Mann Masth Magan—The Introduction of Characters

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Hello this is a newbie with a fan fiction. Please let me know your views about the story.
Delhi, a beautiful city is a home for many startups. Many startups here had become successful and have earned a fortune. Little start-ups grew into massive empires. One such empire is the Jaiswal Empire, started by late Jagannath Singh Jaiswal about 5 decades ago. He had a strong personality and was survived by wife, Durga and two sons Girish and Ajay. After him the business responsibilities were laid upon the shoulders of his sons. Both of them made such a big empire out of a small start up. Girish being the elder one married Veena and has 2 sons, Ankit and Arshith. Ajay married Sushma and has a son Ashish and a daughter Aditi.

Ankit is the eldest of the four siblings and is very keen in maintaining Jaiswal Empire’s pride. Since childhood he has seen his father and uncle doing a lot for the family business. Since then he decided that he will invest all his efforts for his Grandpa’s dream. His dream had made his personality so strong and serious. He likes to be prepared and plans every small activity. His passion for business had awarded him lot of praises and applause. The seriousness and pre planned behavior of Ankit had made him short tempered. Even the family members think twice before speaking to him when he is in not so pleasant mood.

Arshith and Ashish are of same age but have different personalities. Arshith is very calm and sweet in nature. He was never interested in the family business and therefore chose another path which gives him immense satisfaction. He is a writer by profession. Ashish is more like Ankit. Though he has his own profession of photography, he has always helped Ankit in a few business affairs. Unlike Arshith, Ashish is also quite serious. He shares his feelings with the brothers while others have no idea about his inner thought process. He has a strange behavior with the girls and every girl who approached him after that incident had a single question, “does he hate girls?!”. Its a secret known only to the Jaiswal brothers.

Aditi is the youngest and pampered one among the siblings. She is presently a student and also works for an NGO.
Ankit’s mother Veena wants him to settle down and is in search of a perfect bride for Ankit. But Ankit is not at all cool with the idea of marriage.
Every person on this planet has a partner in his life journey. A few of them are paired with the most unexpected partner. Who are those unexpected partners?
Priya Sen, a bengali girl lives with her family in the same city. In her attempt of being independent she has joined a company which faced a huge loss a few months ago. All the employees have poured their efforts, strengths and stood by it at the time of crisis. It seems that the boss is very unthankful to his employees. Priya is always targetted for being late in the office. Her arrogant boss never fails to notice her absence in the office. Life has become a full package of adventure for this poor girl. She somehow manages to stay calm as she values her hard work. Priya really misses her school besties and stays connected with them everyday no matter what. Kritika Shetty and Ahana Tiwari, her childhood besties know her very well. Even after parting ways after schooling, day never ended without speaking with each other.

Kritika has always aimed of becoming a news reporter. Her determination has astonished everyone in the college. Banglore has offered many opportunities but she is awaiting for something big, a reporter in a national news channel. Sanjay, her classmate and friend as she thinks has always helped her whenever she was in need. Sanjay had feelings for her but he knew that Kritika has priorities and did not wanted to trouble her. He didn’t wanted to end that friendship. Kritika was unaware of Sanjay’s love. Kritika is a happy go lucky girl with a goal which she will definitely achieve.
Ahana Tiwari works in MNC at US. For everyone out there Ahana is so lucky as she settled too early with a dream job. But for Ahana there is something which makes her dissatisfied. It might be because she has left all her people and stays alone in the other part of the world. Inspite of all the dissatisfactions she still manages to work with a smile. The only time when she laughs her heart out is during the video call with childhood besties.

Stay tuned for their life journeys.

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