What do you think about Kumkum Bhagya’s current track?

Kumkum Bhagya follows the life of a Punjabi matriarch Sarla Arora who runs a marriage hall and lives with the hope of seeing her two daughters Pragya and Bulbul who’re poles apart, happily married some day! Known for making shows that are women-centric, the pivotal characters of this new show are a bunch of strong, feisty women, living together in an all-female, matriarchal family. Simultaneously runs the story of Abhi who is Rockstar with a cult following of his own, and his friend Purab. Suresh, the college professor who works closely with Pragya.

The current track shows: Purab and Bulbul suddenly get stuck when their car breaks down. Purab later notices a hut and the two of them reach the hut and decide to spend the night there. Meanwhile, Sarla gets extremely restless and decides to meet Pragya. She leaves the house and decides to go to Abhi’s house, on the way she suffers from a sudden heart attack and falls unconscious. Just then, Suresh and his sister see Sarla falling down and immediately go to help her. Meanwhile, Alia and Tanu are thinking of a way to please Abhi’s ‘dadi’. Suresh’s sister Rachna informs Akaash that Pragya’s mother, Sarla has got a heart attack.

Later, Pragya reaches her house and her ‘dadi’ informs her that her mother has suffered a heart attack. Meanwhile, the doctor informs Pragya and others that Sarla has to go through an operation which worries everyone. Later, Pragya sees Abhi and immediately hugs him and Abhi consoles her. Later, Pragya’s ‘dadi’ informs her what Tanu had told Sarla on the phone. Pragya gets furious and decides to speak to Tanu and leaves the hospital. Alia gets surprised to see Pragya standing in front of the door. Alia and Tanu decide to teach Pragya a lesson, but both of them get a shock when Pragya slaps Tanu. What do you think about the current track? Let us know.

  1. Pragya fighting for her right is what we want and Abhi needs to be a man and accepts his mistake of listening to Aliya without finding out the truth. He married Pragya and must stay married to her. Pls don’t allow Bulbul to marry Suresh if you allow that to happen you are letting Aliya win with her evil and we don’t want that to happen. Aliya needs to learn that in life if you love someone you must learn to let go and you cannot force anybody to love you or marry you. Evil should not win so all her plans should fail. I hope you writers will listen to viewers for a change. Even Abhi should be told what Tanu and Aliya did to Sarla. I would expect the same reaction Pragya grave from him.

    1. Yeah, but if you remember the episode where Aliya said she Did NOT love Purab…. she just wants revenge!!

  2. In total agreement with victoria….well said

  3. ryt victoria

  4. In total agreement with victoria….

  5. Totally agree with Victoria as said if bulbul marry suresh the total taste and the love of the series will go off and Purab will be left alone ,bulbul is not happy and neither pragya.so that no one is happy. If you can do like this as since sarla is not well you let dadi to keep pragyga at home until she is well fit and in the mean time abhi starts loving pragyga.Or may be abhi meets with an accident and Tanu slowly leaves him and pragyga to be with abhi or something. Dunno may be some twist…………..

    1. You sound like a better writer than the ones that are hired for this show!!

  6. Firstly I loved the slap…it should have been a Archana style slap (twice for the strong effect). Aliya deserved one as well. There needs to be some positive happenings. The evil perpetrated by Aliya and Tanu have been going on for too long. You are losing viewers because of this. I have no problem with conflict but sensible conflict. Let Abhi be a man and think for himself and not say yes to everything his domineering sister says. Let him think rationally for once and show Pragya’s intelligence instead of letting her behave as if she has no sense at all.

    The current tract needs some tweaking but not in the direction of Suresh marrying Bulbul.

    Do not let what happened to EMA happen to this serial please.

  7. this track is good too, but I see that all the grunt pain is take on the pragya’s family side. which makes us feel very bad for Pragya. many times even Pragya’s silence makes her looks like a fool, rather then a strong women.
    The true reaction of pain when a mom is sick and Pragya goes to hug abhi, is beautiful. But in todays episode it felt like she picked suresh over abhi to go in to see her mom, which makes her look dumb.
    only thing I feel make pragya more stronger and abhi little more understanding.

    never understood bulbuls and purab’s useless love sacrifice’s.
    I like Tanu and ahlia charecters, because they are sooo bad pragya looks good. love to see the mother in law and daughter inlaw fights of mithali .

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  9. Totaling agree with Victoria.

    Come on writers listen to the viewers or this soap will collapse. Too
    Much injustice to the wrong characters and too much sacrifices for no reason whatsoever.

  10. Kkb is the top trp show which was given by the fans… If u make bulbul marrying suresh and purab marrying aliya then the show trp will get down.. And let aliya marry suresh so that she may learn a lesson of love and relationships… listen to the viewers

  11. dont create a mess of the serial by marrying bulbul to suresh
    Many of the veiwers swatch this serial only bcoz of bulbul n purab love track
    if it really happens serial’s trp will completely fall n in one day kumkum bhagya will be on last of trp chart

  12. This current track was good and i like how pragya gave an amazing answer to that witch tanu but plz don’t sboil bulbul and purab’s love by getting suresh in between i love them the

    1. i think the current track is awesome…but abhi should soon realize pragya’s love for him….and bulbul should realize that she shouldnt sacrifice anymore as pragya will be somehow put out..and so bulbul should agree to marry purab…

  13. You asked our opinion so now you Need to LISTEN to the Viewers! Your jobs may just depend on it. We can always watch another show or station….

  14. please make Abhi think rationally….and listen to Pragya……. realize that he has been misled and now he has several bases to think he may be wrong about Pragya…. He has been portrayed as a very righteous person so why doesn’t he do right things? on the other hand, Pragya should be more independent and strong…..she takes in so much of shit……a professor of a Mumbai college i am sure is more dignified and intellectually dominating than her……of’course i have shouted myself hoarse that the evil getting the better of anyone else is a very wrong message passed on especially to younger generations……the wicked girls seem to get away with everything……i would love to see Abhi opposing Aliya and Purab’s marriage like a nice righteous person he basically is……i would long to see Abhi sing a song for Pragya like Hugh Grant did for Drew Barrymore in “Music and Lyrics”…….why cant the story line evolve making Pragya – who sang so well in one of the marriage rituals – sing with Abhi…..take a turn of ego clash when she gets more adulation ?????? a slight makeover for Pragya, trying out smart (as opposed to bold ones that Tanu wears!) western outfits …..being less inhibited than she is ……well my list can go on and on…..

  15. don’t separate rabul
    they r the best jodi

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