Kumkum Bhagya 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Pragya reminding Tanu that her relation with Abhi is illegimate. She tells her that she is legally married to Abhi and their relation is respected in society. Tanu is shocked. She says, I heard your taunts but I won’t keep quiet if anything happens to my mum or any of my family members. She threatens her. Tanu gets shocked. Mitali comes and says she heard Pragya saying something to them. Aaliya asks her to go and sleep. Mitali says, you should have fight outside. Tanu asks her to leave her alone. Mitali thinks something is there in Pragya and thinks she will become like her. She says, she won’t leave them. Aaliya says, our problem is you. Leave us alone. Mitali agrees to leave. She thinks she is not getting house info. Something is brewing between them and thinks to find out.

Beeji asks the doctor when will the operation start. Doctor says, they are waiting for senior doctor. Suresh gets angry on him and asks him to call senior doctor immediately. He takes his number and calls him. Senior Doctor doesn’t pick his call. Suresh asks the doctor to give his address. Doctor asks nurse to bring his visiting card. Suresh assures Beeji that he will get the Doctor anyhow. Suresh leaves. Beeji cries.

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Purvi tells Abhi that she had never seen her like this. Abhi goes to Beeji and consoles her saying you are my rockstar Dadi. He asks her not to cry/ He gets angry and calls doctor and nurses. He tells them that the woman inside is like her mum and gives them 10 mins to call the senior doctor. He says, operation should start in 10 mins and asks them to go. Pragya is touched by his words and looks on surprised. Beeji tells Pragya that Abhi is like a son to Sarla. Pragya looks on. Doctor comes and apologizes to Abhi. He wears the gown and goes to operate Sarla.

Pragya goes to Abhi. Abhi asks her not to look at him and says your magic will not work on me. Your eyes, talks will have no effect on me. I did this for your Dadi. I can’t see her in pain. Pragya says, you did a favour on me today. Abhi says, your life can’t change just like you change my thinking. You can’t come to my house and life. Pragya says, I know how much you hates me. Abhi says, I came here for humanity. He says, I will remember our enemity. Pragya says, I will remember your enemity and favour. Abhi leaves. He thinks why he gets emotional and helpless infront of her. He thinks to forget everything.

Purab asks Bulbul to let go of her anger. Bulbul says, I don’t love you. Purab asks her to proof that she don’t him. Bulbul says, she can’t. Purab asks her to proof. He says, you sent to Aaliya. Was everything a lie. Bulbul says, everything was a lie. Purab says, I thought you loves me but you don’t loves me. I thought to live in your memories. Now I can’t live nor die. How to forget everything. How to forget the love which I did. Mistake is mine, I will take out my eyes which loves you. He goes to pick something.

Purvi thinks to inform Bulbul and thinks to call on Purab’s number. She asks Pragya to give her phone. Purab tells her good bye and is about to harm his eyes, Bulbul stops him. Purab says, I can’t see your hatred. This is my decision. Bulbul asks him to listen to her. Just then his phone rings. Bulbul picks the call. Purvi informs her about Sarla getting a heart attack and asks her to come fast. Bulbul is in tears and breaks down. She cries and tells Purab. Purab is shocked.

Tanu tells Aaliya that I won’t leave her. She slapped me. Aaliya says, she slapped me and not you. She asks her not to do anything to open the doors to Pragya. She says, we are going there to provoke Dadi against her. Tanu says, she will make Abhi slap Pragya.

Dadi sees Purvi crying and consoles her. Abhi comes. Dadi tells that you are fulfilling your duty. Abhi says, she is taking revenge. It was her duty to bring happiness in the house, but she gave us pain. I just hate her. Dadi feels bad. Abhi goes to Beeji. Pragya hears Abhi taking to Dadi. Dadi hugs her and assures that everything will be fine. Suresh comes back and says he went to Doctor’s home but he was not there. We shall shift Aunty to some other hospital. Pragya informs him that the operation have started and gives the credit to Abhi. She thanks Suresh for his help. Nurse comes and asks them to come to meet Sarla. Suresh and Pragya go inside.

Abhi tells Pragya that he won. He asks the God, whether you comes to know about her reality. Pragya looks on.

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  1. What the hell?
    We want pragya n abhi united!
    Cant see abhi in pain!

  2. oh god give abhi thoda sense plz.aap bhi u dont understand truth.ur going dumb abhi and making us also.plz for god sake change yaar.

  3. plz yaar make abhi’s character minmum sensible,i left watching this show,only reading the updates,waiting for a fair track to cum,that i can get back to my fav show,plz dnt let rabul separate,and tanu’s fake pregnancy uff,its really horrible,change the track ,dnt show this plz…

  4. I also stopped watching the show and only reading updates. It’s waste of my 30 minutes with all this nonsense

  5. This Programme has lost its essence. They are dragging the track unnecessarily, I believe for the sake of hitting 500 episodes? There are so many flashbacks and that takes most of the time of episodes. Pragya is a professor but she is being portrayed like as if she’s so dumb. By the way, me too , I hv stopped watching the show. I now just read the write ups as it’s getting boring. Whatever done, abhi’s role here day in day out is to tell Pragya that he hates her! So predictable! Maybe in the 200th episode only he’ll appreciate her!

  6. bulbul and purab track is very irritating. not interested to see the serial

  7. Serial is becoming very boring. Please let abhi realize is true love for pragya.

  8. Better to read updates than watching kkb boring track

  9. i really like it

  10. Boring serial….plzzz chg the track.we want abhi and
    Pragya together.

  11. want 2 c abhi and pragya together

  12. what man!plz unite purab and bulul.I had stopped watching the show.the show is very boring nowadays.thy are just dragging the plot.will the lead pairs come together or not?I want the 1st kb track it was so interesting with all those funny scenes between rabul and abhigya.now its completely boring.I don’t want purab’s bulbul to marry suresh

  13. Hare yaar…Abhi kithna stupid hai…kuch to karo

  14. Update Fast

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