The Story after a Leap #Season 2 # Epi – 3 (Her attitude & ishani’s hriday parivartan)

Hey guys back with update …..
As #Deepthi di requested I am gonna add the attitude of them ….
Episode starts with …..
All trio comeback home ,
” Vanu… Atleast now say what happened ?? ” Rey spoke while trying to find the reason of her upset and annoyed face
” What happened ?? ” Vansh asked
” Did any one spoke rudely to you ??”
Vansh spoke further in his calm yet dangerous voice
” Papa … I am gutting scrud , dun’t speak that dangerously ” vanya spoke with a cute pout
” Vanya ….. It’s I am getting scared yaar ” rivan once again teased her
” Uff….. Phir se ?? Won’t you live me peacefully rives bro ?? ” Vanya spoke sarcastically
” What happened vanu darling ?? ”
Riddima spoke
” Today I met a irritating candidate , she is showing her so-called status to me ” vanu said
Before vansh could react ,
” Vansh bhai !!!…. ” Two girls exclaimed in happiness , who are siya and ishani
The trio ( vansh , siya , ishani ) have tears in their eyes , they shared a group hug
” Boss…. ” Angre spoke happily
” Stop calling that ….. We are like brothers ” vansh said with fake anger
” I am saying the same thing from years bhai ” ishani said
” Dada…Who is she ?? ” Rives and rey spoke in confusion
And everyone gaze fell on them ,
(Here , aryan , nisha (his wife ) , natasha and all others are present )
” Are they my nephews bhai ?? ” Siya and ishani spoke for which riansh nodded
Both siya and ishani kneeled down to their height
” So …. You are our nephews haan ?”
Both spoke and rives and rey nodded
” Hmm …. What are your names darlings ?? ”
” Myself reyansh ” ” Rivan here ”
” Such an awesome names ” ishani spoke , while siya pouted
” What happened now siya ?? ” Aryan spoke
” Bhai…. Don’t I have a niece ?? ” siya spoke , for which riddima laughed
” Now why are you laughing bhabhi ?? ” siya spoke
” You have a niece and she is very small in age you know ?? ” Riddima said for which everyone’s faces glown
” And even tiny in size too ” rives added for which rey glared him
” Stop shooting glares bhai , not even papa will do so ” rives spoke , with fake pout
” Rives .. why don’t you both stop fighting ?? … Leave her as she is smaller than you … But aren’t you mature haan ?? She is your sister damnit , so for hell’s sake … Stop fighting ” rey spoke
” Haan haan , she is small … blo*dy 1minute that’s it …. And vaise hi , brother and sisters will always fight you don’t know ?? ” Rives spoke for which rey banged his head
” No one , I repeat no one can say you or can win against you in speaking ” rey spoke
” What ?? She is your twin sister ?? ”
Natasha spoke
” Haan di … My so-called irritating sister ”
” Vaise…. Where did my princess gone ?? ” Rey spoke looking here and there
” I am here bhai ” vanya spoke sitting down expressionless
” Princess … Why are you sitting on the ground ?? ” Vansh spoke concerned
” All of that matters later…. Say me something first dada …. Who is she ?? ” Vanya spoke pointing towards ishani
” She is my sister ”
” Lie …. Stop pranking …. ”
” No princess …. She is my sister ”
” Your cousin ?? ”
” Nah!!… My own ”
” Once again lie ”
” No dear ”
” Pari… Stop beating around bush , come to the point … What’s the matter ” rey spoke in serious tone with confusion
” Let me get clarification …. Is she your daughter vansh bhai ?? ” Ishani spoke trying to digest the fact
” Haan ishani …. Hold on ….. Why you both are asking this many times ?? , Could I get the honour to know the reason ” vansh spoke
” Let me clear dada…. She is the same woman … Whom I bumped before with … ” Vanya spoke
” What ???.. you will never change ishani ?? Always status , class that’s it !! ” Vansh spoke annoyed
” Dada… Pl… I don’t want you both to fight , meeting after soo many years by me soo pl…. Just forget it .. ”
Vanya spoke while ishani left from there
” Vaise … Can I know who is her husband is ?? ” Vanya spoke curious
Angre came forward and kneeled down to her height , ” here sweety … Presenting you angre … Ishani raisinghania’s husband ” angre said for which vanya laughed
” You are soo much sweet …. How did you bear her these many years ??” Vanya spoke
” You are indeed a gentleman for tolerate her ” vanya continued
” You look really cute … ” Ananya spoke pulling vanya’s cheeks
” Vaise…. Now go and freshen up and come down … We will have dinner together ” riddima spoke and all departed to their respective rooms
At morning ;
VR Mansion –
Dining table :
Vanya came and sat down to drink her milk …. She drank a sip of it … But immediately spitted out .
” Dusguting ” vanya said
” Uff…. My lovely little sister ….. It’s disgusting ” rives arrived saying this
