Three Shot Competition (Level 3 ) Entry 9

Let’s begin….

Sanskar sees the caller id ‘boss’
And then at angry impatient siddharth

Sanskar picks the call.. He keeps in call recording

Siddharth :where have you died? Why didn’t you pick my call…? How come Ragini came home safely! I have instructed you to kidnap Ragini.. And give her sedatives and you…

Sanskar disconnects the call

To make sure it’s siddharth only behind all this he again calls

He gets down the car!

Siddharth in low tone:chaar paise kya aagaye… Aukath dikha di na(after getting some money.. Showed your true colours)

Ragini comes outside seeing sanskar coming.. She sees siddharth in car and Sanskar’s gaze were fixed to him…

Siddharth who was talking in the call turns and sees sanskar

He disconnects the call.. And immediately gets down the car

Siddharth :officer!! Any news about aashi’s culprits?

Ragini:siddharth… I was been trapped by someone thankgod sanskar sir reached there on time!

Siddharth fears and he starts sweating :oh.. Ragini… Th.. Thankyou of.. Officer.. He wipes his sweat

Sanskar smiles and nods!(actually he is confirmed it’s him)

Ragini:sir you have…

Sanskar:actually i got an evidence there!!! Thought to clear it! Here only…

Ragini:what evidence?

Sanskar:let me show you

He takes out the mobile (goons)

And redials the number

Siddharth was shocked just then his phone starts to ring

Sanskar disconnects

Siddharth sweats.. He sees the goons phone

Sanskar again calls.. Sid’s phone again rings

Ragini:what? Siddharth? She wasn’t understanding anything

Siddharth knew that he has been caught:officer…what nonsense is this?!

That’s it…

Sanskar punches him hard

Siddharth falls

Ragini:is siddharth? Tears fill her eyes
Sanskar looks at her

Siddharth :i am not ragini believe me

Sanskar plays the recording

“where have you died? Why didn’t you pick my call…? How come Ragini came home safely! I have instructed you to kidnap Ragini.. And give her sedatives and you…”

Sanskar:i guess this is your voice

Sid:no no no… Ragini trust me

Sanskar:then how did your number came in this goon’s cell phone..

Siddharth gulps.. He listens the siren

Police officials come there

Ragini couldn’t believe she trusted her sister’s culprit! Siddharth how could he? He loved aashi…? Why did he do this?

Siddharth immediately gets up and was about pull the gun from sanskar.. But sanskar already found his smartness.. Instead of gun he got several punches!

Ragini angrily slaps him:why did you do this? (again slaps) what did my aashi did to you? (again slaps) why? Why she loved you? (again slaps)

Constables held him….
All of a sudden siddharth starts to laugh

Siddharth :oh my Ragini… I was not alone… The main culprit is still out.. Oh how you would search your sister now? Last time you got your sister because i wanted it this time i wont be there then who will save your lifeless sister

Ragini was shocked.. Reality strikes she runs inside her house

Sanskar again and again punches him

Siddharth :ACP Sanskar Maheshwari.. Ch ch ch Now you have to save the 4 lives aashi.. Rohan.. Ragini and yourself!

At the time they hear Ragini’s scream:aashi!

Siddharth was taken into hostage.. He was all the way laughing…

Sanskar and few officials ran inside…

He gets a call!

Aashi was missing…

Ragini wasn’t there…

Ragini has gone behind goons in the back door who has taken aashi with them…

They had gone faraway from her visibility

Here sanskar angrily in call:play these games as much as you could but i will get hold of you very soon

Caller laughs:2 of them are already with me… I hope you don’t want one more person to join..

Sanskar goes out

Ragini was in her knees and crying very hard

Caller:chalo i will help you in some manner… Bring me the key…. The key which is with Ragini.. In an hour to the same oil mill with Ragini and i may feel pity on Ragini so that i will leave them.. But if you try to show your smartness.. Be ready to face the loss

Call gets disconnected…

He goes to Ragini…

Sanskar:ragini… Where is the key?

Ragini looks at him

Sanskar :Ragini please….

Ragini chokes:meri aashi ko kuch nai hoga na? (nothing will happen to my aashi na)

The last hope was always him… Sanskar had made a different place in her life in these days… She found him as a saviour

Sanskar held her shoulders and made her stand:trust me.. I wont let anything happen to aashi neither you!

Ragini looks at him tear filled eyes.. He wipes her tears…

Even ragini had made a different place in his life the very first meet was enough to make a soft corner for her in his heart… He just wished to be with her and console her.. Before he was heartless towards girls.. Because his own mother cheated his father and left him and his dad… But this girl was successful in removing the barriers in his his heart..

