
Sanchi: *hick*
Kabir smiles…
Kabir: You left YOUR jacket in the back
Sanchi grabs her jacket and leaves

Next Day
Kabir goes into his office and sees his black coat, that Sanchi took and he sees his breakfast.
Kabir: Hmm??
He sees a note with his breakfast

The air rushing in hits your voice box, your vocal cords suddenly close up and you’re left with a hiccup. Hiccups can also be caused by UNCOMFORTABLE situations
I saw that smile…
Dr. Sanchi Mishra

Sanchi is walking in a hallway … when Veer, Pragya and Isha pull her aside
Veer: Dr aap toh aaj chutti par hai
Sanchi: I just needed to get out of the house
Pragya: Kya hua Sanchi?? Fight with Rahul
Sanchi: No
Isha: Uncle??
Sanchi: I really don’t want to talk about it
Veer: Okay sorry
Once Sanchi leaves
Pragya: Veer did your brother say anything??
Veer: I don’t think so…
Isha: I think she fought with Uncle
Pragya: Maybe
Veer: I think we should stay out of it

Rahul comes into the hospital and goes to Kabir
Rahul: Sir is Sanchi here
Kabir: I think so
Rahul: Do you know where exactly??
Kabir: No
Rahul: Useless

Rahul then goes to Sanchi’s Office
Rahul: Sanchi there you are
Sanchi: Rahul just leave me alone
Rahul: Sanchi listen to me
Sanchi: Rahul please leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to you or Major Sahab
Rahul: Sanchi…
Rahul grabs Sanchi takes her out… Kabir sees them passing by from his door’s window
Kabir: Ab yeh dono kahan chale??
Kabir gets up

Sanchi: Rahul stop making a scene
Rahul: Phir chup chap mere peeche peeche chalo
Sanchi: Fine!!!

Kabir follows them
Kabir: “He better not … What am I thinking”

A Beautiful Garden Up On A Hill
Rahul: Remember this place
Sanchi: Why did you bring me here
Rahul: Sanchi, you have to be understanding
Sanchi starts crying
Sanchi: Why should I be understanding?? That woman ruined our life… and now he was about to invite her HERE
Rahul: Sanchi… that woman is your mom
Sanchi: She lost that right when she left us… when she became a traitor!!! Because of her my dad faced so my criticism. Di and I were always the victim!!!
Rahul starts to tear up
Sanchi: Men would be looking at Di and me with dirty looks. The kids at school would call us traitors. You and Sushant were the only ones there for us. Main kya karoon!!
She grabs Rahul’s shirt and put her head on his chest… and continues to cry

Kabir is near a tree listening to their conversation…

Sanchi: Tum hi batao, main kya karoon… let that woman come back…
Rahul: Sanchi you are right but she was his wife.
Sanchi: She was Sunita Mishra!!! Now she is Aisha Ali Khan!!!

Flashback To …
Sanchi here is 14 and Meera is 16. They are sitting with their dad and crying.
Suniel: Shh come on girls don’t…
Sanchi: Papa…
Meera. Mumma humein chor kar chali gayi

In School
Random Girl: Did you hear their mom ran away??
Random Girl 2: But why??
1: She fell for a Pakistani soldier
2: Traitor
Random Boys: Soona hai ke Pakistani ladkiya …
Just then Suniel comes and slaps the boy.
2: Hmm

Rahul and Sushant go up to Sanchi and Meera…
Sushant: You two okay
Both just looked down
Rahul: It will be okay
Meera hugged Sushant while Sanchi just stood there…

End of Flashback
Sanchi continues to cry…
Rahul: Shhh it will be fine
Sanchi: …

Kabir goes back to his car and drives away…

AK and DK Pop Up
Kabir: She is Sanchi Mishra!! The daughter of the great Suniel Mishra and his traitor wife Sunita Mishra!!! Why didn’t I think of that before?!?!
AK: That poor girl…
Kabir: I’ve been torturing her all this time and … ugh I’m such an awful person.
DK: But … why should you care she has HER Rahul with her?? Why are you even thinking about this?? Why did you follow her?? Why are you being so affectionate towards her??
Kabir: I need to stop.
DK: Remember you are Dr. Kabir Kapoor!!! Heir to Kapoor Group. Dean of SDCH. Most eligible bachelor
AK: But this girl is different. Come on admit it you like her…
DK: No he doesn’t
AK: Why does he think about her more than WORK?!?! Why does KABIR want Sanchi always to be around?? Why was he clearly jealous of Rahul?? And WHY DO YOU STILL HAVE HER BRA?? You pervert
DK: Stop pissing him off!! Listen you can have any girl in the world… think about it
AK: But she won’t be Sanchi
Kabir: You both are driving me crazy so shoo
AK and DK disappear

Back at SDCH
Kunal: Sir you have a interview set up
Kabir: All of a sudden??
Kunal: I texted you the day before yesterday and yesterday
Kabir: Sorry must have ignored it, set a timer for 1 hour

They go to the room where they will be shooting…
Riya: Kabirrr
Kabir: Oh no
Kunal: Riya will be interviewing you
Kabir: You set this up didn’t you
Riya: Oh come on Darling
Producer: Oh thank you so much for this interview by the way is there anything going on between
Riya: Well …
Kabir: We’re siblings. She’s like a sister for me
Riya looks at Kabir with a disgusted face
Kabir: Let’s start I already have a busy schedule, Kunal
Kunal starts a timer

After the interview Sanchi comes in
Sanchi: Can you please look this schedule
Kabir: Hmm lemme see
Sanchi: Also, I was wanting to ask if I could take the rest of the week off
Riya: Excuse me??? First off why are you talking to my Kabir like this?? And no you can’t have the week off
Sanchi: When two intellectuals are speaking, people who are considered BWBs shouldn’t interfere
Riya: Huh??
Kabir: She’s right
He winks at Sanchi
Kabir: Everything seems fine and yes you can take the week off but you might need to come for maybe 1-3 hours sometimes
Sanchi: Sure, thank you so much Dr.
Sanchi makes a face at Riya and leaves

Author’s Note:
REALLY SORRY I TOOK FOREVER TO WRITE !!! I’ve had so much going on recently and uff. Maybe I might release another chapter on Monday??? I’m not sure. Again I am SUPER DUPER SORRY!!! Such a horrible writer… making my readers wait for such a long time.

Have A Wonderful Weekend!!!

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