Recap: its sanskaar’s birthday ? ‘!!!!

As soon as they entered the hall Of old age home there was a blast of…….. Of a big balloon ? and there was a shower of sprinkles, colored papers and other stuff ( u understood na guys???) Sanskaar was surprised happy shocked to see the whole Hall decorated with balloons and ribbons…. All the old ppl were wearing the birthday caps….. He looked at ragini who moved her eye brows up and down!!!!

Ragini went from there and brought the special big birthday cap for him. And made him wear it…. She too wore a cap and they both came inside……. It was looking like it’s a birthday of a small boy and everyone is here to celebrate it… On one wall it was written in huge letters ? ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANSKU!!! ”

Sanskaar had tears in his eyes. It was for the first time someone was celebrating his birthday with so much pomp and show!!! Ragini wiped his tears.

Ragini: sansku today no crying shrying…. Only being happy happy…. wht say boys and girls!!???

All the oldies hooted!! Sanskaar smiled through his tears and nodded…. Ragini kissed his cheek making him blush…


Laksh with addy is waiting outside an orphanage… Addy is getting restless….

Addy: chachu pls tell na y r v here???

Laksh: bas few more minutes addy everyone must b coming then u’ll know…..

Addy: arre but… ( she sees adarsh coming there ) papa..

She runs to him. He picks her in his arms. She hugs him. Pari, swara and uttara too comes there..

Pari: wht happened to my princess??

Addy: mumma y r v here??

Adarsh: beta v hv come here to celebrate birthday…

Addy: but papa my bday is gone…

Uttara: addy v hv come to celebrate sanskaar bhai’s birthday……

Adarsh: ur big chachu… Its his birthday today…

Adarsh told her seeing her confused face. Everyone looked on.

Addy: but he’s not here..

Pari: but still v will celebrate his birthday with these children… Come now. …

She nodded and they went inside the orphanage with tge gifts and cake ?…… The children from the orphanage came and hugged adarsh as they knew him before…. He introduced tge children to his family………..

Back in DELHI!!

With a big chocolate cake in the middle and sanskaar with a knife and ragini standing beside him and rest of them standing surrounding them…. It was time to cut the cake….

Ragini: Chalo now lets cut the cake….

She lights 3 candles, one of no. 2 and other of no. 5 and the third one, a simple candle…..

Ragini: now sansku make a wish and blow the candles except this one… Okay???

She said pointing towards the normal candle…. Sanskaar nodded… A man clicked the pic of the cake and ragsan…. sanskaar made a wish ” god always keep my ginu happy and healthy…. Don’t let any fear or sadness cross her way and she always stays with me….. ” Sanskaar held Ragini’s hand and they both blew the two candles and cutted the cake ? while everyone else clapped and sang the birthday song……. Ragsan have an eye lock…..

Sanskaar cuts a piece and forwards it towards ragini… Ragini smiles and holds his hand amd made him eat first amd then ate it from his hands. Everyone clapped.. Sanskaar made everyone eat the cake with his hands and they too did the same…… …

Ragini took the last candle and kept it in the temple and prayed for sanskaar’s well being………


Adarsh ( calling a boy ): sanskaar… Come beta lets cut the cake….

Swara: bhaiya his name is also sanskaar??

Adarsh: yup swara and his birth date is also same as our sanskaar so every year he cuts the birthday cake……

Sanskaar Comes and he cuts the cake.. All the children claps and sings the birthday song. Parish, swalak and uttara has tears in their eyes….

Adarsh hugs pari and uttara from either side and consoles them. Laksh consoles swara and asked her to smile…..

Pari uttara and swara distributes the cake among all the children while adarsh and laksh gives them the gifts….. Addy plays with the children…..


The music starts playing in the bg…..

