Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 7th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Kajol breaks her relation with Anurag

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 7th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajol crying seeing Vishu’s pic. Anurag is happy and over the moon thinking about Kajol. He thinks to call her once and asks about her size of ring. He calls her. Pishimaa is about to pick the call, but Kajol stops her and continues crying. Anurag thinks Kajol might be busy in Naina’s marriage arrangements. He calls her again. He talks to his mother and tells that she is always ready to help, though her family talks bad about her. He calls her again and says pick the call, I want to buy ring of your choice. He thinks you are liar and now not picking the call. He gets a call and tells that he is coming. He thinks to leave a message for Kajol. He messages her I love you. Kajol checks the message and gets upset. She thinks she has more responsibility on herself and shall not care if he stays in her life or not. Anurag checks for Kajol’s message and thinks she must be feelings shy. He thinks to buy ring of his choice first. He comes to the hospital and thanked the saleswomen for waiting for him. He asks them to show the ring for simple and special girl. They show him the ring. He selects one and imagines Kajol disliking it. He picks another and shows to imaginary Kajol. She nods no. Anurag says I am disappointed and don’t like any rings. They show the expensive ring of 2.5 carat. Anurag shows the ring to Kajol. She nods yes. He asks them to pack it. The saleswoman says ok.

Pishimaa tells that she will go and check Kajol. Chandana says bring her down, she will have something. Kajol comes there and tells that she is going to office. Chandana asks her not to curse herself, for whatever happened. Kajol asks why bad things happens with me. Chandana hugs her. Naina thinks she is acting as if she doesn’t know about Priyanka and him. Kajol leaves. Naina taunts Kajol and says don’t know if she lied before or now. Pishimaa asks her to remember before telling anything that the things can change. Naina says you are cursing me for her, and says you both got on Kajol’s side even though so much happened. Anurag hopes everything is fine and thinks to go to printing press and meet her. He thinks to take sweets for her.

Kajol thinks she has to keep her family happy. Anurag comes there and asks why she didn’t reply to his calls and message. She says I will not reply to any of your calls and says I will not talk to you or meet you. She says everything is over between us.

Priyanka and her mother talk that how things will go on? Priyanka says Kajol is innocent, but we have to check on her. She says I will confess my feelings to Anurag, just as I get the chance. Anurag comes behind Kajol and asks what do you say? Kajol says it is over between us. He says I am Anurag and asks what is the matter. He asks if someone told you anything. Kajol says nobody told me anything and says atleast you should have told me the truth. Anurag asks what truth? Kajol asks him to go. Anurag says there is a misunderstanding and says I don’t know what to talk in love, and you might have felt bad. He says don’t hurt my feelings, I love you so much. He says I was going to US, but you stopped me and told that you will give a chance to our relation. He says I was thinking about you all night and you are saying its all over. He asks her for the reason. Kajol says you are asking reason from me, by acting innocent and asks him not to waste her time. He says I…Kajol is about to go. Her dupatta gets stuck in his button. She frees it and looks at him. She goes with tears in her eyes. Anurag turns and looks at her.

Precap: Anurag says, Kajol must answer. I am going to her home. Priyanka asks what will you do by going to her home? He says, I will talk to her. She says no, there must be a lot of guests, wedding preps are going on. She then gets quiet realizing what she said. He asks how do you know? Kajol is crying in her room. Anurag comes to her.

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    Ishita said that Anjol will reconcile and that their misunderstandings will be cleared, but they are shooting episodes a bit ahead of the telecast, so we’ll probably have to wait a bit for that. More cute Anjol scenes are on their way. I’m happy!

    1. R.J

      can’t wait for anjol scenes

  2. R.J

    anjol scene in anurag imagination , tbh i am waiting for a slap by pishimoni or pishimaa ( maybe didamaa) to priyanka for creating misunderstanding between anjol.

  3. I just saw the episode and suprisingly it was very nice and beautiful. I was thinking it would be all sad , but I actually really liked all the Anjol scenes, including the confrontation scene. The ring selection scene was adorable and both actors were amazing with their expressions. The end confrontation scene was also done really well. I liked how Anurag put his foot down a bit and demanded a conversation. Hoping that their differences are resolved soon, though I’m guessing it’s going to take at least 1-2 weeks for that to happen. At least the episode wasn’t as disappointing and negative as I thought it would be.

  4. Juliet Elechi

    Please written make ur written reasonable.i don’t need kajoi tears anymore let them her open up to anurag first let see the sweet part of it please what is all this this particular one I don’t like it please make it sweet

  5. I totally AGREE w Juliet n RJ – pls stop showing Kajol playing the Victim Card!!:-(( She is a strong n popular actress – pls give some substance to Kajol/Ishita Dutta – if this continue- she crying ALL THE TIME – I n my frens will STOP watching this series – though we like watching Kajol n Anurag 🙂

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