Three Shot Competition (Level 3 ) Entry 1

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Am back again with my last part of the os..

I returned to my home. .  and slept peace fully after a very long time.. Though Abeer was the person who made me cry.. But today he is the same person behind my smile too..Btw.. I know.. Many of you will be thinking that if he threw me in the pool how did I went to the party… actually.. I had a spare dress.. I always keep one with me.. u know in emergency situations..  Being a doctor means emergencies emergencies and emergencies…we both  wanted a simple wedding.. like no pre wedding or post wedding rituals..though in the morning I did have a small.. sangeet-cum -mehendi  function.. it was simple.. just the way I liked.. my friends from childhood to my work place had come.. I was really confused on whom to talk to cuz.. there were too many people man… I just wished I had 2 -3 meher instead..i thanked my parents for this gift..

So finally today am getting married..ladies came inside my room..i changed my dress.. n wore the ornaments..the beautician cam.. n I demanded for a light make up.. I love myslf too much.. n how much ever I hide.. but tbh.. I was looking damn gorgeous.. I wish I could marry myself u know..and soon.. we headed to the place..of course the marriage hall..and after many chants.. and blessing from our elders.. we got married…and  my just-married-hubby was smiling like an idiot and people around me.. were laughing seeing him.. n I was so embarrassed …then pooja said its k it happens.. yes.. pooja .. my bestiee.. had came to my marriage leaving her honeymoon just for me.. and only I know.. how much her hubby sid.. scolded me  for that.. pooja had a love marriage.. such a lovely couple they are.. I looked at all those smiling faces.. I don’t know what will happen next but I felt on the ninth cloud after seeing all of their glowing faces.. after taking  blessings from the elders.. and after hugging my emotional parents..i somehow controlled my tears and left withhim.. we had a party in the evening.. and while shopping I had boght a beautiful black off sholder gown.. which had a long cut from the side..Abeer.. wore a black tuxedo.. well black was our favorite color  .. and we were just standing and taking pics with our relatives and friends.. butt his time with a real smile.. The reason behind my smile was a revealation which happened in the car in which we were.. he asked me.. if he told anything unnecessary  yesterday when he was drunk and I just nodded in a no..  he asked me.. whenever I ask u about karan.. u always seem disturbed.. is there anything which is worth sharing?.. I told him about the whole incident..he was not your mistake.. even if it was.. I wont blame you.. because there is another part of the story which u don’t know..i turned to him  in utter shock.. he said.. actually..he just wanted sasha physically.. n u know my ex gf.. she ditched me for him.. and I asked him.. but sasha.. n I got to know that she committed suicide after he betrayed her.. now this was unbearable to me.. I said.. may be I cursed her so badly that god did this with her.. am at fault.. he said no.. just relax.. what happens happens for good..n I hugged him..i t just felt so right in his embrace..i asked him then why did pooja said that u used me.. he said.. I told her because.. ur feelings were true.. and I didn’t want to hurt u because .. even at that time if I had accepted u as my gf.. people will bad mouth about u and I cant hold that.. I tuly loved u.. I know I have hurt u a lot.. but that was just to protect u from those ugly people.. I frowned and said.. but ur parents said that u were in depression afterur ex gf left u.. ha said.. I wasn’t sad cuz of her.. I was upset just because at that time sasha had committed suicide and after 12 std.. we were gud friends.. and I was very  shocked on her acton.. it took me days to get  out of it.. but when I saw u on that day.. it was like all of my sorrows were just nothing.. u were the reason for my smile..cuz I  loved you akways and will love u.. I know it will take time for you to accep me.. but this time trust saying this with my whole heart that MRS.MEHER MALHOTRA.. I LOVE YOU.. AND WILL ALWAYS.. this confession of his made the dead butterflies in my stomach rise again and fly in a full 72km/h speed.. and I was blushing hardly..  I locked my eyes with him.. n I slowly took my lips towards his and kissed him i didn’t care that we had a driver driving the car..or people will look.. all I cared was that I longed for this special person all these years.. and I didn’t want to let hi m go.. though he was backing out I didn’t let him..

I just smiled seeing my hubby beside me who was shaking hands  with ankur.. I took too many funky pics with my pooja.. and had a blast at the party..after sometime I saw a familiar face.. and I recognized him.. it was karan..with Abeer’s ex. Gf..i  asked him if he invited them and he said yes.. and I asked him why and he said..karan wanted u physically.. but u considered him as a brother.. e wanted sasha too.. but people were questioning him.. and he had chosen sasha.. but he really wanted u.. u that’s why he always tried to be openand closed to u.. I asked him how does he know.. he said before sasha committed suicide..she mailed me about him..and I  got to know that..he has hurt u badly.. now that was enough or me..i so wanted to kill him..but I had no idea about u.. so I waited.. for the right time.. today when he will get to know that we are married.. that would turn him down for sure.. and I asked whats ur plan hubby?.. he turned towards me and askd.. HUBBY?.. and I said you are my hubby and I guess I should call u so.. we smiled and till now they reached us..i somehow turned my face to the otherside not letting karan see my face..i heard karan say in Abeer’s ears.. I took ur ex gf too.. tch tch tch.. now  u had to agree for an arranged marriage.. remember u said that girls drool over u.. but unfortunately  now u  have none first meher left now her.. Abeer smiled and said who said Meher left me..wifey just turn this side.. I turned towards their side and saw a horrified look on karan’sface.. He never expected me to be here..i asked him.. Wont u congratulate me Mr. kapoor?.. the cameraman asked us to smile karan gave a plastic one and we both the victorious one.. after that he left from the venue.. followed by his confused gf..i was happy and just hugged my hubbby.. we had a romantic photoshoot after which we had dinner..

We returned to his home and the room was decorated beautifully.. just perfect for the special night.. we changed our dress to the comfy one.. I came back and Abeer wasn’t in te room but soon I felt too hands hugging me from back.. I closed my eyes and we stood there for quite sometime..  I turned to his side and we had a passionate liplock.. after the kiss I spoke finally..LOVE U MY HUBBY.. he kissed my forehead.. and weslept in each others embrace.. we didn’t want  to take our relationship to the next level that  day cuz both of us were tired..

Anyways what were the honeymoon days for then 😉


Though we still have small arguments.. I cant say our love story is perfect cuz nothing is perfect u know.. but yes.. am happy.. and as mentioned  earlier.. my parents always chose best for me.. n I love them for this

Remember one thing guyzz.. friends are also sometimes temporary in our life.. every person come in our lie to teach us something..

But love yor parents because.. they expect the same love from us which they give us..





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