Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Kajol collides with Dr. Anurag in Arjun’s party

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 8th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajol, Chachaji and Apu bringing Vishu home from the hospital. Guru ji thinks he shall be fine and his death shall be ignored. They ask how did he fall? Vishu makes an excuse that he had fallen down in the pit. Kajol tells that his heart rhythmis not good and has high blood pressure. His wife says you didn’t go to Doctor since many days. Vishu tells that he will go after marriage day. Kajol tells that Dr. Anurag asked them to get his tests done at the earliest. Someone identifies Dr. Anurag and says he charges 5000 Rs for his consultation. Kajol says Dr. Anurag saved Baba, but he is arrogant. Pishimaa says we don’t have to give our daughter to him. Naina blames Kajol for Vishu’s ill health. Kajol asks him to scold her tomorrow and let Baba rest now.

Uttam and his goons talk about giving loan to Vishu and then stealing the money from him. They laugh. Vishu calls Uttam and tells that the money which he gave is stolen and asks him to relieve the interest. Uttam refuses. Kajol comes to the room. Vishu ends the call. Kajol asks him to have food and says that doctor gave strong medicine to you. He says it seems my mother is born as you. Kajol asks him to have diet food until he gets fine. He thinks of Arjun’s father threat and asks her to take care of Arjun like taking care of him. He says husband and wife shall have a good understanding and says he will keep you very happy.

Tai ji tells the Servants that he don’t want anything to go wrong in today’s party. Arjun’s mother comes there and asks if she called everyone for the party. Tai ji says she has invited everyone except Kajol’s family. Arjun’s mother says they don’t match with our status. Arjun talks to Kajol on call and asks her to come to the party. Kajol says Baba is unwell and met with an accident, and tells that some doctor saved him and took him to hospital. Arjun says you would have told me yesterday. Kajol says I couldn’t come to the party. Arjun says I will cancel the party. Apu snatches phone from her hand and runs. Naina takes the phone and asks why Kajol refused. Arjun says she doesn’t want to give time. He talks to Vishu and asks how is he? Vishu says I am fine. Arjun asks them to come to the party. Vishu says we can’t come, but the kids will come. Arjun says the theme is retro and talks to Kajol and says he has surprise for her. Shreya comes there and asks if she knows what is retro theme. Arjun says that’s why I sent her clothes to keep my prestige. She shows the saree. He gets closer to her.

Kajol’s family likes the saree sent by Arjun. They convince Kajol to come to the party. Later in the evening, Kajol comes to the party with her siblings. Arjun comes to her and says gorgeous. Kajol thanks him for the saree. Kajol greets Arjun’s parents. Arjun’s mother asks him to make Kajol feel comfortable. Arjun introduces her to his friends as his better half. Shreya gets jealous and upset.

Pishimaa tells that it is good that Kajol went to the party. Rajesh comes there. Arjun’s mother tells that they are all young and age is just the number. Dr. Anurag comes with his parents to the party. Amrita hugs Anurag and says the theme is retro and you came just like that. His mother says atleast he agreed to come. Arjun’s father asks him about his practice. Dr. Anurag says he is good. Arjun’s mother says you are top cardiologist. Arjun’s father asks if he is printing the notes. Dr. Anurag says I have to, as I have to give competition to you. Arjun tells his friends that Kajol sings well. Kajol says not now. Amrita comes and asks Kajol to come. Shreya comes and takes Arjun with her. Kajol looks on and collides with Dr. Anurag. She calls him, but he ignores her and goes. Arjun’s father introduces Dr. Anurag’s parents, Dr. Abhishek and his wife Sharmila to Kajol. He says they are busy people, and it is happy moment for us as they come to the party. Kajol touches their feet. Sharmila asks where is the groom? Shreya tells Arjun that she limited herself away from him due to the guests and asks him to cheers the drink with her.

Precap: Kajol sings a song. Anurag watches her. Shreya tells Kajol that they have to live together now and insists her to have some drink. After drinking, Kajol feels intoxicated.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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