Three Shot Competition (Level 3 ) Entry 11

Telly updates ne banadi jodi – shot 3 (last)
Anika was crying and cursing herself
“It’s all because of me!!”Anika said as she bangs her hand in wall

“Atleast now tell, why you’ve done this anika”Om said angrily

“You wanna know why I didn’t tell this to anyone!! Why I was quiet!! Why I was hiding that I am the writer of ISHQBAAAZI!! so listen!!”Anika shouted on top of her voice tears were rolling down from her eyes

Anika starts narrating

Anika was sitting in college canteen eating a sandwich and rolling TU to check what are new polls there to vote on,just then

“Hey, Anika”
A voice gets Anika’s attention

“Yess…” She replied, and to her surprise that was Tia

“Your Anika right?”Tia said with attitude

“Yaa…”Anika replied

“So, you are the one who writes story on TU”tia said as she sits on chair with attitude

“Yess…you are right I am a TU writer” Anika said with a smile

“What was the name of your story? Yaa…. ISHQBAAAZI” Tia said remembering

“Oh, wow you know everything!”Anika said with her shiny eyes open

“Yup dear……..I know everything you love to write, and you are a middle class girl,your fav subject is physics, and you love your parents can do anything for them specially you are really close to your dad!!” Tia said this all walking around Anika and gives a wierd look to her

Anika looks on wierdly
“What do you want!?”Anika questions Tia

“What do you want!! You are asking me!! You know from where you belong to you have no right to ask me what I want I order for it and get it!!” Tia said as she bangs table because of which anika gets fearful

“So! You should know one thing you are not allowed to tell anyone that you are the writer of ISHQBAAAZI if you tell anyone I’ll kill your dad”

“What!? You’ll not do that!!” Anika said as she stands up

“I don’t need to do anything just need to call my bodyguards who are always with your dad pointing guns towards him TO KILL HIM!!” Tia said

“How can I believe you?” Anika said confidently

“Okay so you want proof,see this” Tia said giving her a phone in which his dad was standing on road and was surrounded by goons pointing gun towards him….

Anika eyes were wide open she shouted “DAD”

“So do you believe me now or do you want to see your dad’s dead body as proof!?”Tia said smirking

“No..noo…don’t do anything to my dad say what I need to do say…..” Anika said wiping her tears

“I don’t want anything big from just keep this a secret that you are the writer of ISHQBAAAZI” Tia said calmly

“But what will you get by this what will be your profit” Anika asked confused

”You want to know what I’ll get!! Huh! Then let me tell you” Tia said loosing her temper and holds Anika’s neck

“Aahhhhh….”Anika screms in pain

“My boyfriend or I should say my love is a big fan of you!! He thinks he loves you!! Stupid!! if he gets to know that his fav story writer is here in this college he’ll propose you!!! And you DON’T DESERVE HIM!!!” Tia said holding Anika’s neck and she looks like phyco

“Who’s your boyfriend”Anika asks chocking

“You Don’t need to know” saying this Tia leaves Anika neck she started breathing heavily

“So did you understand!! You should not tell anyone about me and what I said you…if you’ll follow as I say i will Never disturb you but the day you will say this to anyone that very day after one year your father’s death anniversary will be there!!” Tia leaves there in anger Leaving Anika crying

Flashbacks ends

”That’s the reason I have not told this to anyone” Anika said sobbing

Om had tears in his eyes he softly hods Anika’s shoulder and asks
“Now what will you do?”

“I will die!!” Anika replied

“What?!?!?!” Om lokks in shock

“Ya, coz now even if I tell shivay he will have only hatred for me…. And Tia will kill my dad!! If i will only not there than everyone’s problem will be solved my dad will be safe and Tia and Shivay will be Happy I am going….I am going….” Anika said and runs from there

“Wait Anika listen!!” Om shouted

Om calls Shivay and told him that anika is ending her life

What!? How can she do this?!” Shivay said

“Let me track her I am going to save her” shivay gets in his car and follows Anika

Anika was standing on a cliff crying and was about to jump when someone hugs her from back

“Shi..shiv..Shivay” Anika said

“Are you mad!! How can you think even Anika how can you think that you will end your life if you will end your life my life will also be ended….”Shivay said scolding Anika

“But you were angry on me and you were hating me!” Anika said

“I know but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you you are my best friend best girl, best daughter,best writer!! How can these many end their life if you’ll end your they all will die!! I may be angry on you but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you

“I LOVE YOU TOO SHIVAY!❤” Anika replied with happiness

They both again hug each other

“I want to tell you Shivay I didn’t told you because….” Anika said

“I know Anika,om told me everything while I was in my car he was on call…..that all was because of stupid Tia”

“Yaa…Shivay what about her?!”Anika said in tension

“Don’t worry Anika I am with you anything will not happen to your dad we’ll send Tia to Jail” Shivay assures Anika

“You didn’t love Tia?”Anika asked

“Anika……. I never loved Tia she was a phyco” Shivay said

“And let’s just not talk about Tia” Shivay said making faces

Anika and Shivay sits there and watching the moon and stars

“Anika….I didn’t know that i will be that lucky that I will marry to my fav writer whom I just wished to meet”Shivay said

“I also never thought ki I’ll marry my biggest fan!!” Anika said

They both laughed
“Vese toh…we say RAB NE BANADI JODI but here TELLY UPDATES NE BANADI JODI” They both smiles looking at each other

After few months they got married and lived Happily ever after

The end

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