Three Shot Competition (Level 2 ) Entry 9

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Let’s begin….

Rohan shocked:but rocky is dead 2 month’s back

Sanskar looks on

Here Ragini goes to a cafe which is of Mr. Shah.. Ragini and aashi used to go there every free time!

Ragini sits behind confused she wasn’t understanding what to be done

Mr&Mrs. Shah sees her

Mrs.Shah:why God takes test of them everytime

Mr.shah:it’s already written by God and we are no one to question God is great.. But we can do one thing that is to pray to give strength to ragini and her problems should be solved soon and hope the culprit of aashi gets in to hostage soon..

They goes to ragini

Mrs.Shah caresses Ragini’s hair :don’t worry beta everything will be fine
Ragini looks at her and hugs her in sitting position.. She hugs her stomach

Ragini :why it happened to aashi aunty shah? Why? what sin did my aashi do?

Mr shah places ragini’s favourites chutney cheese grilled sandwich and cold coffee with chocolate sauce

Mr. Shah:see your favourite…

Ragini looks at him with tear filled eyes

Mr. Shah wipes her tears:listen kid.. Whatever happened we can’t change it right.. You know aashi doesn’t like when you stay sad! Here tho you are shedding tears for her.. I would tell you if you want to do something for aashi then live the life again and find her culprits and give justice to aashi!

Ragini smiles weakly

Ragini :how would i be able to? Case is getting more and more difficult

Mrs. Shah:khud pe barosa rakho(keep trust on youself)

Mr. Shah makes her eat!

A guy:aunty my locker isn’t opening..

Mrs. Shah:oh ho wait i will come..

Mr. Shah:and ragini.. From now there should be no sadness! If you stsy happy around aashi.. She would wake up from her sleep!

Ragini:ok now i will leave now!

Mr. Shah held her hand:can i get a chance to sing for you my young lady!

Ragini smiles

Mr. Shah sings:abhi na jao chod kar ke dil abhi baraa nahi..

Ragini:uncle shah!!!

Mr. Shah smiles :aate rehna…

A man of mid age was seeing Ragini

After she leaves the place.. He follows her

Ragini felt someone following her

She turns.. And the man to looks all sides but not Ragini

Ragini starts to move.. She helps the needy

Man clicks her one photo without her knowledge

He follows her till her home…

Ragini sees him she gets confused…

He smiles weakly

Ragini;are you following me?

He nods in no and smiles

Ragini gives a small smile

She was about to go

Man :what’s your name?

Ragini turns and gets confused:uncle?! (she smiles) Ragini

Man:i need to leave!

He goes…

Ragini had a confused smile setting his antics

She goes in

Here sanskar was going through some file regarding aashi’s case

He gets a call

He sees the caller id:not again??

He picks the call :ha dad!

And the man is revealed to be Sanskar’s dad Ram

Ram :beta guess kar mein kya dhoond kar aaya hoon(son guess what i have searched and came)

Sanskar :dad i am busy.. You know i am working on a case and again you….

Ram:listen to me once son i know but try to… Ok i will send her photo

Sanskar:bye dad.. And i am not…

Ram interrupted :once after seeing her you will change……. (sanskar had disconnected the call) kaat diya(disconnected) ??whatever but this time you should bend for me i have selected my daughter in law ??

Same day

Ragini was in her office..

She was been supported by her colleague’s and boss to over come the situation.. She hardly gets time to go office… She is now way back to her home..

She reach her home

Ragini gets a call

Ragini picks.. :hello

Caller:if you want to know about your sisters culprit then come to old road’s.. Closed oil mill now and dare you inform anyone you may lose your sister

Call got disconnected

Ragini :who is…?

She goes in her home

Ragini was confused.. Should she go or not

The nurse who was taking care of aashi :mam.. Can i go now.. As there’s my kid waiting for me

Ragini nods.. She goes..

Ragini wanted to go but how?

Siddharth comes there :ragini?! How’s aashi?

Ragini looks at aashi?!

He sees her worried

Sid:dont worry aashi will be fine

Ragini:siddharth? Can you do one thing for me?

Sid:Ragini any problem?

Ragini :actually i need to go for an urgent meeting.. Can you stay with aashi?!

