The Twisted game of Destiny- KaRyan to know the truth? ep. 23 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Karyan to know the truth

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The Twisted game of Destiny-The box ep.22 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Aryan took the chance and picked it up for him, turning the back of the box where he saw their initials; AKR. He stared at it in complete shock, lots of questions ran through his mind and he stole glances with Kabir who looked at him in confusion. Aryan quickly returned the box and dragged Kabir out of the room to the hallway.

Meanwhile in the room everyone was amazed by Aryan’s behaviour. Rivan tried figuring what it could be as he noticed him looking closely at the box he had dropped. He brushed off the thoughts and requested Ishani to help him.

Rivan: Ishani aunty, can you please help me get into the wheelchair. I really need to go

Vansh: where do you want to go in such a state?

imagine him on the hospital bed

Rivan: To Riva (teared) I can’t let anything happen to her, I’ve always promised to protect her and anyway what the does the doctor even mean about her being in a critical state. She’s my lioness, she has to wake up for me. And if not for me then Mom and Dad. (tears rolling down)

Ishani: (caressing his hair) I understand it must be really hard but try and understand…right now there’s no other way out except from keeping hope and praying for her. (tears)

Dadi: Ishani is right dear.

Rivan: I’m sorry but Riva will never deny this (looking at the box) She will have to wake up…please take me to her. (pleading eyes)

Ishani nodded and helped him to get on to the wheelchair as he was still really weak. He had a strong feeling that Riva would respond to the music that she’s always been really fond of. Ishani pushed him to her room while on the corridor Kabir and Aryan talked. Aryan shared his question

Aryan: Kabir did you remember something about that box Rivan was holding?

Kabir: Of course bhai, how can I forget it? It’s like the one that we had gifted Riddhu. She loved the music a lot…(nostalgic) remember she used to say that this music gives her solace and it’s soothing to her ears. (smiling) She used to keep it near her heart.


Raichand Mansion, Riddhima’s room

Both the brothers sneaked inside her room when she was sleeping. They had brought a little present for her.

Aryan: Riddhu, we’ve got something for you! Get up!

Kabir: Riddhu get up…sleeping beauty!

Riddhima: (mumbling in sleep) Pls let me sleep…i’m so tired

Aryan: Riddhu! Get up before i pour water on you!

Riddhima: (mumbling in sleep) Bhai wait (she woke up) Now tell me

Kabir: Arre we told you, we’ve brought a gift for you

Riddhima: That you always do in the morning, every day (excited) but what is it!!

Aryan: (smiled at her cuteness) Guess? (to himself) May God never snatch your happiness Riddhu!

Riddhima: Batao na….pls (the nodded in negation) Mom!!!! (she screamed) Dad!!! (she screamed while Aryan shut her mouth with his hands)

Aryan: What are you doing? We are not strangers but your brothers

Riddhima: Then tell me!!

Kabir: Patience my dear, patience is the key to success

Riddhima: (getting pissed) I’m not patient, i will scream again then you see what mom and dad will do (smirking)

Riddhima used to take advantage of her being the youngest, she used to naughtily convince her parents that her brothers were disturbing her and they used to get punished while she used to laugh. But seeing her laugh and smile, both the brothers didn’t mind being punished.

Kabir and Aryan: Fine here…(passing the box to her) A wind up music box

Riddhima: Oh my God…it’s so beautiful. (she played it) the music is so calming, Thank you bhai!! (hugging both of them) Always going to stay by me (held it tightly)

Aryan: (smiling) She loved it…(returning back) but do you remember about our initials? We had imprinted them underneath the box for memory?

Kabir: Yea bhai so?

Aryan: Kabir I saw the same initials underneath the box! It’s the same box that we gave Riddhu

Kabir: What!! (shocked) How is that possible? Does that mean…(realizing)

Both together: That Riddhu is alive!

Kabir: Oh my God! (covering his mouth with his hands) If that’s true then where is she? First things before that…why does Rivan have?

Aryan: Kabir (thinking) Exactly why does Rivan have it, wait Rivan and Riva related to Riddhu? (widening his eyes) Does that mean Riva and Rivan are Riddhu’s and Vansh’s kids?

Kabir: (smiling and in shock) Bhai I just don’t know how to react I’m so clueless. I can’t believe this….their our Riddhu’s kids (smiling) But don’t you think we need to confirm

Aryan: Exactly that’s why we need to be sure. We need to find different opportunities so that we can find the truth easily.

They both discussed on how they were going to find out about the kids and Riddhima. The box gave them the solid proof that Riddhima was alive but they just needed to clear it out. Meanwhile on the other hand Rivan and Ishani quietly entered the room where Riva was kept under observation. He went closer to her and held her hand, while tears rolled down. He removed the box from his pocket again and started turning the wind up key around which then it produced some gentle and calming music.

Rivan: (playing the music) Riva you’ve got to get up and fight! See what I brought for you…your favorite box. Please (crying)

He continued playing the music from the box, trying to encourage her to fight and wake up.


Recovery and getting closer to the truth

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