FLAMES – Sunshine for the fam!!!

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Here we go into the last episode of FLAMES.

Episode 6 – Sunshine for the fam

Aahil and Sanam feel sad in their respective homes.

Rehan feels bad and scolds Tanveer and Raiza.

Rehan: You both destroyed his life. Go away from here.

Raiza: Rehan, you know to whom you are talking to?

Rehan: I know everything. Please leave.

Tanver: Rehan, listen to me.

Rehan: I’m not going to listen to anything. Just leave.

Raiza and Tanveer leave.

Raiza: Leave him Tanveer, we’ll see another girl for Aahil. All are waiting in queue for our son. Let her go.

Tanveer: Chachi, please shut up. It’s all because of you.

Tanveer leaves for the hotel leaving Raiza in her home.

Rehan goes to Aahil.

Rehan: Bhai, please talk with bhabhi.

Aahil: I called her but she is not answering.

Meanwhile at Sanam’s home.

Rashid: Sanam, I made a mistake by telling this relation to Dilshad. Let me rectify my mistake. Here is the divorce paper. Just sign and give.

Sanam is shocked.

Sanam: Dada…

Dilshad: Yes Sanam, we don’t need such low mentality people in our lives. Marriage is not about individuals. It’s about family. Aahil is good but his family is not. So, accept Dada and sign these papers.

Rashid and Dilshad convince her and she signs hoping that Aahil shouldn’t sign.

Rashid: I’ll go and give this to Aahil.

Rashid comes to Aahil’s house.

Rashid: I’m here to give these papers. Sanam has signed already. Just sign and give me.

Aahil: What papers are these?

Rashid: Divorce papers.

Aahil: Has Sanam signed?

Rashid: Yes.

Aahil gets heartbroken.

He also signs and gives it to him. He gets and leaves.

Rehan gets angry seeing this.

Aahil: Rehan we are leaving this home.

Rehan: Where to go?

Aahil:  We’ll go to that flat which we saw along with Sanam. I can’t live here alone with her memories. Let’s pack and leave.

Rehan: I have important work to do. I’ll come now.

Rashid comes to Sanam and tells that Aahil has also signed the papers. She gets shocked.

Rehan comes out and is about to call Sanam but she itself calls.

Sanam: Rehan, I need to meet you.

Rehan: Even I need to talk with you.

Sanam: Come to the coffee house near my home.

Rehan and Sanam meet at the coffee house.

Rehan: Bhabi, why did you sign in divorce?

Sanam: Rehan, for me everything is my grandparents. They can’t hear a single word against me. But your grandmom and Chachi criticized me, Beeji got really angry. And also the fight between them got intensified. But I didn’t expect that dada will bring divorce papers. Even Aahil signed those.

Rehan: What he’ll do then? You didn’t even attend his call.

Sanam: That’s my mistake.

Rehan: Ok now come with me.

Sanam: I need to come there to get my laptop.

Rehan: Your life is waiting there but you’re talking about a laptop.

Sanam: Before going there, we need to go to an important place.

Rehan: Where?

Sanam: Come with me.

They both leave.

After some time,

Rehan and Sanam come to Aahil’s house.

Aahil: Rehan, why did she come now?

Rehan: She came to get her laptop.

Rehan goes to get the laptop. Sanam sits on the sofa next to Aahil. They both don’t speak. Sanam notices the packed things. Aahil gets a call.

Aahil (on the phone): Yes Ji, we’re shifting today to the beachside apartment. There will be a beautiful sunset view and also a spacious balcony. That’s my dream house.

Sanam remembers telling him those words and also they booked a flat.

She sees his WhatsApp status as Single and gets angry.

She gets up and beats him. Aahil cuts the call. Rehan sees this and smiles.

Sanam: Are you single? Who is single? Who’s dream house is that?

She beats him nicely.

Aahil: Ahhh, it’s paining. Leave me.

She falls on him and beats.

Rehan: Bhai, bhabi is pregnant.

