Do you think Paridhi can take Rashi’s place in Saathiya?

Paridhi who entered Modi Bhavan in Rashi’s lifetime, and started gazing at her husband Jigar, has not got a good chance to lay her eyes and hands on Jigar, knowing he has lost her dear wife Rashi. She has trapped him in her love plan, and married him by faking the situation and taking his signs without his knowledge. The girl is surely smart to enter Modi Family with respect as Jigar’s wife. Jigar and his family are shocked as they did not know Paridhi would fall so low, to get her wish fulfilled. Paridhi told everyone that she loves Jigar and she will not leave their house. Now that she got married to him, she is getting a hold in their house by full rights and threatens Kokila of calling police and filing domestic violence case against them. The family is upset with Paridhi, and is unable to accept her.

Jigar who was already shattered with Rashi’s death, is now in another problem. He fears of losing his sons, as Paridhi is not loving them, and in this case Urmila can take them away from him. Jigar has landed in unwanted love trap, and is unable to come out of it. He clears out to Paridhi that he can never love her, and he will always love his wife Rashi as she is always with him in his memories. Paridhi is also adamant that she will make Jigar love her. Paridhi is just attracted to him, and is immature to think love can be got by force or manipulations. We hope she learns true love from Jigar and leaves him on his own. Paridhi has started troubling the Modi family and is surely trying to rule the house, but with Gopi and Kokila being around her, there are less chances that she will win. Saathiya has brought in Paridhi’s character to fill up Rashi’s place, and have some new twists. Will the show live up with Paridhi? Rashi will surely be missed. What do you think about this new track? Let us know in this poll.

  1. Never ever she will be able to beat rashi . Neither in acting nor in looks and not even as a character !

  2. rashi quite important then parithi

  3. of course after rashi’s death i don’t watch the show and pari is soo stupid

  4. I dont think pari will be able to take rashis place.. she is doing this go get her project done n she is soo childish that i could slap her

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