Three Shot Competition (Level 3 ) Entry 5

Anika waked up at 4 am and she switched on every light, getting the reflection of so many lights, he (shivaay) woke up and was really very sleepy so he checked the time and was surprise that what is Anika planning at this time of night
Here Anika was all ready to execute her new plan which maybe really painful to everyone but she didn’t have any option left
Shivaay geeting up of the bed
Shivaay- what is this, are you not felling sleepy and if not then please let me sleep, I have a meeting tomorrow
Anika- ooh! please don’t show this to me, I am also not ville (free)
Shivaay- then sleep, know
Anika- I need to talk something important
Shivaay- we will talk tomorrow
Anika- I want to talk right now
Shivaay- bolo, manogi tu hu nahi( say, you will not agree)
Anika- it is important, I am not talking about rubbish talks
Till now shivaay was half awake, after listening important, he goes and freshen up himself
Shivaay- say
Anika- as you very well know all about me now, so I should tell you the truth
Shivaay- which truth are you talking about?
Anika- that gauri and bhavya told you
Shivaay- how do you know? (looking confused as thay said him to handle everything)
Anika- don’t look surprise, I heard everything, I was there only
Shivaay- ok so now what, I also want to ask various questions
Anika- you will get all your answers very soon
Shivaay- HOW?
Anika- as they present really close to you, you just need to search
Shivaay- should I start searching
Anika- wait
She took out her gun and shoot in the air and clearly a very proper round mark was seen on the roof top
Shivaay- what did you do, do you want the rain to come and flood the house
Anika- stop all this, be serious. I just want to show that I am one of the best shooter and if I try to kill you, you will be dead in just one shoot
Shivaay- are you trying to say you will kill me
Anika- any doubt
Shivaay started laughing
Anika(irked a little seeing that he was not serious at all)- why are you laughing
Shivaay- as you did the biggest joke of the year
Anika- which joke (confused)
Shivaay- that you will kill me
Anika- it wasn’t a joke
Shivaay(serious)- now try to understand
He started explaining
You love me whether you accept it or not , and you can never ever kill me, I trust you more then you do to yourself, if you want shoot
He hold his hand and points towards himself
Shivaay- shoot Anika, pull the trigger, SHOOT
After sometime she put the trigger down
Anika- maybe you are right, I can’t kill you
Shivaay- I am listening to you for so long, now listen to me
Anika- you will get your answer soon, I told you know , its near you only, you just need to find it
Shivaay- vaise(however) was this your important talks
Anika- no actually, there was no talks just want to execute my final plan, was just preparing myself for it
Shivaay- which plan?
Shivaay was shocked, confused standing there, he wanted to hug her, cry but question arises in his mind WHY DID SHE KILLED HERSELF
Forgetting everything he lay down removed the trigger from her hand and threw it on the ground (not knowing what he did)
He shout at top of his voice ANIKA!
This was loud enough to make everyone awake, one by one everyone came and become shocked
Gauri and bhavya was dumstruck, they were not knowing what had happened, they were like zinda lash( live dead body)
Gauri- you killed her
Shivaay- I didn’t kill her, trust me
Bhavya- you are telling us to trust you, finally you also showed that you are the son of an oberoi only
Dadi- leave all this, take her to the hospital
Bhavya and gauri were crying continuously as they have lost their life, their strength, their didu
Seeing them like this everyone was more depressed
Soon the news came from doctor that she is no more
Deep inside everyone know what was the result but no one was ready to except it
Doctor- two can go and meet her, the two which are very close to her
Pinki – go shivaay, she need you
Gauri- STOP! No need we are here to take our di, we don’t need your artificial tears, you all are murderers
Om- what are you saying
Gauri- you shutup , silly people or just bhaiya’s puppet
Jhaanvi- how can you say this
Bhavya- what’s wrong in that, she is telling the truth only
Nurse came and told that this is hospital, maintain discipline
Bhavya and Gauri went inside and by seeing Anika’s death body, they were dead
Gauri/Bhavya- we are sorry
Bhavya- I said it we can’t trust those Oberoi’s but you were adamant that shivaay bhaiya will do everything fine
Gauri- I am sorry know
Bhavya- no, what’s the need to say sorry now, she is dead
Gauri- don’t act as if all fault was mine, you also agreed ok and I have also lost my sister not only you
Bhavya- jo hona tha voh tho hogaya ( the things which need to be happened, happened.)
