Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Kajol cancels the NGO order, Anurag feels helpless

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 19th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandana telling Kajol that she has bear so much after her baba went. She says I was silent, when you broke your marriage, I was silent when you took over the business. She says when your death news came, I was broken from within, first your baba and then you. I thought why God is testing us, and when you came back, I got my life. And you have done this on your return. She says I don’t have any strength to bear any more dramas. She says I shall concentrate on other kids too. She says your baba went, but that doesn’t mean that his values also went. She says whoever can’t follow the values and customs, don’t have place in my house and heart. Kajol cries. Chandrika, Anu, Apu and others leave. She looks at the newspaper and says I wish I couldn’t meet Dr. Anurag. Dr. Anurag comes to his cabin and sees Priyanka. Priyanka shows him newspaper. He reads it and tells that he will not leave the newspaper for publishing wrong news. Priyanka asks why is he angry, as his truth is out. Kajol talks to Vishu’s pic and tells that she has nothing to do with Dr. Anurag. She tells that how she can leave Dr. Anurag alone on the road injured and just helped her. Anurag tells Priyanka that Kajol is a simple girl, haven’t worked before, but all the responsibilities came on her head after her father’s demise. He worries how her family will react. Priyanka says you are worried for her and not about the news. She says you are stressed out for a stranger. Dr. Anurag says she is not a stranger, she was my Mother’s student, she had named her Mishti. He says her father was my patient and he died infront of me. He says she was taking rounds with my cousin that day, and I know all her pain and scream. Priyanka asks him to calm down and says if you want to help her, then talk to her and her family. She says they must be scandalized and asks him to make them understand that nothing is between you both, if it is. She goes from there. Dr. Anurag thinks how to call Kajol after scolding her. This article might have created a storm in her life and house, he thinks how to help her.

Kajol thinks whatever happened was wrong, I shall stay away from Dr. Anurag. She thinks Maa is very worried, I can’t trouble her more. She burns the newspaper and says I will not meet Anurag again. She recalls Naina and Chandana’s accusations. Rajesh comes to the office and tells that they have sent the advance from the NGO. Kajol says we didn’t give the quotation. Rajesh tells her that they asked to give quotation and they will adjust later. He says there might be much drama at home due to news, and asks her to give money to Chandana, so that she believes that you was outside for work yesterday. Kajol says money is not important than respect and tells that today her respect is getting ruined. She says I will return the money to the NGO and will go there in the evening to cancel the deal. She thinks she don’t want to have any relation with Anurag or the NGO. Dr. Anurag gets Manager’s call and he tells that Kajol refused to take the order. Dr. Anurag gets angry and says Kajol said that she will return the money, and said that the matter is about her self respect. Anurag thinks this is happening due to my bad behavior and this fake article. He tears the newspaper and thinks she is hurting herself due to me, I won’t let this happen. Later in the evening, she comes to the evening and gets hit on her leg. The little girl comes there and talks to her. She says I will punish the toy. Kajol says it hit me. The girl says I knew that you will come back as you are good and have promised me. Kajol thinks she has to break the promise and gives chocolates to the girl. Kajol returns the money to the Manager. Manager says if she has some issue then they can sort out. Kajol says no issues, I can’t fulfill the order. Dr. Anurag comes there and tells that she can’t leave the order midway. Kajol says I have no problem with this order, but don’t want to deal with you. Anurag goes behind her and says don’t deal with me, deal with the NGO workers directly. Kajol says let me go. Anurag says if you are foolishness, that you don’t see the difference between a news and gossip. Kajol says my family and relatives believe on the news, and I was much insulted. She says I don’t know about you, but I have to face so much. He says I will talk to your family and will clarify them that there is nothing between us. Kajol says no need of clarification, I don’t need your help. She folds her hands and asks him not to enter her personal space. She folds her hands and says I don’t want to have any personal or professional relation with you. She walks away. Anurag thinks I am dragging towards her, and she is drifting far from me.

Kajol tells Pishimaa that she has brought 12 brahmin clothes, dakshina and other things. She asks Pishimaa and Shyam to check. She says she has brought new clothes for everyone and asks her not to tell Maa. She says she will not upset Maa and wants to give last farewell to Baba. She goes to check downstairs. Pishimaa talks to Vishu’s pic and says you went and Chandana went away from her, you both have made her orphan. Kajol is making the arrangements for the shradh puja. She comes to Pishimaa and asks her to come.

Sharmila tells Anurag that today he needs to go to Mukherjee babu’s shradh. She says Kajol is very strong and handling everything. Anurag says I will not go, and you knows well, how uncomfortable I am with the people. Sharmila asks if something happened between Kajol and you. Anurag says we are strangers, what can happen between us. Sharmila says your and Kajol’s relation is of humanity, you had saved her baba and even gave him a shoulder when he was dead. She says when she met with an accident, you brought her home. Even she took you to hospital. She says your relation with her, is humanity relation.

Precap: Chandana stops Kajol from doing rituals during her father’s shradh. Kajol requests not to take away that right from her. Naina sees Anurag and thinks Kajol is so shameless. Later, Kajol sees him and thinks why he came. If Maa sees him, then will be a big problem.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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