Hearing this Aahil is shocked.

Sanam smiles.

Aahil: Really?


Sanam and Rehan come to the hospital from the coffee house.

Rehan: Bhabi, why we are here?

Sanam: Rehan, two days before I gave a test sample for pregnancy. Today they told me to collect the reports.

The doctor tells Sanam that she is pregnant.

Rehan congratulates her. They both come home.


Aahil hugs Sanam and he kisses her forehead.

Aahil: Our baby Sanam.

Sanam: Yes.

They cry and Aahil touches her tummy and kisses it.

Tanveer comes there and sees everyone.

Tanveer: Sanam, when did you come here?

Rehan: Chachi, she is pregnant. You are going to become dadi.

Tanveer gets happy. She happily hugs Sanam.

Tanveer: Sanam, sorry for the happenings. I warned Chachi not to speak those things. but she didn’t listen.

Sanam: Aunty, leave it. Just think about the happy days coming.

Tanveer: Did you tell this to your grandparents?

Sanam: No, not yet.

Tanveer: Then come we’ll go there.

All leave to Sanam’s home.

Rashid: Why did you come here aahil?

He sees Sanam standing behind him.

Rashid: Sanam, why are you coming with them.

Dilshad comes there and sees everyone.

Tanveer goes forward and takes Dilshad in.

Aahil and Rehan too smile and bring Rashid in.

Tanveer: Aunty, don’t be angry. Forgive me and Chachi.

Dilshad: Why did you come here?

Tanveer: Aunty and Uncle, you are going to become great grandparents. Sanam is pregnant.

Rashid and Dilshad get happy.

Dilshad hugs Sanam!!!

Dilshad: When did you confirm?

Sanam: Morning only beeji.

Dilshad takes Sanam and Tanveer in.

Rashid feels guilty. Aahil sees him and touches his hand.

Aahil: Dadaji, you protected Sanam from childhood. Even now you did the same. Don’t feel guilty. Apologize me.

Rashid: Forgive me too.

Aahil and Rashid hug!!!

Rehan thanks god!!!

Months pass by…

Aahil cares about Sanam a lot.

Whenever he hits six, Sanam feels a kick. Happy days go on!!!! Her baby shower happens!!!

Finally her due date!!!

Sanam is screaming in pain in the ward. Aahil holds her hand and consoles her. Rehan, Tanveer, Raiza, Dilshad, and Rashid wait for them.

Finally, Sanam delivered the baby. It’s a baby boy.

Aahil kiss Sanam.

They take the baby and kiss it also. Aahil brings the baby out and shows it to all. Everyone is happy and is in tears.

After few days, the naming ceremony starts!!!

Aahil, Sanam, and Rehan move to Sanam’s dream house.

Sanam and Aahil name the boy as Saahil.

Rehan lifts Saahil up and says, “You are the reason for your Ammi and abbu together. You are the SUNSHINE for our family. Chachu loves you a lot”.

All smiles and ends with Sanam Aahil’s hug!!!

!!!The End!!!

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  1. Shesha485

    Loved the episode. Happy that Sanam gets pregnant and all the misunderstandings are disappeared. Sanam giving birth to baby body and naming Saahil was nice. Loved the sweet story of Sanam and Aahil

    1. Shesha485

      baby *boy

  2. AAYU

    Yay! It was a great ending. Loved it! Please write the next ff or os soon! 🙂

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks, I have a plan for OS. I’ll update soon.

  3. We all loved it.❤❤. You wrote with so much emotions in it. Short but lovely🌹🌹

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks a lot!!!

  4. Jasminerahul

    Sad that even though saahil didn’t want divorce they signed the divorce papers.liked sanam admitting that not attending calls was her mistake.why did she cl rehaan to go to hospital with her?sanam pregnant.thats sweet.saahil scene after the pregnancy revelation was cute.perfect name for their baby.loved rehaan’s dialogue to baby saahil.nice pics.

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