Three Shot Competition (Level 3 ) Entry 13

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Deep : How dare u to tell a lie ?

Aarohi : I never lie u .

Deep : Stop ur drama….You are not Tara….Where is she ?

Aarohi : What are u saying ?

Deep : I know u are Aarohi.

She is shocked .

Aarohi : I am going to tell u .

Deep : When u are going to tell me …Where is Tara .You are a cheater.

Aarohi : You misunderstood me .

Deep : Just shut up ! Leave from here now. I don’t want to see ur face.I said get out.

He said while tightly holding her wrist almost hurting her .

Aarohi : It’s hurting ….Please try to understand .

Deep : Really….What about my pain? Don’t u feel my pain . Just get out of my house.

He dragged her toward the door.
Tears start flowing from her eyes.

Aarohi : Deep…Let me give a chance to explain .

Deep : I don’t want to listen a single word from ur mouth .How can I believe that you said truth ?

He said with her tearyeyed . She couldn’t control more & walked out from there . She is walking alone on the road. She is cursing her fate & tried to find her mistake .

On other side Deep get broken. He swiped away his tears when he see Vasundhara is coming there.

Vasundhara : Deep , You didn’t go to pick up Tara.

Deep : She said that she want to spend some time with her family .

He lied.

Vasundhara : Let me call her.

Deep : No Maa, Don’t disturb her.

Vasundhara : Hmm….U are very caring about her. Well, it’s good .

She said with a smile & leave from there while he is disheartened .

Aarohi don’t want to make her family worried .

Aarohi : What’s my fault in this . Everything get destroyed. I lost Tara & now Deep too . Why u snatched everything from me God ?

Se reached her house & ring the doorbell.

Aniket : Tara…You here . What happen ?

Riddhi : You again came .Is everything okay ?

Aarohi : I was missing u all . I can’t live without u all.

She hug her Bhaiya.

Aniket : Go & take some rest.

He said while caressing her face.

Nikku : Bua …Don’t cry like kids.

She smile a little & hug him.

Aarohi : I really miss u Champ .

Nikku : I miss u this much .

He said while showing from his little arms while she laughed on his antics.

Riddhi : Come …I will u take in ur room.

They both enter the room & she start crying .

Aarohi : Bhabhi , He knows everything . He said that there is no place for me in his house.

Riddhi : Oh God ! What is happening.You don’t worry . Go & become fresh . We will think about the problem after dinner.

She unwillingly nods her head in affirmative .

She came outside from washroom after some time & see the photo of her & Tara on nearby table.

Aarohi : Tara , I am really worried .Where are u ? If something happens to u then …No, nothing happen to u . Please God make her safe .I want my sister back.

A teardrop fall from her corner of eyes. Riddhi called her for dinner . She swiped away her tears & come downstairs. A small smile appear on her face after looking her family happy .Though her Bhabhi is tensed but she is not showing to others.She joined them as she don’t know about upcoming storm. Suddenly , door bell rings .Riddhi open the door & get shocked. Tara is standing at the entrance with pale face & tearyeyed. Her face shows that she is regret for what she did with her family .Aarohi happiness has no bounds .She run toward her .

Aarohi : Tara …Are u ok ? Where were u ? You don’t know how much I worried for u .

She said with her uncontrollable tears . Tara hugged her while Aniket is shocked & Nikku is confused . Aniket understand everything after watching the scenario.Tara notice this.

Tara : Bhaiya…I am sorry.

Aniket : Don’t u dare to speak a word more .Why did u do that ?

Tara : Bhaiya …I don’t want to marry at that time .

Aniket : So, u elope from marriage . You just went without thinking about us & who have to give sacrifice …Aarohi.You are a culprit of her.

She realized her mistake when she vermillion in her hair partition .

Tara : Aru…Please forgive me . I don’t do it intentionally .

Riddhi : How can we forget this much easily .

Aniket : I thought that u are childish but I don’t know that u are selfish too.You both also don’t tell me anything .

Aarohi : Bhaiya, Please forgive her.

