Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Kajol goes to the hospital to meet Anurag

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Priyanka hears Anurag telling someone over the phone to arrange his visa for USA. She goes to talk to him. He says he got an offer from a USA hospital, so he thought to spend some time there. She asks what will happen to me? He asks meaning? She says, you will leave your friend? Your home, your hospital. I joined this hospital for you. We have been together since the college. We have been working together. He says, I don’t have time. She holds his hand and asks who will manage this hospital? He moves her hand and says, nothing stops because of one person. People learn to live even without their close ones. Everything will be managed. He walks out and says, I am sure Kajol will manage as well. I wasn’t part of her life anyway. Once I help her with her debt, then I can leave peacefully. Priyanka says, I know you’re leaving because of Kajol. I don’t know what magic she has done on you. She wonders how to stop him.

Dida says, I must stop Anurag and I know who can do that. Priyanka receives a call from Dida who asks her to meet.

Kajol prays at the temple. Sharmila comes there as well. She says to the God, if you didn’t want this alliance, then why did you bring Kajol in Anurag’s life? Anurag told me not to talk to Kajol. If I don’t talk to her, then he will leave for USA. What will I say to Anjali Bhabhi? Please show me a path. She gets dizzy and faints. Kajol goes to help her. Sharmila thinks this a sign by the God. She hopes Kajol listens to her and stops Anurag. Kajol asks her to drink water. Sharmila says on one condition. Kajol promises her.

Dida asks Priyanka, you know about Anurag going to USA, right? Priyanka says, yes. Dida asks what are you doing about it then? It’s only you who can stop him. I can see love for him in your eyes. Other side, Sharmila says the same to Kajol. Priyanka tells Dida if he has decided, then I can’t stop him. Kajol gets shocked and asks Sharmila, why is he going? Sharmila says, you don’t know? Kajol pauses. Sharmila says his heart is broken. I have seen him happy only with you. Now he is running away. Please stop him for my sake. Kajol tells her not to stress, it’s not good for your health. She asks Sharmila to go home. Sharmila says, I won’t go until you agree to stop him. Kajol says, I will stop him. Sharmila hugs her. Kajol thinks, I made a promise, but how will I stop Anurag? With what right?

Priyanka tells Dida that Anurag is very innocent and Kajol took advantage of that. She broke Anurag’s heart and that is why he’s leaving this place. If Anurag stays away from Kajol, then only he will be able to forget her. I came here to spend time with Anurag only, but we can’t do anything against destiny. I think we should leave him alone for some time. I can also go to USA and we can start our life there. Dida says, you are the perfect girl for Anurag. Which girl can think of leaving everything and shifting to USA? Priyanka tells her to let Anurag go then and tell Sharmila not to stop him. Dida agrees and says, I don’t like that girl at all.

Anurag gets surprised seeing Kajol in his hospital. He thinks she might have forgiven him and gets happy. He goes to her, but it’s someone else. He says, I don’t know what game my mind and heart are playing with me. Why am I seeing dreams when there is no hope. Kajol thinks, I rudely rejected the proposal from a nice guy. I can at least tell him why I rejected his proposal.

Dida makes Priyanka wear a bangle and says, take this as a shagun. I will make sure Anurag gets married to you. Keep an eye on him and take care of him.

Anurag asks a staff whether there was any call for him. The staff says no. He leaves. Just then Kajol enters and asks for Dr. Anurag. He turns to look, but a man blocks his way. He thinks now I started hearing her voice too. Why would she come here? I am going crazy. He leaves. Priyanka comes and sees Kajol. She wonders what Kajol is doing there. Is she here to do the patch up? If she meets Anurag, then my engagement lie will come out. I can’t let her meet him until he departs for USA.

Sharmila gets happy thinking Kajol must have reached to the hospital by now. She will stop Anurag and who knows she may accept his proposal this time. Dida comes to her and says, Anurag is leaving the city and you are making pakoras? Sharmila says, I am trying my best to stop him. Dida tells her no need. Anurag’s happiness matters the most. If he is happy that way, then let it be.

Kajol asks the receptionist for Anurag. Priyanka calls the receptionist and tells her not to let Kajol come in. The receptionist tells Kajol that he is doing a surgery and asks her to wait. Kajol waits, but she is getting late for the office. In end, she leaves telling the receptionist to let Anurag know that she came. Priyanka comes after Kajol leaves. She tells the receptionist that Kajol is a big nuisance and Anurag doesn’t like her at all. If she comes again, then don’t let her meet him. Anurag also irritates by her, so don’t inform him that she had come here. Priyanka turns and finds Kajol standing there.

Precap: Kajol finds Anurag’s diary and her picture from inside. She recalls Sharmila’s words that Anurag is going to USA because his heart is broken. Anurag comes running saying this is my diary. She asks, how can you leave everything and go away? Everyone needs you here. What’s there that’s not here? He asks, you want me to stay back for them? He starts walking. She says, if not for them, then stay back for me. He looks at her with a surprised face.

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  1. Thanks for the update.

  2. Thanks for the update! It’s too bad we have to wait until Monday to know what happens next. I hope Priyanka will be exposed in front of Kajol, though I don’t think Kajol will tell Anurag about Priyanka’s lie. I also felt a bit sorry for Priyanka in the start of the episode when Anurag was so dismissive of her feelings, especially since he’s become a Devdas over Kajol, but then I remembered why I dislike her after her scheming with Anurag’s Nani and the end hospital scene. I hope next week’s episodes will be good and positive, and please no Nima specials!

  3. After that fake engagement lie, I have nothing to say about Priyanka. Just hoping things start becoming better between Anurag and Kajol and she accepts his proposal soon. I doubt that Priyanka will be exposed so soon but if that happens I will be very happy.

  4. Was the episode broadcast today and is this precap for Monday’s episode or Friday’s? I’m super excited.

    1. On TV they didn’t show the episode. They uploaded on Voot labelling today’s date. So no idea. We will have to wait till tomorrow to see whether they upload another episode on Voot or not and then what they show on TV.

    2. Tellyupdates also put no telecast for 25th Nov episode.

  5. Will there be no episode today?

    1. This episode will air today on tv. There was no episode broadcast on tv yesterday but this episode was uploaded early on Voot yesterday. The next episode will be on Monday.

    2. But new episode is uploaded on voot.

    3. Yeah, sorry I just saw it now online. I’m confused then lol.

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