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Ok without wasting time let’s start
Recap:Apurva doubted on Anwar he tried to explain but she is not In the state of understanding anything she took a stick Anwar panicked and started to run they reached the same temple were Sanchi was helping Kabir to clean his clothes Anwar dashed Kabir and he too fell down Sanchi Kabir and Anwar Apurva had a eye lock Rithvik reached railway station to pick up Sakshi villagers started to gossip about them
@ temple
One insect fell on Apurva
She shouted loud this broke the eyelock of Sanchi and Kabir , apurva hugged Anwar due to fear Anwar was stratled by this he hit his head in the ground hard due her sudden action it started to bleed slightly
Kabir- Anwar
Anwar- thank God I saw you excuse me mam will you pls get up
Appurva realised her position she stood up
Sanchi- appu who is this
Anwar saw sanchi’s face he remembered she was the same girl Kabir wanted to marry
Anwar- Kabir this girl ..
Kabir shutted anwar’s mouth
Kabir-nothing he is my bro he came with me to meet the panchayat head
Appurva was just blinking
Anwar- mam know you believe me na
Kabir- what happened
Anwar started to explain everything
Sanchi and Kabir burst out in laughter
Slowly Anwar hand went to his bleeding part
Appurva noticed it she could see the blood in his hand
Appurva-blood I am really sorry come with me I will help you
Then only Sanchi and kabir noticed Blood in anwar’s head
Kabir- what happened bro is it painting so much
Anwar- no it’s not at all paining I feel like ice cubes were dropped in my head it was so cool
Kabir glared Anwar
Anwar- ok it’s paining
Sanchi- come with us after 1km there is small ayurvedic clinic come we will treat you there
Anwar- he smirked and told no way I won’t come with this girl
Sanchi- I am sorry on behalf of her
Kabir went near Anwar and said don’t over react I know what you are trying to do everyone can believe apurva saved you but you forget one thing you are the swimming champion in school and college I can’t believe you drowned in water can I say this to appurva
Anwar gave a pleading look
Anwar – bhai pls you are my best friend na
Kabir- is it love at first sight
Anwar- I am not sure about it but there is something really special about her I never felt that for anyone in my life pls bro don’t spoil anything and I know your motive too she is the same girl you wanted to marry
Sanchi and Apurva was so confused what they are discussing for so long
Apurva- can we go
Anwar and kabir stopped discussing
Anwar- sure appu
Apurva glared him
Anwar- is it ok if I call you like that
Apurva- fine no problem she gave a smile and forwarded her hand
They both shook their hands
In their way to clinic Anwar asked how Sanchi and Kabir met Sanchi started to narrate everything
Mean time Kusum and Kailash reached sanchi’s house Jaya and Sunil welcomed them they narrated everything thing to Jaya and Sunil that Kabir and Anwar both are coming to their house only and they came before them to give them surprise
Sunil- Jaya go and bring Sanchi
Jaya – she went to temple
Sunil- she will come soon Mera dost let us discuss about marriage arrangements
Just then door bell rang
Jaya- it will be Sanchi wait a sec I will see
Jaya opened the door
It is kabir who is holding anwar
Jaya guessed it should be Kabir and Anwar
Jaya-Come in
Kabir- actually mam we are here to meet panchayat head he just turned his head
Kabir- mooooom
Anwar who was acting opened his eyes
And both together shouted mooom
Kusum- shhh what you thought my lovable sons I couldn’t find you na she whispered in their ears come inside
Kailash- Kabir and Anwar come inside
Again both shouted daaaaaad
Sunil- come inside Sunil welcomed them both sat near kailash They were stuned seeing their parents
Kusum was concerned about anwar’s injury she was asking how it happened but due to shock nothing fell in their ears
Apurvaa and Sanchi just then entered the house
Sunil- sanchu and appu they hugged their father
Sunil- Kailash Apurva and Sanchi they are my daughter
Kabir and Anwar got another shock that they were panchayat head doctor
Kailash- but you told you have one daughter and son
Sunil- she is also my own daughter sanchi’s friend there is no difference between them Sanchi and Apurva has equal rights in this house
Sanchi and Apurva took blessings from kailash
Sanchi- dad these two she pointed out Kabir and Anwar and told they came to meet you
Sunil started to explain everything to sanchu they didn’t came to meet me but you
Sanchi was confused
Kabir and Anwar got another shock
Kabir tried to tell something Kusum pinched Kabir he kept mum
The only thing the boys could do is to shut nd watch what was happening
Sunil told that they were the groom family and Anwar was her future husband
Kabir, Sanchi,Anwar,Apurva was shocked to the core al were left speechless hearing those words
Jaya and Kusum noticed their reactions
Sunil- appu ,Jaya take Sanchi in tomorrow is engagement na we should prepare everything in short span of time
While going in appurva glared Anwar he just Shaked his head that he don’t know anything
Actually in ayurvedic clinic Apurva developed a soft corner towards anwar
All was notice by Kusum and Jaya
Sunil- ok Kailash you can stay in our guest house take rest we will discuss about the decoration later
Sunil- ram show them our guest house
Kapoor’s family left to the guest house
That time Rithvik came inside behind him Sakshi came followed by him she was holding her luggage
Rithvik- mom and dad
Jaya tried to ask what happened to Sanchi she seemed lost
But hearing rithvik’s voice she came out of her room
That time sakshi slipped due to her saree and Rithvik took hold of her and save her from falling down
Sunil and Jaya saw Rithvik holding a unknown girl’s hand but they were not shocked because they have their full faith in their son
Rithvik- mom and dad she is my patient she came here for a change let her be here till sanchi’s marriage
Jaya- of course Jaya went near her you are like my daughter come I will show your room
Sunil – what’s your name beta
Sakshi- Sakshi
Sunil- ok beta feel free think as your home
Sakshi eyes filled with tears
Sunil- what happened beta
Rithvik- dad let her take rest I will explain you everything later
Sunil noded
Jaya took Sakshi to her room it is next to sanchi and appurva’s room
Sunil- Rithvik groom’s family has arrived they are in our guest house
Rithvik- it was a great news dad I will go and meet them
Sunil- not now they are taking rest
Rithvik- I will meet them after some time
Sunil- is everything ready for engagement
Rithvik- don’t worry dad all work are going in full swing
Screen freezes with their faces
Precap- Sanchi ,apurva and Sakshi become friends may be sanchi’s engagement
Sorry guys I told I will try to post soon but it had been two months due to my school work I couldn’t write the story hope u guys understand I know that today’s part was little boring hope u don’t mind and another sorry for not commenting on your articles guys I read all your article whenever I get time but I couldn’t comment forgive me and I am happy that sdch finally ended so that’s it asusual keep showering your love comments, likes and dislikes are most welcomed and I will try to be regular here after love u all TC guys😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄keep smiling
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