~His changing behaviour~ (Riansh, one shot)

Again a one shot by me. Here we go!!

Riddhima was moving the spoon again and again in the empty bowl. From her face anyone could say that she isn’t in a very good mood.

Vansh who was taking glances of her while checking a file. Finally, took a sigh, and went towards her.

“Why are you creating this annoying sound? And don’t you have to sleep?

“Whatever I wish, I’ll do! Everytime you can’t keep me in your control”

“Why you keep finding the reasons to fight with me!?”

“Haha very funny” she said being sarcastic.

Vansh noticed the waterbag on her lap.

“Are you okay?”

She ignored his question and continued moving the spoon in the the bowl. And the reason why she was doing that, she herself didn’t knew.

“You didn’t even came for lunch or breakfast, downstairs. Are you fine” he paused for a bit. “Or missing someone!?”

“Not again please” she muttered.

“When you don’t care, I exist, I have feelings, then, why the hell are you asking me, that whether I am okay or not!?”

“Not again please” he muttered.

He took a seat beside her. And slowly slid the tray and kept it on the table. And took the spoon from her hand and kept it in the bowl.

And in return she sighed. And was about to get up when he held her wrist.

In amazement, she gave him an annoying look.

“Hush! What happened? You want to tell me that- you can’t talk keep back answering me. You should be in your limits and blah blah!”

These thoughts didn’t even came in his mind. He just wanted to ask that “Is she really doing fine?”

He let her wrist go. Then, something striked his mind.

He blurted- Are you on your periods?
He, himself was brother of two sisters, so how can he not know, her pain.

She turned at him and nodded. She wanted to say something but somewhere her mind denied it.

“You are here to collect proof against him, not to fall for him!!” She told her inner self.

And went to bed.

He, like always laid on the sofa. And after two or minutes. When, lights were off. He spoke- Riddhima. Are you awake?

She quickly turned on the lights and huffed- What’s your problem, now?

Did this girl ever knew, how to talk normally?

“I was saying that-“

Just then, some thoughts started running in his mind-
You are Vansh, you don’t have to hesitate to say anything! For god’s sake! Nah! VR doesn’t believe in God. For hell’s sake! Yeah! That’s better.

“Now, will you speak something?She said and her eyelashes were telling her to sleep.

I was saying that whenever you need my help, tell me, I’ll be always there beside you!”
He said with most innocent face he could make!

Wait? WTH, he just spoke! He and being beside there for me! I don’t think so!
“Neend mein ho, jao so jao!”
(You are still in sleep, go and sleep!)

She said and turned of the lights.

Vansh, without uttering a word, slept.

Riddhima touched feet of Dadi and wished her good morning with a smile on her face.
She always wanted a happy family, today she was having one, probably not.

Vansh came to Dadi and greeted her a good morning. And continued further-
“My few friends are coming, today. At evening.”

“Ye toh achi baat hain. Tu chinta mat kar, Riddhima will look after everything”.

Vansh received a call and left by now.

Riddhima gave a smile to Dadi and nodded.

Later, in afternoon-

Vansh informed dadi, that, his friends want to taste some sweet dish from Riddhima’s hands.

To which Riddhima agreed. Or had to agree. She knew, she was just a spy here. But, she was doing all these for keep her dadi happy.

At evening-

Vansh’s friends came along with him. They were served with various food. And also special halwa by Riddhima. As they wanted.

They praised Riddhima.

One of his friend, said-
“Vansh, you are so lucky! You got a wife like Riddhima.

Was he really lucky? He also didn’t knew it yet.

Vansh excused himself from his friends and went behind Riddhima.

He pinned Riddhima in the way between, when she was going to the kitchen.

What happened, now? Are you still in sleep!?!”

“Can you ever, ever talk normally?
There’s a stain on your back of dress.” He said, removing his hands from her both sides and pocketing them.

Riddhima covering her back with her duppata silently left to her bedroom.


She was sitting at the bed. Wearing her pyjamas. She was awake till 11.30 pm. Just to talk to him.

Vansh came to the room.
And went to the bathroom to freshen up. Without giving a look to Riddhima.

Riddhima felt a bit hurt but still, waited for him.

He came out. Before, Riddhima could say anything. He laid on the sofa.

“Lights off please” he said.

Riddhima wanted to say sorry. But, he!

She came near him and said- Vansh.

“Listening” he said, still closing his eyes.


“Why?” He said. Opening his eyes.

“For… behaving a bit rude with you!”

“A bit?”

“I said sorry!”

“Okay. Go to sleep”

“I want ice-cream”

“This time?”

She nodded.

“Okay” he sighed.

She was falling for his changed behaviour. Was she somewhere forgetting, she came in his life, just to collect proofs against, to see him behind the bars!
These thoughts occupied her mind.

He came with a bowl of ice cream in his hands after ten minutes.

“Here you go” he said, handing her the bowl of ice cream.

“I don’t want it now” she said. While going back to the bed.

“You are impossible” he sighed.

Somewhere, she was falling for him. Indeed.

Aankhon mein teri…
Ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain

Dil ko bana dein jo patang
Saansein ye teri vo hawaayein hain…

~The end~

And there’s one short story in myΒ  mind. Should I write?

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