Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Kajol to get bravery award

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 29th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajol seeing Priyanka in the hospital. Priyanka says hi Kajol, you are here. Kajol says I have forgotten my keys here and takes it from reception. She says I have come to meet Dr. Anurag and says aunty told me that he is going to US, and he is in stress. Priyanka says ofcourse I know and says aunty is having old thoughts and sentimental too. She says Anurag got this offer from the big hospital and says we have taken this decision as a couple. She says what you have to do with him and excuses herself. Kajol thinks Priyanka is right, she is his fiancé and she shall stop Dr. Anurag. She thinks she is not related to Anurag. Anurag sees her glimpse as she leaves, and then asks himself to forget her and never look back at her. He says she is history for you.

Pishimaa picks a call and comes to know that Kajol is getting bravery award. She ends the call and talks to Vishu’s pic, saying your sayings proved right, Kajol made us proud. Naina asks what is going on, if someone will tell me? Pishimaa hugs Kajol and tells her that Citizen club of Kolkata is giving you bravery award. Kajol asks why? Pishimaa says you have saved that girl on Puja day, that’s why.. Kajol says how did they come to know? Naina asks didn’t you inform them, you want to be in the limelight and can do anything for it. Rajesh calls Kajol and says Uttam’s goons are caught and says Uttam first gave money to Vishu sir and then got it stolen. He says if we get the money back then all the debts will be cleared. He says this all happened due to Dr. Anurag, he talked to his SP friend and got the case solved. Kajol shares the good news with Pishimaa and says Dr. Anurag have done this. Pishimaa says we are thankful to you, he helped us, even though he doesn’t have any relation with us. Kajol says how we will return his favors. Pishimaa asks her to give him a chance and talk to him once. Naina hears them.

Sharmila talks to Anjali’s pic and says I hope your Mishti has convinced Anurag. Anurag comes home. Sharmila asks did Kajol meet you? Anurag says why she will meet me, I don’t want to meet her. Dida asks if you are convinced to go. Anurag says yes. Dida thinks Priyanka was right. Sharmila thinks if they fought. Anurag gets a call from the Club officer, who requests him to give award to Kajol Mukherjee. Anurag looks on.

Naina tells that today is her marriage first function. Kajol says if anything would have been fine, then I would have made the arrangements. Chandana shows saree to Naina. Naina says I can’t wait and says Arjun and I make a good couple, and says Kajol and Arjun was mismatched. Kajol comes there. Naina asks Chandana to apply black tika on her face and says I might get bad sight. Chandana says you will not get any bad sight and applies black tika behind her ear. She asks Naina to wear the necklace and says it will have your baba’s blessings. Naina throws it and says it is borning, isn’t it old fashioned. Chandana and Kajol picked the necklace. Chandana recalls Vishu bringing necklace for her, and telling her that Kajol reminded him of her birthday. Kajol comes there and says Maa is looking beautiful. Fb ends. Naina says I want to look very beautiful that Arjun shall just look at me. Pishimaa says today Kajol will get an award. Chandana says your baba will be peaceful today, as one daughter will marry and other daughter will get an award. Pishimaa says you shall go with Kajol to the award function. Naina says today is my ashirwad ceremony and says we have clapped for Di always. She asks Chandana to focus on her. Pishimaa says Chandana will be back by evening and says it will not look bad, if nobody goes with her. Kajol says its ok, it is just an award. Naina says watch it on TV. Chandana says my blessings are with you, Kajol. Pishimaa asks if she will go alone. Chandana says she shall not come infront of Naina’s sasural, and shall be outside. Naina asks Chandana to see the saree. Kajol gets the invitation card on her mobile for the award ceremony, and sees Dr. Anurag’s name as the chief guest.

Anurag looks at his mother’s pic and says sorry Maa, but I have to go. I don’t want to live here, Kajol’s memories can’t let me live here. He says I will not have any connection with Kolkata. Kajol washes her face and says Dr. Anurag will give an award. She thinks about her dream and thinks why am I thinking this. She comes out and tells Pishimaa that they shall make preparation for Naina’s ashirward ceremony.

Sharmila asks Anurag to meet Kajol once and says even Anjali Bhabhi wanted this. She says Durga Maa wanted the misunderstanding to be cleared and asks him to meet her once during the award ceremony. Anurag says I can’t go there, I have the flight to catch in the evening. Priyanka and Dida hear them. Priyanka thinks I won’t let her succeed. She gives him passport and tickets. Sharmila says he will not go. Dida says he will go and he will get peace outside Kolkata. She says let him touch the sky and asks him to go, says nobody will stop you. Sharmila prays to Anjali to find a way out to make Anurag and Kajol meet.

Precap: Kajol is looking for Anurag in her award ceremony. Sharmila tells her not to look for him. He won’t come. He has flight. Anurag is on his way to the airport. He says, forgive me, Kajol. If I come there, then I won’t be to leave. Kajol is on the stage. Anurag is called to give the award to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Thanks for the update and clarification. I’m happy Voot uploaded the episode early, but we still have to wait to see Anjol’s reconciliation on Tuesday. I’m also glad that the makers decided to show some positivity and gave a 180 degree turn to Kajol’s mother’s character. There was too much negativity in the show and Naina/Nani/and Priyanka are enough villians in the show. I don’t mind Shreya as a villian because she’ll probably punish Arjun and Naina evenutally. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode and seeing Anjol’s love story. Hopefully, we’ll have a full week’s worth of episodes next week.

  2. Glad to see a bit changed behavior of kajol’s mom slowly turning to positive side after anurag’s proposal, now we want some moments of anjol’s love story

  3. Good to see some positive vibes. I almost stopped reading the updates due to so much negativity. Looking forward to next week!

  4. Juliet Elechi

    Woohoo what a sweet sense dear precap please

  5. New update??

    1. Was a new episode posted on Voot?

    2. I think this episode is Monday’s episode, so we will get the episode and update for Tuesday’s episode tomorrow.

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