Sasural Simar Ka 30th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 30th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem slaps simar everyone is dazed. Simar says prem ji. Prem says don’t say a word you’re dead. I’m not talking about day when i did your funeral but the day when you proved yourself to be sunnaina. I begged you. My heart never agreed that you’re dead till i found you in ahmedabad. You died when you lied to me. Simar says i was helpless. Prem says i begged you for me for anjali but you made fun of my trust and love. Roli says She was helpless. Prem says shut up today no one will intrude between me and simar. Simar says prem please listen to me. Prem says you said all in ahmedabad not any more. Simar says mata ji maa please listen to me why i stayed away from you people for two years with a different identity. I know the pain you all have been through. Simar says i’ve been through same kind of pain please listen to me. Prem says stop it. I saw your pain in ahmedabad. You’ve betrayed us all. Simar says i didn’t go to ahmedabad for my own self. I did all this to save roli. Prem says what were you doing here as sunnaina. Didn’t you know that we’ll get you out of this trouble. He says you’ve played with life of surbhi. Look what you’ve done to her. No one is going to pardon you not me at least. Mata ji will you forgive her? Speak up mata ji. Everyone awaits for mata ji’s answer. Mata ji says no. Forgiveness is for mistakes not for sins. Mata ji comes forward and says simar i made you my daughter but you broke my trust by betraying to us. Sujata says who gave you right to play with us. My prem left living. We concealed our pain to make him live. Everyone in this house has died everyday for you and you thought it’s better for us. Who gave you this right? And roli you just helped your sister didn’t think about us. Rajhindar says what was it that we couldn’t solve. Uma says how could you live as a stranger in your own house. Karuna says you didn’t even think about your daughter. Mausi ji says i helped you both in every plan you ever made because your always fought for your family. Roli says mata ji please didi did all this to save us. Mata ji says we’ve always fought together why couldn’t we do it this time. She kept us oblivious for two years. How much more years did you plan to be sunnaina? And roli you’re equally responsible. Simar betrayed us living outside and you betrayed us in the house. Sid says prem listen to me. Prem says i don’t wanna listen anything. Sid says mata ji at least listen to us once then you can make your decision. Mata ji says i’ve made my decision. From now i’ve no relation with you both sisters and you too sid. All of you played with our emotions i’ll never pardon you. Mata ji goes in. Simar says mata ji please stop listen to me. Prem says simar stop right there. Simar says please prem ji try to understand it wasn’t my mistake. She holds his hand and says it wasn’t my mistake i wanted to get sunnaina justice i was dying to be with you people. Please don’t do this. How will i live without you. Where will i go and live without you? Surbhi says simar to get a stranger justice why you were unjust to me. I started loving prem ji. I’ve done so much to Win a place in anjali’s and prem’s heart. You knew all this why didn’t you tell me before. You didn’t think what will happen to my future. My friends relatives everyone knows i’m going to marry prem. What will be my place in this society after all this. How will i live in this world after this break up. Who will marry me? Everyone will joke about me. No one will marry me. My life will become hell. You could have let me die didi. Pari hugs her.Prem let go of simar’s hold to his hand and moves to surbhi. He holds her hand. Everyone is bewildered. Prem drags surbhi to temple. Simar says please stop prem ji. Listen to please stop. Prem takes some sindur and fills surbhi’s headline. Everyone is shocked. Simar shouts no. Surbhi is so dazed to say anything.

Precap- prem holds simar’s hand and says get out of this home. He throws her out and locks the door. He comes in and says if simar enter this house i’ll leave.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Oh my god prem how could u do this I know Simar lied but u didn’t do right by marrying surbhi and kicking Simar out and mata ji aswell

  2. Wats going on yaaar….
    story is diverting from the thred….
    hows it happpppen

  3. so bad this not good plz prem dont do this

  4. Shit storyline now. Been dragged on for too long

  5. harshitha reddy

    guyzzz…………alond wid simar anjali will also b thrown out…….actlly wen prem will b kickng simar out of house…….anjali will b holdng simar’s pallu…….due 2 wich even she’ll b thrown out…………..but haan….prem 1st tym i’m feelng 2 kill u… huetng simar X(

    1. harshitha reddy

      sry itzz hurtng simar :@

  6. Prem I’ll Kill U , Y ur Doing Like Tis

  7. i don’t like this,

  8. Wheres todays written

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