The reason of my ecstasy — Chapter 24

Chapter: 24…” Missing “…

Scene 1:

Rag:Ved today we will dress like waiter. I get to know they are having masque party so we can cover our faces easily.

Ved:Dad I think I can’t do it.

Rag:You can. I have full trust on you. Let’s have some drinks first. Calm down my son.

Ved:I don’t drink all those you know.

Rag:Yes I know. So I ordered soft drink for you.

They drank their juice and hard drink.

Rag:Now we will leave for VR Mansion. Get ready.

Ved:Yes Dad.

Scene 2:

Ang:Sia I want to say something. I am in love with you from the first day I met with you. I love you Sia. Do you love me?

Ang:Ufff!! It’s becoming so formal. I have to think something different. But I will propose her. Yes today only I will propse her in the party. God give me strength and some idea.

Scene 3:

Riddhima is inside the room and Vansh outside.

Van:Riddhima are you ready for the party?


Van:Any problem? Say me. Don’t hesitate.

Rid:I don’t know how to wear a saree.

Van:Let me help you.

Rid:Noooooooooo…!! ( shouts on top of her voice).

Van:Hey chudail stop shouting. I am your husband not a stranger. Moreover I will cover my eyes.


Vansh comes inside. He closed his eyes with a handkerchief. They he took the saree and starts to make her wear it. Everytime Vansh’s long fingers touched Riddhima’s waist region. It gives a shock to her. She was feeling something which she never felt for anyone else. Butterflies are fluterring in her stomach. Atlast she was fully ready.

Rid:Thank you so much. Now open your eyes.

Vansh opens his eyes and saw towards Riddhima who was looking no more less than an angel.

Van:You are looking so se*y sweetheart.

Rid:I know that I am se*y.

Van:But your looking beautiful for the saree only. And…

Rid:We are getting late.

Riddhima leaves.


Scene 4:

All the guests start to arrive. Raghav and Ved also arrives. Raghav was with the other guests as no one knows him from VR Mansion and Ved was dressed as a waiter.

Rag:You remember what you have to do?

Ved:Yes dad. I know very well. ( smirks).

Kab:So ladies and gentleman. Let’s welcome our today’s couple, Mr & Mrs RaiSinghania.

Everyone claps and both Riddhima and Vansh came down from the stairs.

Few women:See both are looking so good.

Another women:Hayee rab ne banadi jodi!!

Kab:Today we are having masque party. So everyone are requested to have their masques.

Everyone wears their masques.

Ang:Start the music. Let’s start our party with the dance of RiAnsh.

Both of them came on the dance floor. The music starts:

Humein Tum Se Pyaar Kitanaa

Ye Ham Nahiin Jaanate
Magar Jii Nahiin Sakate
Tumhaare Binaa

Humein Tum Se Pyaar Kitanaa
Ye Ham Nahiin Jaanate
Magar Jii Nahiin Sakate

Humein Tum Se Pyaar

Tumhe koi aur dekhe
toh jalta hai dil..
Badi mushqilon se phir
sambhalta hai dil..
Kya kya jatan karte hai
tumhe kya pata..

Ye dil beqaraar kitna
Ye hum nahi jaante..
Magar jee nahi sakte
tumhaare haa..
Humein tumse pyaar

Riddhima’s pov starts:

I never got so much peace with anyone. Not even with Ved. I got my perfect soulmate. Thanks god for giving Vansh in my life. I may not love him. But I care for him. He also care for me. He respects me. He respects my feelings. I don’t need anything else. But I will confront with Ved once.

Pov ends.

Everyone claps after their dance.

Ish:Now we all will dance together.

Pairs are:Riddhima and Vansh. Sejal and Vikram. Ishani and Kabir. Sia and Angre.

Dil ko jaane yeh kya hua
Mil ke apna sa tu laga
Kaise main karun bayaan
Tumse yeh junoon hai ya gumaan

Aise mujhe tum mile, tum mile
Jaise koyi din khile, din khilee
Jaane kahan hum chale, hum chale
Chaahe jo bhi dil kare, dil kare

Jis raah, jis raah bhi jaaun
Tujhko tujhko hi chaahun
Humraah ab se mera tu
Humraah main bhi tera hoon

Jis raah, jis raah bhi jaaun
Tujhko tujhko hi chaahun
Humraah ab se mera tu
Humraah main bhi tera hoon

Tumse Ye Junoon Hai Ya Gumaan
Aise Mujhe Tum Mile Tum Mile
Jaise Koyi Din Khile Din Khile
Jaane Kahan Hum Chale Hum Chale
Chahe Jo Bhi Dil Kare

Jis Raah Jis Raah Bhi Jaaun
Tujhko Tukho Hi Chaahun
Humrah Abse Mera Tu
Humraah Main Bhi Tera Hu

Jis Raah Jis Raah Bhi Jaaun
Tujhko Tukho Hi Chaahun
Humrah Abse Mera Tu
Humraah Main Bhi Tera Hu

Ehshaan Mand Hai Dil Ab Se Tera
Ye Fraz Kaisa Hai Kya Naam Du Bata
Koyi Jaane Na Dusra
Samjhe Tuhi Meri Zubaan

Maine Mujh Sa Deewanapan
Ho Ho Oh Dekha
Na Kahin Tere Siva

Tujhse Hi Din Shuru Shaamein Dhale
Ab Toh Nazar Se Bhi Na Tu Hate
Jitni Hai Fursatein Fursatein
De Du Saari Main Tujhe Tu Mujhe

Jis Raah Jis Raah Bhi Jaaun
Tujhko Tukho Hi Chaahun
Humrah Abse Mera Tu
Humraah Main Bhi Tera Hu

Jis Raah Jis Raah Bhi Jaaun
Tujhko Tukho Hi Chaahun
Humrah Abse Mera Tu
Humraah Main Bhi Tera Hu

Ved was serving when he got a call from his father.

Rag:Kidnap her. I am waiting for you in the car.


He takes out a handkerchief and put some chloroform in it. He went to a girl.

Ved:Mam someone is calling you on that side.


The girl goes but she didn’t find someone. She was about to come when Ved put the handkerchief on her face and she lose her senses. He lifts her and went to the car. Then he left from their with his father.

Precap:Ved: How do you dare to point gun on me?Β 

Hey guys. I am totally fine now. Today I am late. I am sorry for that. So today’s question is who is kidnapped? Target comments is 25+ comments leaving mine. I will try to post soon. Silent readers please do comments. Love you all and bye. Take care. Stay in home and stay safe. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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