Three Shot Competition (Level 1 ) Entry 5

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Anika is seen getting ready wearing a burka (a long, loose garment covering the whole body from head to toe).
Just then Shivaay enters the room
Shivaay- anika, why are you wearing a burka?
Anika- can’t I wear it?
Shivaay- no, I don’t met that, just that someone wears burka when he/she is hiding something
Anika- there in nothing like that. Just there is a lot of air pollution outside. That’s why
Shivaay- but you can wear mask for it
Anika- sun bhi hai (sun is also there)
Shivaay- so what?
Anika- yaar because of sun rays. Harmful ultra violent rays can harm my skin.
Shivaay- for that you can wear sun cream
Anika(in mind)- yaar isne lagta hai civics bekor nahi padhre hai, vaise tu topper tha par freedom of expression, speech kuch nahi padha. Peche hi pad gaya hai, jab thak pori investigation nahi karega chore ga nahi. (I think he has not studied civics at all. He was a topper in class but he does not know anything about freedom of speech, expression etc. he will not leave me until his investigation is over).
Shivaay- where are you lost now?
Anika- nothing shivaay
Shivaay- my answer
Anika- why so many questions shivaay, don’t you trust me?
Shivaay- I trust you but u will fell very hot wearing this burka
Anika- no I will manage
Shivaay- ok
Shivaay- vaise where are you going
Anika(in mind)- again his questions have started, he should be a detective if he loves investigation
Anika to shivaay- To chanda’s place , long time no see
Shivaay- should I drop you?
Anika- no, I will manage
Shivaay- ok, Bye
Anika(in mind)- finally chor hi diya par iska koi bharosa nahi hai pecha bhi kar sakta hai
Be careful anika .(finally he left me but I have no trust on him, he can follow me , I should be careful)
Shivaay(in mind)- something is definitely wrong. i should follow her
Shivaay started following but fortunately anika sees him and asked the driver to turn the car and went to Chanda’s place.
Shivaay saw anika going to Chanda place, so he return back home
Shivaay(in mind)- she was correct, why I am being so detective types. She loves me, she can never hurt me. You are a fool Shivaay
anika asked the driver to return as the path in front is not suitale for luxurious car
anika- you go, I will manage
driver- but maam, if anything happens, then sir will not leave me
anika- I will be fine
Driver left from there and anika took an auto ad reaches near a very isolated place
she enters in a small building where 2 girls were waiting for her
anika- I am sorry. I know I am late but shivaay was following me
1st girl- its ok di
2nd girl- why did you call us here?
Anika- to execute our final mission
The 2 girls are relieved to be gauri and bhavya respectively
Gauri- di, that’s enough. We have always helped you in whatever u did but not this time
Bhavya- yes di, that’s enough. We are big enough to know the reason behind all this
Anika- I will tell you when the right time comes
Gauri- when will this right time come
Bhavya- or will it ever come?( in a rude manner)
Gauri/ bhavya- we want to know the reason or else no help
Anika- you are saying no to your di
Gauri- yes
Anika- WOW! What an achievement anika, those 2 girls for which you sacrified your childhood, your dreams, they are now saying no to you
What an achievement! What an achievement!
Gauri- di, we don’t want to hurt you
Bhavya- we just want to know the reason
Gauri/ bhavya- pls di
Anika- ok listen to the whole story then and you will get your answer that why I hate oberoi’s
Gauri/ bhavya- we are ready
Anika start narrating the story-
Our dad worked with the oberoi’s but unfortunately or fortunately he was so honest unlike the oberoi’s (tej and Shakti). One day our dad heard tej and Shakti illegal business talks and he decide to confront them but again tej and shakti asked him to stay away from it and keep his mouth shut or else they will kill us(anik, gauri, bhavya). Our dad was depressed but for our sake he kept quiet but he can’t work for them anymore. He decided to quit the job but oberoi’s arranged everything and tried their best that he (anika’s dad) doesn’t get any job outside.
Our dad for us worked for oberoi’s again but he always felt that he was doing wrong and god will never forgive him. He was cursing himself. I feel so sorry for him
She(anika) started crying, bhavya nd gauri console him
Gauri- di, what happened next
Anika started narrating again
Then one day he saw the oberoi’s with a dead body. He knew that oberoi’s can’t be so cheap but he has to believe his eyes . As on that crime scene our dad was also present so oberoi’s blamed everything on our dad and because of their power everyone believed them. This case was on fast track as oberoi’s wanted to clear their name from this
Gauri- what happened in court
Anika- what always happen. They believe proofs which were against our dad. He was arrested and given fasi. He was remembered as a murderer
I hate those oberoi’s for killing my innocent father, for killing my mom(anika’s mom did suicide after her husband death as she couldn’t tolerate all the society abligation), for killing my childhood, for ruining my sister future
Anika break down and pain was cleary visible from her eyes
To be continued
Will anika’s hatred change into love? Will she ever forgive oberoi’s? Was she doing drama of loving shivaay? Will she be successful in destroying the oberoi’s?
To know these questions keep reading
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