Hum bhi agar bachche hote
Hum bhi agar bachche hote

(( the old men comes and sings the song))

Naam hamara hota Gabloo Babloo
Khaane ko milte laddu
Aur duniya kehti happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you

(( all the oldies surrounds sanskaar and sings while ragini is eating the cake and clicking his photos…))

Kaise-kaise nakhre karte
Ghar walon se hum
Pal mein hanste pal mein rote
Karte naak mein dam
Akkad-bakkad lukka-chhupi
Kabhi chhua-chhoo
Karte din bhar halla-gulla
Danga aur udham
Aur kabhi zid par ad jaate
Jaise adiyal tattu
Aur duniya kehti happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you

((( one by one all the oldies come and does acting ? of roothna manana and playing….. Sanskaar laughs seeing them…. Ragini smiles looking at him…. )))

Hum bhi agar bachche hote
Hum bhi agar bachche hote
Naam hamara hota Gabloo Babloo
Khaane ko milte laddu
Aur duniya kehti happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you

((( one by one everyone comes and shakes hands with sanskaar wishing him birthday… He too smiles and thanked them…. At last comes ragini wishing him birthday…. He smiles and shakes hands with him….. She clicks her fingers and all the oldies turns around and she quickly gives a peck on his cheeks and runs from there while he keeps standing there numb keeping his hand on his cheek….)))

Ab to hai yeh haal ke jab se beeta bachpan
Maa se jhagda, baap se takkar, biwi se anban
Ab to hai yeh haal ke jab se beeta bachpan
Maa se jhagda, baap se takkar, biwi se anban
Kolhu ke hum bail bane hain, dhobi ke gadhe
Duniya bhar ke dande sar pe khaayein danadan
Bachpan apna hota to na karte dhenchu-dhenchu
Aur duniya kehti happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you

(( all the men comes and shakes him and tells him their dukh bhari kahani while all the girls sits on the sofa looking at them drinking their cold drink….. … Sanskaar laughs seeing their funny faces….. All te ladies come and runs behind their husbands while ragini comes near sanskaar and looks at him with her one brow up….. Sanskaar gulps…))

Hum bhi agar bachche hote
Hum bhi agar bachche hote
Naam hamara hota Gabloo Babloo
Khaane ko milte laddu
Aur duniya kehti happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you

((( ragini laughs seeing his state amd hugs him…. All the oldies comes and dance around them…. One of them blast the birthday bomb and the colored papers showers on all of them……..))))


Adarsh, pari, swalak and uttara with addy are in the car going to find poor children to give them food and gifts….

Addy: papa y is bigcha not with us??

Everyone’s eyes becomes moist.

Adarsh: He’s angry on us beta that’s y he doesn’t stay with us….

Said adarsh controlling his emotions. Pari kept her hand on his shoulder.

Addy: did u hurt him??

This innocent question of her was enough to break the Dam of swalak’s eyes.

Laksh : yes addy… We had hurted him…

Addy: So give him a choki and he’ll come back…. Haina mumma???

Pari nods and hugs her.


Kash it was that easy addy…… I wish I hadn’t said those words….. I wish I had realised my sister’s pain….. I wish I could make everything fine…… I wish…………. I can just wish now……. But they say na once u hv spoken the words they can’t be taken back just like once an arrow is shot from the bow it can’t be taken back……….. Ragini pls give me one chance….. I…. I promise I’ll never let u go away from me thereafter………

The car stops bringing her out of thoughts ?…… She wiped the corner of her eyes and they all together disturbed food and gifts to poor children……

It was already evening…. They all went to a restaurant and brought a small chocolate cake ? amd cutted it.. Silently celebrating sanskaar’s birthday…………


After celebrating in old age home sanskaar and ragini bid bye to all of them and came out……

Sanskaar: I’m so happy ginu…. I guess this is my best birthday till date…… n all thanks to you….

Ragini: oh sansku… Keep ur thank you with you…… Arre abhi toh party shuru hui hai….. .

Sanskaar: means??

Ragini: means lets go……..

She makes cute cute faces….. Sanskaar shrugs and follows her……. They sit on the bike and moves with ragini telling directions to him….. After almost am hour they reach at Akshardham Temple…….

Sanskaar: ginu y r v here???

Ragini: u remember sansku u brought me here only…. This was the first place in Delhi which I visited with you… So u see its really special…… Come…..