Sanskar :keys!

Ragini now and immediately goes inside the house takes the key from the bag and gives him

Sanskar:we have 50 minutes of time… Did you check the house if this key matches anywhere….we may get some hint

Ragini now in no :this key doesnt…… Something strikes her

Here aashi was been placed in a floor

The person was roaming here and there he has wore a black lengthy coat… Then he looks at aashi

Person:aashi my dear friend… You know i was with you everytime.. But why did you find about my business? See where you have reached? I have never thought that you will be like this my smart girl.. Oh sorry you are a over smart girl! Why don’t you argue with me now… Oh poor girl sorry ha i forgot that you are almost dead.. Tumne bohoth bura kiya.. Where is the photographs and the video? Oh it was kept by you only right

Sanskar was looking at something and was walking

Officer:he can be sir… Nowadays it’s easy to make pune tickets and receipts

Sanskar sees something and stops!

Here person:how did you feel when you found out it’s me?… Oh wait wait.. Did you knew it’s me.. Then what are you waiting for my dear aashi look at me… U can’t see ohh my dear.. Wh….

Voice:but i can see clearly!!!

Person shocked:you… Here!

And the person is revealed to be MR. SHAH

Mrs. Shah:how can you fall so low!!! I doubted you many times but still there was a trust in me for you… But finally.. (tears were flowing) finally i could manage to know the truth of my so called criminal husband! Why??

Mr. Shah:i didn’t do it for myself… I did for us!

Mrs. Shah:chi… Don’t include me in this.. We were happy in our life style..

Mr. Shah:its not me it was you who was happy with the third class life style

Mrs shah:for your life style you fell so low… I still supported you when your doctor licence was cancelled because of your irresponsibility.. No no not irresponsible but you are responsible with conscious

Mr shah:yes i killed people’s to get a comfortable lifestyle.. This girl aashi got to know about it… And i thought she would break my dreams.. But with the help of karan everything was fine… I knew she would be in coma.. So everything was set.. Now i dont want you to come in the middle of my dream.. You have to die..

He takes out the gun

Voice:you are under the control..

Mr. Shah was shocked to see many police officers entering the place…

And all his goons are held in hostage..

Both RagSan have come there


Ragini:this key… May be.. May be it would match uncle Shah’s cafe…

Sanskar:which cafe?

At the time Mrs. Shah comes there with tears

She heard Mr. Shah’s conversation with karan about organ selling and also about aashi’s case.. To confirm she checks his phone hiding and then she finds some papers about it.. And his connections in foreign countries in selling the human organs

She tell all this to sanskar and ragini..

Sanskar goes there and gets the evidences hidden by aashi

And sanskar plans the things

And they silently enter the hideouts
And held the goons

Fb ends

Ragini to Mr shah:i considered you as my parent but you!

Ragini goes to aashi..

Sanskar:what you told.. Don’t show the smartness! Right.. But did you know that i am already smart!

Officer’s find rohan unconscious… And he was taken to hospital along with aashi

Mr. Shah was held in hostage…

Mrs. Shah:take him away from my eyesight

Mr shah immediately pulls the gun from a contable and shoot at the direction of ragini

Ragini closes her eyes due to fear…

Within seconds she opens her eyes and finds herself safe but what shocked her was sanskar was hurt

Sanskar had came in between and it hit sanskar’s shoulder

Mr. Shah was about to shoot ragini but he was stopped by the police..

Ragini runs to sanskar and held him.. Unknowingly she had tears in her eyes.. And it hurt her a lot to see him like that

Sanskar smiles :i.. I t… told you.. I will not…. Let.. An..anything happen to you and aashi…

He gets unconscious

After sometime

Sanskar’s operation is going on…

Ragini was crying.. She remembers their first meet and then when he helped her and then in the hospital when he made her drink coffee by consoling her… And then when he all of sudden came to help her in akhil’s matter and then when he saved her from the goons and a moment they shared in the car about sorry and thankyou and this day he consoled her by telling he will not let anything happen her and her sister and he took the bullet which was for her..

Ram comes there.. He sees ragini crying

Ram was worried to hell and he just prays to God to keep his son safe…

Doctors comes..

Ram and ragini goes to doctor

Before ram could ask ragini:how is sanskar doctor?

Doctor smiles :sanskar is out of danger and he is absolutely fine nothing to worry.. You can take him home in 2 days!

Ragini smiles and takes a big sign of relief

Ram :can we meet him?

Doctor:once after shifting him to the ward…
He smiles and goes

After sometime

Sanskar is been shifted to ward

Ram comes after meeting sanskar

He sits next ragini :will you not meet sanskar?

