Three Shot Competition (Level 1 ) Entry 14

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His life is just a burden for him , he is a mere lifeless body , his soul is shattered , his heart is broken , his soul is full of scars and deep wounds that seems impossible to heal , his exisitance is a mere question mark ? His Smile lost behind the darkness his life had invaded , there seems no possible way out of that darkness.

But then she comes to ignite the fire of emotions and feeling’s in him , she is the one to guide him out of the darkness though her own past had left such scars on her souls that had no one to look after and heal them but those scars makes her more beautiful , her past is heart wrenching but that still isn’t successful to snatch her beautiful smile.

He is scared to be with her cause he fears to loose her in the darkness of his own life while she is determined to ignite a fire in his dark life , she will once again make him cherish the beautiful gift of life but was the path so easy ahead ?

Will she become his REHNUMA ?

The one who will stand by him when no one wanted to be a part of his life ? Will she become is rehnuma when he had gave up on himself ?

Let’s Join Twinj in their Journey of finding their Rehnuma.


Screen is focused on a Lavish Mansion , it’s beautiful and elegant , interior of the house is beautiful and eye catching.

A beautiful girl was shown wearing beautiful white kurti with pink leggings and pink duppata , she was wearing small silver jhumkas , her wrists adorned with pink bangles enhancing her beauty and elegance.

She was revealed to be twinkle who was standing infront of her wicked aunt Anita having tear’s in her eye’s.

Anita was taunting her , Twinkle’s eye’s turned glassy but there was no ends to Anita’s taunt.

A:Ugggh Twinkle ! Just cause of you everything get’s ruined , why you alway’s comes between my daughter Maya’s happiness (pointing toward’s Maya who was faking innocence and was faking crocodile tear’s) first your mother snatched my happiness and now you are ready to to snatch my innocent daughter’s happiness , you are orphan and still whoever comes to see Maya for their son ends up asking your hand 

You know what you are a bad omen for my daughter just get lost from here , Don’t show your face again.

[Twinkle was 8 year’s old when RT died but Leela took care of her but wasn’t able to save their property from Anita but still Anita wasn’t able to throw them out of TANEJA MANSION cause of Twinkle and Maya’s Dadi , when twinkle was 20 Leela died and after that Anita started treating twinkle as a maid but infront of dadi never said her a word but unfortunately Dadi passed away few month’s back and Anita’s tortures turned worst

She didn’t let her continue her career after Leela’s and Dadi’s death , made her do every work of House and the worst thing turned out to be was when her only support had to leave for London for 2 year’s but that didn’t effected there relationship a bit but they missed eachother a lot]

Twinkle was completely broken and shattered by now , Anita held her hand angrily , pushed her out of house and closed the door without even glancing at the poor innocent soul.

A: I just wish that this bad omen never comes back to destroy my innocent daughter’s life (caressing Maya’s face)

Outside Taneja Mansion , Twinkle was about to fall on floor when someone held before she could touch the ground , she opened her eye’s to see the most familiar face to her whom she wished to be with forever , without thinking much she hugged the person standing infront of her tightly breaking down completely.

” Kun…Kunnjjj” 

Twinkle spoke while sobbing in his arms , kunj took her in his warm embrace slowly caressing her back to calm her down , He was confused what happened suddenly to her , He was here to pick her up as they were leaving for a meeting today.

Twinkle was working with kunj for now since almost two year’s, in these two year’s she had changed him into a complete new person , the one who had never cared about himself and his emotions now knew how to express his feeling.

She had filled that void called “LOVE” in his life but there was still something that was holding him back , without even knowing his past she was changing him for good , her once Sadu Boss was now her FRIEND , her REHNUMA..

Yes Mr Kunj Sarna aka Sadu Sarna had changed for better but still his past had become a dark shadow on his life , He might not be strict as before with others but was it same with himself ? He need someone beside him who can hold his hand and led him in this darkness.

And when she knew his past she knew she is never gonna leave his side , she had unknowingly fallen for her Sadu Sarna and even he did but his past is holding him back to accept his feelings , He had created a wall around himself that held his feeling’s caged and she intend to break that wall to even of she hurts her cause she had started loving him more than herself.

Kunj after a while broke the hug and wiped the tears that were hiding hundred unsaid word’s and pain , He asked politely cupping her face.

“Twinkle , What happened ? Why are you crying ? “

kunj asked looking at twinkle who was still sobbing , she looked at him and spoke in a broken tone.

” K..kunj “

She could not complete her words due to crying , she was sobbing badly , Anita’s word’s were like piercing her soul , she wanted to erase them from her memories but they were again and again hitting her eardrums hurting her.

Kunj knew something had happened that made her broke so badly , He knew it could be Anita and the thought of Anita hurting her made him fist his hand , after so long he had got someone in his life who had made him smile and stood beside him and he can’t afford to loose her.

Twinkle composing herself and trying to hide her pain from kunj spoke trying to divert his attention to which she failed miserably.

” Oh God Kunj ! We are getting late for the meeting and even you didn’t remind me ? Come we should leave or else we will miss it ” 

Twinkle said and started walking but soon enough she was pulled back with his firm grip on her hand , her front touched his , they were dangerously close to eachother merely an inch gap between them.

” Whom are you trying to lie twinkle ? Are you trying to hide your emotions from me ? “

Twinkle avoided his gaze knowing he will come to know about what happened but kunj held her chin and made her look at him.

” Meeting is cancelled “

” Okay then you should leave , will see you tomorrow at office “

Twinkle replied avoiding his gaze so he would leave , she didn’t intended to make him aware of her helpless and vulnerable state but little did she knew in last two years they had bonded such that he knows her more than she knew herself , she don’t need to put her emotions into word’s cause he can read them through her eyes.

In last two years they had bonded with one of the most purest relationship that exists in world.

