Doli Armaanon Ki 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmi is thinking what she will do now. Where they will go. Shaurya asks her why they are sitting outside and he wants to go inside. Urmi thinks of keeping Shaurya with Saroj for some days till then she will find some solution. She takes out her phone to call, but battery is dead.

At Urmi’s house all are worried as no news from Gaurav. Samrat storms in and shouts Urmi to come out. All tell him she’s not there but he thinks they are lying. He keeps on lecturing how bad parents they are and how bad their daughter is. He goes inside himself to get Urmi out, but returns with more anger. Devi tells him this is what he was trying to explain. Samrat tells him what kind of father he is that he can’t keep his daughter in control. Gaurav returns and gets shocked/mad seeing Samrat there.

Other side, Urmi tells Shaurya to stay with Saroj for few days as they won’t let him stay in hostel. But he says no. He keeps insisting her to go back to Samrat and Urmi gets little mad. He starts crying. She requests him to stay with Saroj telling him whole world can live in Samrat’s house but she can’t. Shaurya says he won’t live without her, if she sends him to Saroj then he will run away. Urmi hugs him and cries.

Annu asks Gaurav about Urmi, but he says he checked everywhere, she’s nowhere. Samrat continues being mad and tells Devi how his daughter is giving tension and stress to everyone. Gaurav gets mad but Devi asks him to behave, it’s all happening because of Urmi. Phone rings and it’s Urmi. Saroj asks her if she’s ok. She says both her and Shaurya are fine. Samrat snatches the phone and asks her where she is. Where she ran away with his son. She says he’s also her son and she’s more responsible than her so he doesn’t need to question her. He gets mad and tells her not to teach him all that. She hangs and he fumes. He warns Urmi’s family for not sparing Urmi if anything happens to Shaurya. Gaurav interrupts and warns him he won’t spare him if anything happens to Urmi. Samrat leaves.

Samrat informs Shashi about all this and both mother and son fume on Urmi. Samrat says no matter where she is, he will find her and do such thing that she won’t be capable of doing anything.

Urmi comes back to hostel with a basket. Shaurya asks her to start game and put him in there. Urmi hesitates and cries and finally puts him inside. He says he’s having fun and asks her to cover him with some clothes so no one sees him. Urmi again hesitates and continuously makes sure he’s okay inside.

She then asks a guard to take basket to her room. He asks what inside that it’s that heavy. She says some things of glass, her books and stuff. She asks him to be very careful and not to drop it or put it down. He says ok and carries. Urmi follows him and continues telling him to be careful. All women look at her and she keeps telling them she’s shifting here and it’s heavy stuff inside. They finally reach her room and Urmi asks him to put it down carefully. She’s finally relieved. But before they enter, a staff stops them and looks at the basket. Urmi gets worried and tries to cover the front with her saree. The staff then stares at her.

Precap: Samrat thinks if someone close to Urmi dies, then she will come out from wherever she is. He likes that idea and praises himself.

Update Credit to: Niki

  1. Samrat the man with devilish ideas….. Pls let someone come into urmi’s rescue like ishaan she is all alone so sad.

  2. S ishan shd come and help her

  3. All I can say is that this script write has gone crazy failing to realise that children are watching this drama whereby giving ideas to them on how they should behave with woman and it is okay to behave like the character Samarat! sick mind

    1. The writer has to build up the tension of the troublemakers, but give it time, there will be an end to evil – sooner or later. Anyway nobody really gets away with it – Samrat himself is his own prisoner of his ego, so what is he getting away with? He is never happy, always angry – he is already paying for i!

  4. At all the character being played by samrat is well but he does nt deserve to be part of Urmi’s life
    there should be someone who will love urmi dearly,

  5. I hope in his attempt to harm somebody Samrat gets in some really bad trouble himself. Like prison with parole or something.

    1. I mean NO parole. And his mother, too.

  6. Samrat is a mad man! Someone plz kill him n his mother.

  7. It’s high time that Samrat be put in his place. Ishaan should be brought back into the scene to help Urmi. The strong character of Urmi’s mother is highly commendable ‘cos she stands up for her daughter’s plight against her husband, mother-in-law and Samrat and his mother. Kudos to Urmi’s brother and sister too.

  8. He’s mad, that Samrat! Is he now planning to kill someone just to get at Urmi? That evil man is seriously obsessed with Urmi! Dang!!

  9. does no one here watch SADDA HAQ of channel vj

  10. Most of us watch saddahaq

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