Sid:why are you asking me? I wil!
He smiles

Ragini:after whatever happened.. I could only trust sid..

Sid smiles :thankyou so much for keeping this trust on me ragini

Ragini smiles genuinely at him.. He smiles back

And ragini goes from there picking up her bag.. Sid locks the door

Sid goes to aashi and sits next to her…

He held her hand and sadly :i am missing you so much aashi.. Mauth dena chaa raha tha par tum bach nikli kya mila Mauth se bhi bhattar(wanted to give you a death but you escaped but what you got more than a death)

Here ragini was going to old road where no one goes….

She sees someone following her!

Here sid:aaj tumhari behen tumhari karmon ke phal bhugtegi! (after a pause) jaaaan… (today your sister will go through your deeds)

A long tear passes from her eyes

Sid wipes her tears:you should not cry! I feel really pity on you… It’s the truth.. If you hadn’t listen my talks today everything was fine…

Here ragini wasn’t understanding what to do…. She increases her speed

And then she sees the car was left behind

She reach the old mill….

She was scared but still she would go any extent to give justice to her sister’s

When she was about to move the same car stops infront of her

Ragini was scared

Here sid:but i won’t kill your sister directly because i want have fun with her… After all she is damn hot

Sid:ch ch ch… But aashi can’t do anything hai na! Your body got locked.. Hmm but where you kept the memory card! You have kept a evidence against me! Hmm.. I was thinking which organ i will take from Ragini.. If you suggest it would be great! Heart? Eyes? Kidney? Suggest na!

He laughs:listen with whom i am talking.. Who is no more less than a doll

Sid: heart is best.. Hai na? Don’t doubt me i wont leave you alone.. I have to take your cute cute eyes which once saw me with love… And i have to remove the heart which once beaten for me.. I have to remove the brain which once had engrossed in my thoughts.. I have to remove your lungs.. Which once skipped to work when i proposed you…

He laughs.. :if you haven’t listened my talks!


Aashi was shocked to find sid talking to someone.. About t selling the organ’s and rocky was also the victim

She takes out her phone and records it.. She couldn’t see another person…

After recording it she slowly was about to go from there

Without wasting a time she goes from there!

Sid sees in the cc camera’s about aashi’s recording

He understood as aashi got to know everything

He calls her continuously

Here aashi:Thank you akhil.. If you haven’t made me…

Akhil:it’s ok… But i shouldn’t be involved in this.. I saw him killing rocky.. If he gets to know that i helped you then he will kill me

Aashi:don’t worry you won’t be dragged.. And this time he can’t be saved…

Akhil:you should keep the proofs in safe

Aashi:but where will i keep

Akhil:you should submit it to police

Aashi:ha you are right… But it’s in my home now.. Please can you help me once more! Please

Akhil thinks:ok… But i will be coming with rocky’s car.. I have a spare key of his car! And i am only doing this for my friend!

Aashi:thanks again…

Aashi goes home she keeps the key in a plant pot.. Which she placed a chip..she copied it to another chip if in case she missed it

And she goes with akhil in rocky’s car by lying to her sister

And when she went away! And when they were near to the police station

Few goons were standing there!

Akhil turns the car to other side

But they were held in 4 sides

Goons drag them out

Siddharth comes there and grabs aashi’s phone…

He laughs and destroys it…

Akhil was struggling to run away goons hit him

Siddharth :jaan… Too good.. You know…

He took her to the old mill

Siddharth :you would have not imagined in your wildest dream too

Aashi :siddharth please leave me

Sid:no how can i? I got you with most difficulty

Aashi:please sid.. You were doing wrong.. You are wrong for money you can’t fall this low…

Sid moves forward..

Aashi moves back being scared:please!

She was been r*ped by him and his goons..

Siddharth threatened akhil.. To take Rohan’s name.. Being scared akhil agreed!

Aashi was dropped in a scrap car!

Fb ends

Sid:bechaara akhil.. He is in my target list.. He is safe until i won’t make sure rohan finds guilty!

Here Ragini was shocked to see the person


The person was revealed to be sanskar

Sanskar gets down his car

Sanskar:what are you doing here?

Ragini :i.. I..
She remembers the caller’s threaten

Ragini:it’s none of your business

She goes back to her scooty

Sanskar held her arm and turns towards :what did you just say? The case is going more and more long.. And you are playing none of my business have you lost it?