Tara : Bhaiya …Don’t say like this .I accepted that I was wrong & you can give me punishment .

Aniket : I don’t want to see ur face.

He said & leave from there.

Aarohi composed Tara & they both enter in her room .

Tara : No one want to understand me.

Aarohi : Because u don’t want to make them understand .You just choosed eloping instead of telling them truth.I said to u Tara that it’s important to fight for ur rights but in a right manner.You destroyed three lives.

She has no answer & she bend down her head.

Many day passes, Aniket is still angry from Tara & she is sad.Deep start feeling Aarohi’s absence & Aarohi is also missing her.Their family tried to unite them after knowing everything but they both refused to do so.Aarohi’s condition is didn’t went unnoticed by Tara. So, she decided to clear the mess which she created

She reached at Raichand Mansion. She entered & look at him who is talking on phone .

Tara : Mr.Deep Raichand , How dare u to insult my sister .

Deep : What the hell u are doing here ? You & Your family betrayed me. I love u , I want to marry from u & what u did …elope from marriage .One more thing that u are responsible for ur sister condition not me.

Tara : Ohh….Really .You are not lying from us only , u are lying from yourself.

Deep : Shut up ! When did I said lie .

Tara : Tumne mujhse kabhi Mohabbat nahi ki kyunki Mohabbat mein tohmat ki jagah nahi hoti .(You never loved me . If u ever love me , then u never accused me)

Tara : That ‘s just a attraction . If u love me , u try to understand my priorities . Mr.Deep Raichand , My sister is much innocent .She get trapped in our hatred game . She did that marriage for ur & my family’s sake & u are blaming her . Deep , u like me for my qualities . Just think about Aru , She has more good qualities than me especially her selflessness. Actually truth is that you don’t deserve her.

She said in rage & leave from there while he realized the truth & her importance .

Tara reached her home & move toward her room.

Aarohi : Where were u Tara ? You didn’t inform me .

Tara : Don’t become so much good Aru ….Stop being worried about me . You just take care of urself.

On the next day , Tara & Aarohi are chatting with each other while Nikku is playing.

Suddenly , doorbell rings.

Aarohi : I think Bhaiya forget something .

She open the door & look at the person .

Aarohi : Deep….

She can’t believe on her eyes .

Deep : Can I have permission to come inside .

Aarohi : Ohh Sorry …You can come.

She said realizing her stupidity .

Tara & Riddhi is very happy to see him. He move toward them & start talking with them while she went to kitchen .

Aarohi : I am confused . Why did he come here ? Maybe he want to give divorce papers .

She start blabbering in upset voice. She turn to take something & get shocked.

Aarohi : You here….

Deep : Why don’t I come here ….Any problem.

Aarohi : Not at all…Do u want anything.

Deep : Umm…..Nothing. Actually I thought to give divorce papers to u .

Her face fell down while he is surpressing his smile.

Deep : What happen …You are looking upset .

Aarohi : No, I am not upset . I will sign those papers .

She said while composing her tears.

Deep : Have u lost ur mind ? Such a stupid girl u are . Don’t u have ur own choices. Why didn’t u fight with me when I said that I want to give divorce .

Aarohi : I don’t want to force my choices on others .

Deep : That’s why everyone force their decision on you…Am I right .

Deep : Leave that ….Go & pack ur bags. We are going to house back.

Aarohi : But why …You don’t love me then …

She asked with great innocence .

Deep : Main tumse Mohabbat nahi karta.( I don’t love u )

She get disappointed .

Deep : Lekin ab lagta hai ki Mohabbat hone lagi hai .( Seems like that now love will start blooming )

He said huskily while she smile with a slight blush .

Deep : If u are done with blushing then do packing or else we get late.

He teases her more.

Aarohi : I will go with u on one condition .

Deep : What is that ?

He asked desperately .

Aarohi : You never drink alcohol from now onwards .Don’t u know how much health hazard happen from alcohol . Promise me now.

Deep : Okk …You know what this happen when ur wife is Doctor ..

Aarohi : Deep ….

She give deadly glare to him & both start laughing .


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