Gauri- ya , so why are we fighting, our di wont like it
Bhavya- ya we should forget everything
They both hugged and cried vigorously
They hold anika’s hand from both corners
Gauri- we will not let your death be a waste and again an Oberoi’s victory
Bhavya- they will get punished for what they did
Soon police arrived and picked all the nearby objects for investigation
Gauri and Bhavya had already filed an FIR against Shivaay
Shivaay was arrested in just 2 days, maybe till now, he was ready for it as he get to know the entire truth by that letter
2 days before(flashback)-
Shivaay – how could she do that, how could and I am not able to understand why did she killed herself, I need to find the answers as after few days I will surely get arrested for the crime, I never did
He started finding everywhere and then her hint strikes his mind – something close to me , he then checked his drawer in which his family photo was kept and find a letter there
So you must be wondering, why I killed myself right , so here is the answer
Gauri, Bhavya did chop of my entire plan by telling you everything but soon I too realise that I had fallen for you and I can never hurt you when I am alive but when I am dead, I can definitely destroy the oberoi’s so here was my plan
I planned to kill myself and that trigger intentionally fall in my hand so that you pick up and throw, as a result your fingerprints will be there and you will be accused for killing me. Nice know
Shivaay ,I really didn’t have any rivalry with you but I can never forget my father’s death, so here is my revenge plan, surely if this failed then also Gauri and Bhavya will try their best to give the culprit the punishment. As only you and me was present on that site
Entire blame will go on you, I have already cut the wires of CCTV so no risk
All the best my life for you, next life is coming soon to you
Wait you must be wondering why was I doing so, so here is the answer- she wrote everything that happened
Flashback ends
Shivaay- WOW! Anika what a plan, appreciate it, I also want to be as intelligent as you but not so ,its ok
I am fine with my punishment as what will Shivaay do if his Anika is only gone
Police arrested him, final rituals were performed, case was on fast track and finally court found shivaay guilty and given him fasi
He was hanged but he wasn’t sad, he just kept a smile on his face , feeling happy for his Anika
By now the whole Oberoi’s family get to know the truth of Gauri and Bhavya. Om and rudra hates them. They left the Oberoi’s mansion after Anika’s death
Gauri and Bhavya were holding a letter which has written on it ”WHEN EVERYTHING IS OVER”
Flashback is shown that they both find a letter in the Oberoi’s mansion, hidden in their photograph , Gauri tried to open but Bhavya stopped her and told that everything is not over yet. They kept it aside and left The ”OBEROI’S MANSION”
Gauri- can we read now
Bhavya- sure
So how are you guys? I hope fine, don’t worry about me I am fine here in HELL. You must be thinking why I said hell and not heaven as your di is so nice right, but after reading the entire letter maybe I change your point of view about me
Gauri- why is she saying like this
Bhavya- read further
Actually the truth is shivaay didn’t killed me, I killed myself, don’t say what now, read it entirely
The day when you told shivaay everything, I heard your conversation and was really angry on you guys that how can my own sister’s do this with me then in pub you forced me to tell the truth, when you actually left me on bed, I was awake but yes drunked I handled myself, took a shower and then thought for a while and this idea strike in my mind
Which idea- killing myself and accusing shivaay for it as I very well know that you can never trust the fact that your di killed herself. She was bold know, but what to do I need to take revenge and this couldn’t happen when I was alive as I started loving him. Therefore I did this
I know you must have hated me by now and maybe even yourself but believe me whatever I did was for my Father’s death and I very well know that if Shivaay broke then Oberoi family will be automatically destroyed
But you also see my faith, whom so ever I love go away from me , first dad then mom and then Shivaay, maybe I am a curse to everyone that’s why I died so that I could harm you both
I just want to say whatever I did was for PARENTAL LOVE which I never get, and I am really not sure that I am even guilty or not so please don’t forgive me, fine
And don’t blame yourself for harming Shivaay as it was all my plan please for your di aur by now your bhaiya, please don’t curse yourself
Please don’t forgive but if you can then please try not to HATE ME as I could not see hate in your eyes for me
Your bhaiya was a hero just like our dad but just I can’t be my father’s daughter
And ya please move on, please don’t waste your life as I did, request from your di
After reading the letter
Bhavya- why you do that di (crying)
Gauri- but we will still love you as always
Bhavya/ Gauri- we know you were wrong but whatever you did was for parental love or maybe revenge
Gauri- vaise bhaiya was really a hero
Bhavya- our di was also not less then a heroine
Gauri- truly said
Bhavya/ gauri-
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