She forwards her hand ans he keeps his’s on her’s….. रागिनी smiled and they both went in hand in hand reliving the memories they had there….. संस्कार throwed a coin in the wish pool and asked the god to always keep his ragini happy!!!!!!!! Ragini too wished the same for her sanskaar…….. After sometime they came out of the temple…..

Sanskaar: So now lets go home??

Ragini: nah… Whts the hurry?? Ummm….. First u tell me wht gift u want Coz u know I was hell confused ? to decide wht shld I gift u… So first we’ll go to market and then we’ll buy ur gift… …… So u only tell………..

Sanskaar: ginu….. Jo mujhe chahiye voh kisi bhi market mein nhi milega…….

Ragini: y??? Aisa kya chahiye tumhe ???

Sanskaar: i’ll tell you later…….

Ragini: arre but at least give some hint know……

Sanskaar: ginu sit…..

Ragini pouts amd sits behind him.

Ragini: but ek baar bolo toh pls…. wht do u want c??

Sanskaar: arre hv patience na…..

Ragini: how?? N moreover u r saying it’s nowhere in the market then how will I get ur gift?,,

Sanskaar: don’t worry ginu…. Only u can give me that gift….

Ragini: really???

Sanskaar: ahaan…..

Ragini: okie i’ll wait…. But now we r not going to home….

Sanskaar: Then……..?????


Parish, swalak, addy and uttara comes home in the evening after celebrating sanskaar’s birthday….. Dp, rp, ap amd sujata were sitting in the hall drinking tea!

Dp: where were u all??? Adarsh laksh y didn’t u come to office today???

Adarsh: papa voh…..

Pari: actually papa ji voh v had some work so……

Rp: is everything ok beta?,

Pari nodded.

Dp: y is aditi still in school uniform,???

Aditi: voh dadu lucky chachu came to school and from there v all went to….

Laksh: v all went to mall to buy clothes….

Rp: So my beta brought clothes for herself haan??? ( asked rp picking addy in his arms…. Pari signed uttara to take her from there )

Uttara: arre papa v haven’t brought yet… V just went to see… Now addy come with me I want to show u something…..

N she picked up addy and went to her room. Parish and swalak sighed.

Sujata: u all get fresh and have tea….

The four of them nodded and went to their rooms. Sujata and ap sighed. Dp went from there…….


Uttara: addy u enjoyed na today??

Addy: yes bua but y did u lied to dadu???

Uttara: actually addy pls don’t tell this to ur both dadu where v went today???

Addy: y?? V just went to celebrate bigcha’s birthday….

Uttara: exactly….. N if ur dadu came to know this he’ll get very angry….

Addy: but I can tell to chote chachu??

Uttara: no.. He’ll get sad that v celebrated his son’s birthday without him….. N now no more talks on this topic okay??? U r good girl na?? So promise me u’ll never tell this to ur dadus….

Addy @ okay bua promise…… ..

Uttara: acha now come…..


Dp enters the room and then washroom. He stands in front of the mirror. His eyes are welled up.

” ur dadu will get angry.. ” ” we celebrated bigcha’s birthday ”

UTTARA’S and addy’s words ringed in his ears. He recalls when he was coming to his room he heard their talks as their rooms are adjacent to each other….

Dp’s pov!

Wht do they all think of themselves?? They all will do whtever they want!? No…. This is ny house Dugaprasad Maheshwari’s house….. N only that will happen in this house wht I want……. Sanskaar has left this house but his memories are still there….. But now… Today was the last year when my family celebrated his birthday.. Last year….. ( he looks determined ) when he doesn’t consider us our family then…….. Then I also don’t want him……..

His thoughts are broken by the knock on the door. He washes his face and comes out only to find adarsh standing there.

Adarsh: papa voh…..

Dp: adarsh…. Tell me truly where did u all went ??

Adarsh: papa voh today v all went to orphanage….

Dp: y??

Adarsh ( taking deep breath ): to celebrate sanskaar’s birthday….

Dp: adarsh u know..

Adarsh ( cutting him ): papa…. Sanskaar can b name of any other person also na??

