Three Shot Competition (Level 2) Entry 4

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I asked from her…

What happened to him??

Saanchi your friend kabir is leaving this village for forever…


Yes Saanchi his papa is loading the stuff on the tempo they are going to the city by leaving this village forever…

I ran from there without thinking about my class…I passed lots of hurdle that was coming in my way to reach kabir….I fell down I got injured but didn’t stopped.

I reached to kabir’s house but it was too late they were already gone….I cried a lot I sat down on knees where I found his locket I kept that and I was staring of it…I rubbed the locket by my hand and my eyes was glistened by having that locket….I stands up and goes to school back.

Days passed nights passed months passed even year’s passed time passed like water flowing in the river….I grown up it was 15 years of leap.

It was new journey of my life…I applied for MBBS in SDCH and fortunately I got selected…I was ready for go but my mummy wasn’t ready to send me there at all…I was thinking how to get independence from this blunder….my mummy clearly denied….she started to find more relations for me….now this time she got success…Heeri mausii came to our home with another Rishta…

Yes heeri welcome. Sit now tell me…how is that family and boy…u got information about them na?? Seriously Heeri mausii u know na how I passed these years by having burden of a daughter??

Jaya yes I have full information about the family…he is a NRI boy from Canada.

My mummy’s eyes was glistened…really?? tell me something more about them..

Okay so listen his name is Ranveer Malhotra.

Ranveer…she repeated the name.

Yes his father name is Dr. Anand Malhotra…

His son also a doctor like him…now a days they are living in the Mumbai….



But if they are well educated family then why they will fixed their son’s alliance here??

Because they want Indian well educated and sanskarri girl like ur daughter Saanchi..

They find like that girl in everywhere they didn’t found girl like they want then I show them Saanchi pic and u know what?? They liked Saanchi by seeing her pic and they want to meet with u and want to see to Saanchi…she said last two lines with so much excitement.

A big smiled spread on my mummy jaya face. Is it true??


Ohh Heeri mausii I want to hug u.

They stood and hugged to each other..

Okay tell them we are agreed to meet with them…

Okay after that what’s their decision I’ll inform you by tomorrow…

Okay. After that she bid adieu to my mom and went…

I was witnessed all of their convo…I ran from there and reached to an isolated place on my village…there were one pond of water I sat down

I took the locked from my bag and tears were falling from my eyes.. I reminding all scenes which was captured with kabir…


Kabir don’t know but with all these days passed I started to feeling for you…I don’t know where are you…I don’t know when I will meet with you don’t knows u are remembering me or not…but kabir I don’t able to leave without u…u are my strength kabir I missed you I love you I don’t want to marry with someone else…

POV ends.

I started to feel for him in those 15 years not any single moment passed that I didn’t missed him…every time I remembered him his thoughts gave me encourage to move ahead in my life…his thought made me strong throughout those 15 years….he was always with me in my thoughts in my heart.. I was waiting to meet with him one day…sometimes I got angry on him that he went without informing me…but on the very recent moment I wasn’t control myself by not thinking about him..

Anyways… I reached home. At night.

Mummy came to me…and gave me bright smile…she sat beside me caressed my hears.

I looked at her.

Why r u looking like that??


Shuuu…Saanchi don’t talk more.

I stopped…

Saanchi Heeri mausii told me that ladke wale wants to meet you so beta be ready by morning and behave nicely with them.

But mummy I want to go SDCH for my graduation and I don’t want to get marry…

Saanchi beta u studied enough now it’s time to get married and settled in life with your own family.

I stands up…stop it mom. It is not my home you are not my family…I really need another family?? Why mom why?? Always one girl sacrifice her dreams?? Is it necessary?? I want to full fill my papa’s dream.

She stands and held my hand and slapped me tightly… to fulfill your father dream that has duty not your…because you are daughter and one daughter always others property…you will go to your husband’s house where they will allow to you to come with the name Saanchi Mishra??…No they will must be change your surname as according to their surname…when you haven’t your father’s surname then how will you proud him…kaise un ka naam roshan hoga?? Roshan toh tunare pati aur sasural walon ka naam goga na?? And only one son who is responsible to fulfill any fathers dreams because who is son…understand??

But I don’t want to marry with anyone??

Even not with kabir??

I shocked…kabir??

Yes kabir what u thought we cannot see dreams in your eyes for kabir…you love him.. Isn’t it??

I moved other side…my mom came front of me…tell me Saanchi don’t u love kabir….tell me.

Yes yes yes I love him bottom of my heart…I can’t think to marry anyone else…because I love him. But don’t I will with him?? I yelled and cried

So forget him…she said of directly…

I looked at her what??

Yes, kabir leaved u 15 years ago he forget you then why you are loving him just forget him…when he was going he informed you about it??…tell me he said anything to you…no…so why are you wasting of your energy and precious time by loving him…he doesn’t deserve it…okay you want study there na I will send you but before that you need to do engagement with Ranveer Malhotra I will own send u there I promise…

She promised me….I was confused between heart and mind…my mom manipulated me about kabir. And I was so foolish I came in her talks after all she was my mom. To whom I loved so much..

Mom fixed my engagement with Ranveer all rituals were went successfully…tears were welling from my eyes I wasn’t able to forget him so easily but my mind was saying something else to me….

Soon I reached Mumbai thanks to Ranveer he was working in same hospital where I assumed to study… infect in was his father Anand Malhotra’s hospital. Ranveer was just helping to his father in his hospital he was came here just few months for marriage…

I entered in the hospital where I was upstairs then my foot slept on that one pair of strong arms held me and saved me from falling…

Our eyes were met with each other…he was so handsome….we were lost in each other for few minutes….soon we interrupted by some noise….

He leaved me and without saying any word he went from there I was remained staring him…

After sometime we gathered in the conference where he was also there…

Ranveer introduced me to everyone..

Hello ladies and gentlemen’s I want to introduced to someone who has very special place in my life…he looked at me.. She is my fiancée Dr. Saanchi Mishra.

To hear my name that persons expressions was unexpected….tears start welling from his eyes.. I noticed but I was unable to understand why this is happening with him. Soon Ranveer met me with him.

Kabir…he called him he came to us.

Yes Ranveer.

You are my friend kabir don’t you want to meet with my happiness??


Ohh kabir meet my fiancée Dr. Saanchi Mishra.

Saanchi he is famous surgeon of our hospital.. Dr. Kabir Kapoor.

I looked at him I was completely dumbstruck…

He was looking at me with wet eyes.

Kabir…I murmured

You guys talk I’ll come back.

We were looking in each other’s eyes… my heart wasn’t believing in my eyes… my heart was saying just hug him and slap him..



You got engaged… congratulations…he said in a very tone with fake smile…I can easily see pain in his eyes…

Kabir please…

He went from there…

It was night he didn’t returned home…Kusum aunty called Ranveer for asking about kabir…I heard their convo… I was very worried about him.. Ranveer was going to find him I insist him that I will go with you . . . He agreed…

We went to find him but didn’t found him anywhere…just then I saw someone was sat on the roof of building…I rushed there… Ranveer was go for help.

Kabir what are you doing??

He looked at me..

Saanchi you here?? From how many years you are coming in my dreams….

I saw his condition he was drunk…

He was coming towards me…he was about to falling due to unbalance. I held him..

Kabir are you drunk??

Yes I drink…but what’s your matter in it?? Go to your fiancé…

Kabir why are you doing this??

I’ m not going to tell you… you forget that what you did with me 15 years ago??

I puzzled. What?? What I did with you??

To be continue…..

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