Ragini looks at him

Ram smiles and caresses her hair…

Ragini goes to Sanskar’s ward

She sees him sleeping

She sees bandages on his shoulder

Ragini :i thought.. I thought i lost you.. (she cries) I don’t know why but it hurt me so much to see you in that condition.. I was been betrayed by my trusted one’s and i dont want to loose you…. She was about to go

But sanskar held her wrist

Ragini wipes her tears..

She turns towards him

He was looking at her determined

Sanskar :if i ask you something….would you give me

Ragini :sanskar.. You should take rest

Sanskar:no let me say…

Ragini looks at him

Sanskar:i dont have a little knowledge about this.. But would you give me your hand to hold it for life long.. Would you trust me this last time that i want to live a life with you and have a family with you!

Ragini was shocked she didn’t expected it…

Ragini:i.. I think you should take rest.. She goes from there immediately

Sanskar felt bad he thought she didn’t felt the same for him…

Ram who heard this smiles that finally his son came out from the past and is thinking about future

After 2 days

Sanskar was discharged… In these 2 days ragini came to hospital but avoided conversation with him.. Which hurt him…

Ram takes sanskar to his room

Sanskar sits in the room and his eyes falls on the photo frame
Which had his and Ragini’s photo

Sanskar:dad.. What’s this?

Ram:did you like it?

Sanskar:have you lost it?

Ram:stop your drama now.. I know you love my daughter-in-law

Sanskar:you are seriously not in the senses.. God…
He takes the frame…

Ram:remove.. Remove..
He laughs and goes

Sanskar finally smiles.. Seeing the photo of ragini

He lets out the long breath…

After one month.. In this one month ragini goes to Sanskar’s house but avoided to meet him she

Ragini :aashi… What you think i seriously love sanskar?

Sonu:oh ho didi.. Aashi di would get bored if you 24 hours talk about sanskar

Bell rings

Ragini goes and opens the door and sees sanskar

Ragini immediately closes the door

Sonu:kaun hai didi? (who is it didi)

Ragini :sanskar

Sonu:hein? Then why did you close the door?

Ragini :i avoided him na sonu

Sonu:now open the door.. Koi mooh pe darwaza maarta hai kya? (would someone close the door on the faces o what?)

Ragini opens the door

Sanskar : i guess i am not welcomed here

He was about to go

Sonu pokes ragini

Ragini :no.. No not like that.. Come in

Sanskar :no no i dont want sympathy

Ragini :no.. I.. I am sorry

Sanskar smiles:so can i enter your home?

Ragini :oh ya sure..
After a minute

Sonu:oh ho didi.. If you get up from the way then only he can enter na

Ragini :oh sorry

Sanskar smiles he enters the house

Ragini :how.. How are you?

Sanskar :i am fine

Ragini :i will make a coffee for you

Ragini goes to make coffee.. Sonu follows her

Sonu:if i was not with you.. What would have happened to you?

Ragini :ha sonu…

Sanskar goes to aashi’s room

Sanskar sits in the near by stool

Sanskar:aashi.. I love your sister but I think she doesn’t love me… But i dont want to loose her.. But your sister is stubborn she thinks a lot to say a thanks… But i wish if she reciprocated my love..

Behind ragini :sanskar

Sanskar turns

Ragini :coffee..

Sanskar takes it:thanks… And where is the kid?

Ragini :Woh he went to his home?

Sanskar :ok

He moved towards the study tables

And he sees a name Ragini and shaan in it


Ragini :sir

Sanskar :are you happy with this relation?

Ragini gets confused

Sanskar:what is he doing?

Ragini :who?

Sanskar :shaan

Ragini :he goes to school

Sanskar turns to her immediately :what..

Ragini looks at the study table.. She understood his misunderstanding

Ragini laughs

Sanskar :ragini

Ragini :don’t tell me you thought… She laughs

Ragini:shaan is sonu the kid

Sanskar felt embarrassed :oh…

Ragini:but i love someone

Sanskar :oh… (he felt hurt) who?

Ragini :you!

Sanskar:oh.. (he realises what she said) he looks at her!

Ragini smiles bending her head..

He immediately goes to her

Sanskar :what did you say?

Ragini :i…

Sanskar :you…

Ragini:i love you…

Sanskar takes her into a bone crushing hug……

Sanskar :i love you.. I love your so much….

After an year..

Aashi wakes up from coma state…

And rohan proposes aashi as he loved her from the time he understood what love is..

Ragsan both married…
And lived happily ever after……

To be continued……

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