Dp: don’t try to be smart with me adarsh……

Adarsh ( monologue ): I know papa if I tell u that v went to celebrate my brother’s birthday u’ll be hurt that’s y I don’t want to tell u…. ( to dp ) no papa I’m telling the truth…. Here u see….

He shows the pics of birthday which he clicked.

Dp: So y did laksh lied???

Adarsh: he didn’t lied papa coz after that v went to mall only to buy clothes for addy n uttara but they didn’t liked it so…..

Dp nods.

Dp ( monologue ): with how much ease u r lying to me adarsh…. I never thought that u’ll do this…… I had kept ur name adarsh coz I thought u’ll be adarsh for the next generation of our family but……. .

He sighs. Adarsh makes him sit on the bed and sits on his knees beside him…

Adarsh: papa if u miss sanskaar so much then y don’t u call him back??

Dp: adarsh first of all I…. I don’t…. m.. Miss him at all okay v?? N u don’t know but he doesn’t consider us his family anymore… So there is no chance……

Adarsh: there is chance papa… There is…… Papa he said once n u believed him??? Papa from childhood he was the only one who used to follow u without any complaints or questions…. He was so close to u…. mine n his relationship developed much later papa that to bcoz of u….. U could understand his problems without even hin saying…. Then papa wht happened????

Dp has tears in his eyes. He recalls all his moments with sanskaar from childhood.. Adarsh squeezes his hand.

Adarsh: papa everything can b back to normal if u want…. Only u can bring our sanskaar. Ur sanskaar back?!!!!

Dp looks at his son who was lying to him a moment ago n now is giving lecture on his and sanskaar’s relation….. He freed his hand from his clutch and stood up….. Adarsh too stood up. Dp walked towards the door…..

Adarsh: papa….

Dp ( turns back ): better luck next time adarsh but I don’t hv any interest in calling sanskaar back when he don’t consider us our family…

Adarsh: but papa…..

Dp: I know adarsh v did or rather say I did a mistake years back and believe me I wanted to ask for forgiveness from him but he didn’t even let me apologise…… He told that it was not so easy for him to sleep on footpath…… So wht does he think that I used to sleep here..( he points at his bed ) no adarsh… I used to wander on roads to find him …. But when I got to know abt his accident I was totally broken….. I never showed but I was the most hurt. I was sad, I was feeling guilty. ….. But when he came back again after five years I couldn’t understand anything…. I was happy that he was back but his condition was always torturing me….

Adarsh: papa when u love him so much then…..

Dp: no…. I used to love him but when I came to know that he came back just to take revenge I couldn’t believe this….. He didn’t left any Stone unturned to insult ny family…. He took an innocent girl on a wrong way….. I can’t forget that adarsh…. He thinks I’m responsible for kavita’s death… But that’s not true adarsh… Coz I never met her… I kept waiting but she didn’t turned up…… I just wanted to help a sanskaar… I just got an info that a girl named kavita is trapping business men.. N her next target after sanskaar kapoor was u adarsh….. U.. Adarsh maheshwari….

Adarsh is shocked. He comes near him.

Adarsh: wht r u saying papa??

Dp: haan….. N I didn’t wanted u n parineeta to suffer that’s y I decided to meet her before she can trap u n sanskaar…. I got info along with details that’s y I did all that………

Adarsh: So y didn’t u told all this to sanky??

Dp: do u think he would have listened??

Laksh ( comes from behind ): at least u could hv tried papa…..

Dp turns n is shocked to see the whole family there. He again looks at adarsh who just shrugs.

Dp: I… I don’t want to talk abt this anymore…. Wht had to happen has happened… I don’t want anyone talking abt this anymore…….

Everyone looked on sadly.

Dp: annapurna….. Is the dinner ready??

Ap: ji… Aaiye…..

Dp goes from there with ap following him. Ap signed sujata to bring rest of them….. She nodded…

Sujata: come beta… Have dinner….

Adarsh: chachi I don’t want to eat….

Sujata: beta… Apne bhai k birthday pe bhi bookha rahega???

Adarsh tries to control his tears. Laksh takes him in a bear hug. Adarsh nods and they all went to have dinner….. Adarsh thinks something……….


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