1st Epi – Dhadkan 6th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Deepika performs a bypass surgery

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The Episode starts with Deepika waiting on the roads near her car. Two guys pass by and stop seeing her. They offer help and check her car. They start her car and check the engine front. They comment on the lady driver forgetting to change the oil. She hears them talking. She says fan fuse is blown off, problem isn’t in the engine, but radiator. The guy asks why did you ask for help if you knew it. She asks did I ask for help. She goes and meets someone. The man comes and says its my car. The guys say sorry, we thought its her car. She leaves in the other car. The guys leave. At FMS hospital, the guy Dr Abhay Sathe studies some book. He says I m assisting the chief, I have to impress him, then maybe he becomes my mentor, it can make my career, this surgery is very imp for me, wish me luck. Sia asks him to make her proud, its his girlfriend saying this. He goes to see the patient Nirmala. He engages her in the talks. She gets injected. She smiles. He asks about whom were you thinking, your daughter didn’t come. She says she is in Bangalore.

He asks why. She says she had called, but couldn’t come. He prepares Nirmala for the surgery. He sees Deepika coming with Dr. Chakravorty. He says I m assisting you for the surgery. Dr. Chakravorty says Deepika will assist me in this surgery, didn’t you see the chart. Abhay gets angry seeing the chart. He says sorry, I didn’t know. Chakravorty says its okay, Deepika is a visiting surgeon in our hospital, she will assist me. Abhay goes. His friend asks how was the surgery. Sia asks you here, what about the surgery. Abhay says it will happen without me, Deepika will assist chief. His friend asks how can she takeover. Sia says its okay, maybe chief took a last minute call. Abhay says it was so imp for me. She says sorry. He says sorry, you know Aai’s situation, if anything happens to her. She says I m sure aunty will see you as a big success.

Chakravorty asks Deepika to lead, he will assist her, he wants to see how much knowledge she has grown till now, think of it as a test. Deepika says it is a test, isn’t it. He says yes. They operate on Nirmala. Peroz asks who is this Deepika. Dr. Wasim Ansari hears them talking and says she is Deepika Sinha, visiting surgeon, she knows Dr. Chakravorty well, closely, some girls play their cards well, public is ready to lose, right. He shows the chart. He says I forgot to put the right chart, I will put it now, sorry you got insulted because of me, I didn’t steal your surgeries, go and stare Deepika in anger, she would be leaving from OT, go and get her kundali. Peroz says I will see Ansari. Abhay says I have to find out Deepika’s relation with Chakravorty. Deepika and Chakravorty finish the surgery. He praises her. She says thanks for giving me this chance, else everyone was calling me a failure. He says I will be glad if you join this hospital, I m your Guru and know you well. She asks will you give me a job here. He says I want to, but its tough, you were fired from your job, there is politics in every office, I will try my best to convince them that you deserve this job, I can’t promise. She says I have to clean my name and reputation, I need this job. He says I see you and get reminded of a strong tree, who tolerates every storm and stays blossoming. She thanks him. He holds her hand and says give me time, I will talk to HR. Abhay sees them. He stops Deepika.

He says we met last night. She asks him to monitor the patient. She goes. Ansari attends a patient. She asks him to stop it, can she get a senior doctor. He says seniors are busy, sit, I will check. Peroz comes and asks is there a problem. She says yes. He says you look so pale. He examines her. He asks Ansari to leave. Ansari leaves. Abhay says you won’t go anywhere for 20 years, welcome back, take some rest, you are fine. Nirmala doesn’t respond. Abhay worries and shouts. Deepika says I asked you to talk to me, what happened to the patient, she is seizing. He says she isn’t shivering. She treats Nirmala. She asks him about Nirmala’s medical history. She says I m giving her antidote, you wait for Chakravorty, I will follow my gut feeling, oxygen level is getting low. He says she can die, you won’t do anything, how can you be so sure, you won’t do anything until I come back. He runs to get Nirmala’s registration papers. He calls Sonal. He fails to connect. Deepika recalls the past. He goes to the room and asks the helper Sushma about Nirmala. Nirmala gets critical. Sushma says I can’t tell anything. He asks her to say the truth, did Nirmala take any drugs. Sushma cries and says yes. She shows the pills to him. She says Nirmala asked me not to tell anyone. He gets shocked. He runs to Nirmala. He sees her lying calm. He sees the syringe kept there. He sees the stable vitals. He gets relieved.

Deepika pukes in the washroom. Abhay looks at her. He leaves for home. He comes home. He sees his mentally-ill mother and cries. He hugs her. Malvi tai says you did the surgery well, I m glad to meet you after many years, did you speak at home. Deepika says I sometimes call them, mum answers sometimes, but doesn’t talk, its been ten years now, find a guy and settle down. Deepika says many girls don’t handle the demanding job along with the household, I loved him, he also loved me, he would have adjusted if he wanted, its not about love, but respect. She goes.

She recalls her boyfriend. She walks on the road. Abhay searches about Sonal and writes a mail to her. Its morning, Chakravorty calls Deepika and says you got the job. She thanks him. She says I promise, I will take care, no one questions you for supporting me. He says promise me, you will stay the same, you won’t change, I don’t want you to lower your esteem and work. She thanks him. He says you will have four junior residents under you. She says ease out when you introduce me to them. He says okay, leave that to me. She says done, when am I joining. He says today, right now. She smiles and says okay. Peroz and Ansari have an argument. Abhay shows the pills to Nirmala and asks what’s all this, why do you take these pills, did any doctor prescribe you. She says no, I get it from chemist. He says its illegal to have these without prescription, if anything happened to you then… He asks what would happen, I would have died, how does it matter. He asks why are you taking these pills. He says mind gets calm, I feel good. She cries. He asks why did Sonal leave you alone, I know how it feels when someone dear leaves you and goes away, its better to find yourself in loneliness than getting lost in crowd.

Sonal comes there and meets Nirmala. She cries and says I love Sameer, we are happy together. Nirmala says you forgot my happiness. Abhay asks Nirmala to see who has come to meet her. Sonal’s daughter says Nani… and meets Nirmala. Nirmala gets too happy seeing Sonal and her daughter. She hugs them. Abhay smiles. He goes to Deepika and thanks her. He says you saved my patient’s life. She says patient is of the hospital. He says Nirmala is my patient. She says new doctors get emotional and make a relation with the patient, give yourself some time. Abhay says every patient is a human, not any book, we have to relate to them. She says getting overemotional will be proved costly for you and your seniors. He says you are not my boss. Chakravorty comes and says she is your boss. He introduces the team to Deepika. He says we wanted a good senior to train them, its your responsibility to make them a good surgeon. He says Deepika was trained by me, she is the best surgeon, learn from her, welcome Deepika. She thanks them.

Abhay and Deepika have an argument. Senior asks Deepika not to follow her instincts.

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