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Hi guys this is my first ever ff.. guys..soo plz read this. if there is any mistakes means plz adjust..
Here is the character sketch of my story..
A bold girl which suits her name..
Naughty girl..not having faith in love..more sensitive..too emotion..
Profession: Detective

FRIEND of Annika guy..who lost his parents in childhood itself…love to flirt with girls…
Age: 21
Profession: Detective

Shivaay singh oberoi:
Shivaay singh oberoi…CEO of oberoi group of industries.. ..Mr.attitude…hate girls..
Age: 23
Profession:CEO of oberoi industries
College going girl..a girl with lot of dream..who is living with her uncle nd aunt..
Age: 19
Profession:A law college student.

Annika and Neil were childhood friends. They completed their degree in the same college; in Mumbai. They were like one soul in two bodies. Some of the people will misunderstand them as partners; but no one can understand their bond other than their parents. In rare cases,due to some evil eye, they fight each other and within a second they will be together as partners in crime. One without the other is like a kite without a thread.

Annika family is a small, middle class and a happy family. Her father is a retired CA professor; her mom is a housemaker and she has a naughty brother who is working in marketing.

Neil is like a bird who lost her nest. He is an orphan. He was grown in an orphanage and later he moved to Annika house.

Annika’s house is like a museum with four rooms; two bedroom one living room and kitchen. Their house is always silent; one can be able to hear the tiktok sound of the clock. In our childhood,our teachers used to ask us to keep pin drop silence; which can be experienced in her house.

Annika and Neil finished their detective courses. After finishing their detective course (investigation in journalism); they got license for their own detective office; ANNE -detective center.

Just an introduction…

So guys..if u like this intro hit like button nd so comments…waiting fa comments!!

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  1. Good start

    1. Sufija

      Thank you dr..

  2. Anokhi21

    Super dear.. Waiting for the next..????

    1. Sufija

      Thank you dr..??…

  3. Sree97

    Superb …

    1. Sufija

      Thank you

  4. Ananyagour

    Really interesting……was waiting for a new story and got this one….. please post soon BEST OF LUCK!!

    1. Sufija

      Thank you dr…I will post as soon and possible dr..

  5. ItsmePrabha

    interesting ..looking forward to it..

    1. Sufija

      Thank you dr..

  6. Very nice waiting for next part please update soon

    1. Sufija

      Thank you dr…I have updated my next epi..

  7. Jasminerahul

    wow shivika avneil together.loved the friendship of Neil anika.they as detectives is superb

  8. Nikita_jai29


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