They were bound together by their friendship , friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.

Love binds two heart’s together but friendship binds two Heart’s , two soul’s and two mind’s together for forever and eternity 

A bond created by love can easily be broken and can also healed but once broken in friendship it’s impossible to reconcile cause not just your heart is broken but the bond of two soul’s and mind is also ripped apart.

Love and Friendship do exists together ! Wanna know why ?

Cause where love leaves you in tear’s friendship is there to put up a Smile on your face.

She tried to move away from his embrace but failed miserably as he held her more close to him and spoke.

” Okay then you are coming along me , it’s already 5 at evening and you won’t get a place to stay “

Twinkle looked at him bewildered , was he a mind reader ? 

” I am not a mind reader for other but surely for you “

Kunj spoke with a slight chuckle surprising her more , He can read her eye’s , the way she avoided his gaze and tried to avoid him made it clear she was trying to keep him away from her miseries , He felt hurt at her this gesture but he knew she was to fragile this moment to analyse what could hurt anyone around her when she herself was miserably wounded.

He held her hand in his and lead her towards his car without more word’s and she gave into whatever he was doing because she knew he would do the best for her which she can’t even do for herself.

Their friendship wasn’t a long term friendship of years that people would admire but yes it was admirable for them cause they chose to be with eachother at the moment when he was broken and she was miserable , they had held eachother at the time when they were to fragile to hold themselves those moments.

All the while car ride was silent but even that silence held peace and assurance by eachother to be by their sides always , car came to a halt infront of a huge , lavish mansion infront of which Taneja Mansion was nothing , it was three times bigger that mansion and beautiful that everyone dream for.

They came out of the car and made their way inside the mansion , it was beautiful and luxurious , a servant came as soon as kunj came , kunj instructed him to get a room prepared for twinkle to which he immediately nodded and went on to for it.

” Kunj ! It’s okay you don’t need to do all this for me , I will manage “

” Seriously twinkle I don’t need to do this , I can’t do anything infront of what you had done for me , it’s nothing and you only said I am your best friend so I have all rights to do this Ms Twinkle Taneja “

Twinkle just nodded her head having a slight smile on her face , she knew that day wasn’t far away when those walls that she had created around himself will be broken.

Twinkle went to the room that had been cleaned for her which was right beside Kunj’s room , Kunj asked a servant to get dinner prepared and send in his room.

Twinkle’s Room

Twinkle had changed into comfy clothes that had been provided by a maid as ordered by Kunj , she was lost in her own thoughts and Anita’s word’s when there was a knock on her rooms door and in came kunj with a tray filled with food.

“Kunj you here ?”

” Naah my bhoot ” (chuckling) ” Come siyappa queen have your food I am sure you are not less than a bhooki sherni (hungry lion) this moment “

” Haww Kunj ! You called me bhooki Sherni , Wait I won’t leave you ” 

Twinkle held a pillow and aimed at kunj to which he escaped chuckling but next hit him right at his face making him stumble , thankfully he had kept the tray of food aside.

” Siyappa Queen , Now who will save me from you “

Twinkle was giggling after hitting him and ran to save herself from his attacks while Kunj mumbled gritting his teeth and ran after her , both were running after each other like kids and fighting with pillows , servants who heard their laughter and giggles echoing in a silent mansion was Suprised or say shocked seeing smiling and laughing kunj.

They were holding a single pillow and pulling towards themselves and in their fight the pillow tore away and feathers few in the air , they looked at eachother wide eyed and then rolled on the bed laughing laying beside eachother.

After composing themselves they sat on bed , Kunj stood up and settled food tray infront of twinkle and gestured her to eat.

” I am not hungry “

Kunj raised his eyebrow at her and then himself forward her a morsel of food , she looked at him while he gestured her to eat , this time without any argument she ate , Like this Kunj was feeding her whole time without even caring to eat.

Kunj again forward her a morsel but this time twinkle stopped him , kunj looked at her confuse , she made him eat the morsel he was holding for her like this they were feeding eachother.

Once they were done feeding eachother kunj held her hand and asked her to follow him while servant will clean twinkle’s room , He took her to the open terrace of that had a big garden , a small pool and surrounded by trees.

It’s simplicity and peacefulness was enhancing the beauty of environment , well not to be mentioned the weather outside was breezy , it was drizzling making environment more serene and romantic.

They sat near the pool dipping their feets in water enjoying the serene weather , their was complete silence when kunj spoke with an irritation.

“Will you turn up your volume ? “

Twinkle looked at him surprised and then narrated all the incident of morning making Kunj fist his hand in order to control his anger , Twinkle was sobbing badly remembering Anita’s word’s which pinched Kunj badly , he wiped her tear’s nodding his head in No and then to change her mood he teased her..

” Haww Twinkle “

” What Kunj ? “

(suppressing his laughter) “If you will cry like this na then surely you will look like a Chudail “

” Haww (hitting him on his chest) How dare you ? How dare you say me a Chudail “

” Areh ! but I said na right only (giggling) ” 

” Huh ! you are so bad , I won’t talk to you now ever , i will go leaving you “

Kunj pulled twinkle close with a jerk and spoke with red teary eye’s looking at her intensely and spoke in a broken yet painful tone.

” Don’t ever say this , Else I will di (die) “

Before he could complete twinkle kept her hand on his mouth stopping him from saying futher , she rested her forehead against his and spoke assuring him.

” I Won’t ever leave you and that’s your twinkle’s promise ” 

Kunj hugged her tightly at the thought of losing her forever while twinkle hugged him back caressing his back and hair’s to calm him down.

There journey had just started , it’s full of obstacles and pain but they are sure that they aren’t gonna leave eachothers side at any cost , let’s join them in their Journey of finding their REHNUMA in eachother.

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