Do you think Durga will marry Shaurya in Ek Hasina Thi?

Ek Hasina Thi is creating great waves by the revenge concept and is showing two strong headed women, one fighting for justice, and other fighting to protect her son. Sakshi and Durga have always been tackling each other in favor of and against Shaurya. Sakshi is a son savior, no matter what he does. Its really pathetic to see a mum like her, we should say Shaurya is very lucky to get parents like them, who cover up for every crime of his. Well, Durga will not be quiet this time, as Sakshi has crossed the limits of evil and has made Payal go through a mental relapse, by making her suffer from the bad memories of her rape by Shaurya and his friends. Being a woman herself, she can’t feel Payal’s pain even 0.0000001%.

This is miserable to watch and makes Durga more firm in taking her revenge from the Goenkas. Shaurya is planning his honeymoon before marriage, and Durga is planning to ruin him. Sakshi is become a protective wall for Shaurya, and is not letting Durga attack. Dev will definitely support Durga, if he comes to know she is his Nitya. Dev has started feeling that Durga is concerned for Payal just like Nitya would have been and is determined to prove Payal and Nitya innocent. Will he succeed in doing this and stop Durga from marrying Shaurya? The show is getting much interesting as coming episodes have many great twists.

Durga is adamant and challenges Sakshi again, as she will marry Shaurya at any cost and goes ahead by saying she will get married on the date pandit ji suggested. Sakshi is stunned as even Payal’s pain which broke Durga down so much, did not make her change her mind. Durga wants to marry Shaurya and get into Goenka house to break its foundation and then the entire family. Dayal is very supportive and Dev is still trying to figure out Durga’s connection with Payal. Durga now knows Dev’s true feelings for Nitya, and she could have taken his support in her fight against evil Goenkas, but she is not taking any such rick and being a fighter single handed.

Sakshi also does not accept defeat and tells Rajnath that she will find about Durga’s connection with Payal anyhow and will not rest a minute. She is getting crazy seeing Durga’s concern and questioning herself why is Durga after the Goenkas. Sakshi plans to make Payal come face to face with Shaurya and call him her rapist, so that Durga gets sure and hates Shaurya, this refusing to marry him. But Durga knowing her intentions, has doubled her smartness and is ready to tackle any problem. Will Durga really marry Shaurya or will she end up ruining Goenkas before marriage? Let us know what you think about this current track.

  1. yes, she should marry to shurya

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  3. no…she should marry only dev….shaurya is a devil

  4. Haha I wish no but I really can’t say :/

  5. Nooo.. She should marry Dev and torture Shaurya slowly

  6. Yeah shaurya should marry durga . Do not like dev.

  7. according to me durga should and must marry durga and not keep any physical rlation with him and make him more eager on her and she must start teaching a lesson to all goenkas and their helpers when she defends all of them .then she should say the truth to dev and marry him this makes a happy ending

  8. I think she should marry shaurya !

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