Ragini:i came here to meet my friend?!

Sanskar smiles sarcastically :let me see which friend of yours want to meet in this unsafe place! And now spill the truth..

Ragini pushes his hand angrily:what truth you want? In these 10 days could you find my sister’s culprit.. To investigate that scrap car you took almost a week.. Did you get something?! You got hold of rohan akhil did you get some proof? Hai koi jawaab(is there any answer)

Sanskar just looks at her

Ragini :even you couldn’t trace aashi’s phone then how could i expect you to find the culprits of aashi!

She was about to go

San:you need answer’s right.. I will tell you everything.. But for now tell me why are you here!

Ragini :i got a call!


Ragini:to know about aashi’s culprit

Sanskar :have you lost it?everytime why you do something like this? In akhil’s case you went alone? Tumhe kuch ho jata tho mein.. (if something happened to you.. Then i….)

Ragini :there’s someone
She points to a direction

Sanskar looks at the direction…

He checks but there was none

Sanskar:there’s no one here.. Come let’s go back

Ragini:no i would not go without knowing the culprits about aashi

Sanskar angrily :ok then stay here..

Ragini goes in

Sanskar moves to his car.. He opens the door but puts it back…

He enters the mill.. But he couldn’t see Ragini anywhere

Sanskar gets worried :ragini?!

He shouts:Ragini…

Ragini was right behind the wall who was captured by a goon and he has covered her mouth

Ragini struggles


He takes out his gun… And looks around

Sanskar could listen some sound it was Ragini’s anklets
She was struggling and was deliberately making sounds so that he gets to know!

Goon pulls ragini back but he himself couldn’t move from there? Why?

Because sanskar have held him from back?

Goon leaves ragini

Sanskar punches him.. It was enough to make the goon unconscious

Then few more goons comes..

Sanskar beats them all black and blue…

A goon was about to attack him from back.. By rod

Ragini immediately :sanskar….

Sanskar held the rod without turning but his gaze was fixed on Ragini…

Ragini was worried for him
Ragini takes a big sign of relief!

Sanskar hits the goon…

Sanskar somewhere was happy

Goons runs from there… Sanskar finds a goons phone.. He takes it

Sanskar:you ok?

Ragini nods..

Ragini sees his hand bleeding

She moves to him and pulls his hand

San:no that’s fine

Ragini takes the kerchief and ties around his palm

Sanskar was looking at ragini.. There was an unknown happiness in his eyes

They then goes out

Ragini was shocked to see her scooty all broken

Ragini:who did this?

Sanskar :may be your friends

Ragini gives him a quick glare

San in mocking tone:what? You only said you came to meet your friend.. But got to see many friends of yours!

Ragini looks other side

Sanskar opens the car door for her

Ragini goes and sits..

He too sits in the car…

He drives…

While driving sanskar:i can expect a thanks!

Ragini :i can expect a sorry

He looks at her unbelievable.. He was about to ask why?

Ragini:if you had believed my words when I told you there’s someone

San:oh really you came to meet your friend right.. I thought it would be your friends who wants to play hide & seek with you

Ragini looks other side

Sanskar :anyways sorry!

Ragini didn’t say anything

Sanskar clears his throat

Ragini wasn’t bothered

Sanskar:now i can expect thanks and a sorry too

Ragini :why should i?

Sanskar was about to speak

Ragini:it was your duty to save the public

San:oh ya thankyou so much for making me remember about my duty!

After sometime they reach Ragini’s house

Ragini gets down the car :thankyou…

She goes

Sanskar smiles….

Ragini rings the bell siddharth opens the door and was shocked to see ragini

Sanskar was seeing it…

Sid:Ragini you…

Ragini :ha… What happened

He fake smiles :no.. No nothing

Ragini enters the home

Siddharth:i need to leave

Ragini:ok and thanks

Siddharth comes out

Ragini locks the door

Sid was angry

Sanskar was suspicious about him

Sid moves to his car

Sanskar could see him clearly

Siddharth calls someone..

Here the goons mobile which was with sanskar.. Starts to ring

Sanskar sees the caller id ‘boss’

He looks at siddharth!

To be continued…….

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