Three Shot Competition (Level 3 ) Entry 12

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Undying Trust

Part 3

Droplets of water fell on her angelic face and messed up hair, and Naina woke up wiping her face with her palms. She opened her eyes and was rubbing her temples with her fingers, as they hurt very badly. But her frown, due to the headache, disappeared when she found Sameer ruffling his hair, dripping water. Shirtless husband, what an amazing sight to wake up to everyday! She smiled.

“Good morning” she said softly but weakly. Sameer turned to her and smiled back. He walked over to her and picked up a glass of lemonade from the side drawer and gave it to her.

“Good morning. Drink this, your headache will be gone” she took the glass from him while he kissed her forehead.

“Thank you, but how do you know that I have headache?” she asked him and stood up hugging him.

“I know everything about you” he winked and turned her around and added, “especially after what happened last night!” he slid his arms around her waist and tied the knot of her robe, which she didn’t notice was untied.

He gently kissed her earlobe and went back to the mirror, drying his hair. Naina stood there, rooted to her spot. Sameer’s passionate talks, the untied knot of her robe, her messed up hair and this headache. What did all this mean? What happened last night?

Sameer glanced at her through the corner of his eyes and could read her confused expression. He let out a light chuckle. He went to her.

“Hey, I know you’re confused. But we’re on our honeymoon, so what happened last night had to happen! You know..” he cupped her face with his hands. A naughty smirk slowly formed on his face, “and then, you were drunk and out of control!” he whispered huskily in her ears, making her eyes widen in shock.

“Wh..what do you mean?” she stuttered looking into his eyes. “You want me to explain!?” he teased, making her blush and look down.

He smiled at it, “I told you, don’t drink more than one glass but you just didn’t listen. Now you know it’s taste..” he pulled her to him, “and it’s after effects too.”

He was loving her blush and decided to tease her further. “You just couldn’t take your hands off me. And, oh my God! You’re such a wild kisser. And..”

She didn’t let him complete as she jerked out from his hold and sat on the bed, with her face hidden in her knees. She was embarrassed. Although she knew that there was nothing embarrassing with Sameer. He was her husband after all. But then, what if she did something inappropriate last night. She was out of her senses and if she did anything wrong, Sameer wouldn’t tell anything to her, she knew him.

Sameer immediately went to her to console her. He thought he went overboard with his teasing. “Naina, I’m sorry. I was just joking. You didn’t do anything, in fact, you slept. I didn’t even touch you. Please look at me.”

Naina looked at him with a shocked expression. “You liar!” she hit him with a pillow while he was continuously apologizing. Finally her held both her hands and pulled her to him.

“Sameer” she started after a moment of silence, “I knew nothing happened last night. I trust you. You won’t do anything without my permission. And today, my trust has become even more stronger. You had all rights on me, still you didn’t even touch me.”

She looked up at him and kissed his jaw “I love you”
“I love you” was all he remembered he said, before he kissed her with all his love.

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  1. Samaina_loverzz

    Awesome Fan Fix.. Though it was only 3 parts But really liked it a lot.. Its Awsm.. And Just Amazing Loved to read this.. Samaina is my favourite Character.. I loved this FF a Lot… Superbly written ????❤❤????

  2. Awesome ??????

  3. Fidato

    This is awesome ts… Though it’s short but worth to read… Amazingly written… Loved it…

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