” If I am not wrong ….. You did this isn’t it ?? ” Vanya spoke
” What happened” nisha asked while serving the breakfast
” Hmm … He added salt in this milk ”
Vanya spoke irritated
” Won’t you change rives ?? ” Rey spoke for which rives replied ” I will never ever bhai… Not even in my worst dreams too ” “bhai , why you will always ask him…. Can’t you understand , he won’t change ” vanya spoke
” Yaar…. I think my whole life I should try to stop your fights only ” rey spoke for which everyone chuckled
” No doubt in that ” both tom and Jerry rives and vanya spoke in unison
Rey banged his head while all laughed
” Bhai… Now I got a challenge to do ”
Vanya spoke playing with the spoon in her hand
” And what’s that ?? ”
” As you see friendship day is nearing and it’s on 1st Aug only … I should make a friend before it will come …As I doesn’t want my first friendship day at school time to be spoiled ”
” Uff… Like seriously yaar ?? … Many people… Mostly men are craving for a valentine in every year Valentine’s day … But they doesn’t get … Then you are getting nervous for friendship day ?? That too 1st friendship day in school ”
Guys here rivan and vanya are kinda joined the school yesterday only
” You shut your mouth ” vanya spoke
At VR School :-
Playground ;
” You have did a grave mistake … You messed up with her… You know who is she ?? , She is agnihotri’s heir … ”
A profesor spoke sternly with vanya
” Sir.. she did wrong …. I said the same …. She doesn’t listen … Then what to do ? ” Vanya spoke reasoning
” Whatever … You have to get punished ” profesor said and took a wooden stick and was about to beat her … But then the peon arrived and tried to stop him ” sir … Listen .. you are new here… You don’t understand
… Pl listen to me … If you want your life to get spared then pl sir stop ”
” You see she is reema agnihotri… The daughter of mr swaroop agnihotri … If he knows this … That his daughter got insulted just by a mere student then he will not leave me ” the profesor not knowing the real identity of vanya , just then the peon almost shouted ” she is raisinghania’s heir then ”
” Uff rahim bhai … Why did you revealed soo fast … I wanted to listen more from him ” vanya said with a smirkΒ  , while sweat beads are forming on the professor’s forehead
” Hmmm…. So profesor harsh … What are you saying ?? Hmm you want to punish me isn’t it ?? Then punish na what are you waiting for ?? But who knows I could in from it to principal sir …. Then you will be dismissed from your job for messing up with meΒ  , as you know even principal sir will get scared of my dad , he dant save himself from my father’s wrath then how could he save you haan ?? …. Hmm then what about saying to police or government ?? , Then your whole carrier will get destroyed for trying to punish such a small girl …. Then (in a calm yet scary and warning tone )Β  ….What about saying it to my DAD ?? , He will rip off your head into pieces , not even your ashes exist on this earth .. ” she said in her intimidating voice just like her day , for which he gulped in fear , he thought he was dead by now
Author : you see , like father like daughter , #dad’sprincessgoals
” But don’t …. I am not that type who will use their family’s name …. I will not do anything like this …. But something …. Don’t look status , class , rich poor , check their hearts and characteristics , behaviour and attitude , coz …. Justice is important not our lives…. If we are true and on correct way and right path , none can stop us not even god , pl think positive , be positive ,stay positive , and make other’s positive ” she immediately leaves from there after saying those words , but a bunch of eyes are looking each and everything from beginning , they are the raisinghania family ,they felt proud to have a heir like her
While ishani is feeling guilty for her behavior towards her , she apologises to riddima and vanya for her past behaviour

So guys …. I am relieved that I gave a good update this time , and # deepti di , sorry for the inconvenience as I doesn’t upload attitude parts in before ones as I didn’t check comments , and in upcoming episodes I will add rivan and rey ‘ s attitude too

Wait wait wait !!..
Where are you all going ??….
First see the precap and leave

Sneak Peak :-
( Caution ; This precap will contain precap for the upcoming 1 or 2 episodes )
” You blo*dy b*t*h…. How dare you ?? ”
” Don’t you dare to utter a word more”
” where is BMB ?? ”
” Where is MPWJB ?? ”
” Where is BNB ?? ”
That’s it !!…… To know and understand the sneak peak clearly just peep into the upcoming episodes …
Till then bye lovelies ….

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