Truth of life and death

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  • Everone have theit own views for life.. 

For some people life is fun. For them, life means to enjoy everything in your life as much as you ….

For some people ‘life is serious ‘.They used to think seriously about their life and career.These kind of people are mostly materialistic and mostly see the proftable side of life… 

For some people ‘ life is burden’ …They are the people who are just spending their life for their children,for their spouses, for society, etc etc….

For some people ‘ life is journey’. They think that they just need to to travel it until they reach their destination i.e. Death….

But according to me, ‘life consist all the  phrases… 

My view for life is as follows :-

Years passing by like a moving cloud, 

Until the very end, when we get our shroud. 

Their is no one who lives forever, 

Everyone has to go, if he is whatever. 

Being good, your grave is lovliest forever ,

But being bad, your grave is worst than ever.

Observe the creativity of this world, 

And try to fly like beautiful bird. 

Live every moment like your last, 

Step over the stairs to complete every task. 

Try to listen your scream before passing the cloud,

Try to fulfill your wishes and dreams before having your shroud………

So friends, in the end I just wanna say that ‘life is too short stay awake for it’.. Not even a second is not going to wait for anyone or anything. So guys complete your all the dreams, desires before your time get finish. Realise your duties towards your loved ones especially your parents. Guys they are they people who spend the most beautiful phrase of their for you and completing your duties.. But in return they just want some love and respect from us,not more than that. They are not interested in your bank balance. They get happy from your achievements in your life… Their love is completely unconditional.. So if you want toserve your life for someone, then choose your parents for that.Because one day they chose you over their all their happiness……

So share your views for life in comment box…..

See in my next article..

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  1. Priyu

    Yep I agree with you. Parents stay with us no matter who leaves us. They never love us for conditions like others. If we fall in love with someone and fail , it’s our parents who will teach us how to get up and move on because their love for us is real and never ending. Sometimes we get angry with them for silly reason but later we realize that and regret. .. Nice article by you. Good luck

    1. AHAM123

      Yes you are ryt Priyu… And thnxx for your comment and support. Good luck to you too….. ?

  2. Nyc thoughts my dear..keep it up??

    1. AHAM123

      Thnxxx Naghma dear?

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