Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Ranvir surprises Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik asking Kairav to think of Sirat with a smile. He cheers up Kairav. He says we have to get habitual to stay without her. Kairav says we will miss her as we miss mumma, mumma has become a star, but Sirat will marry bike buddy, we can go and meet her. Kartik hugs him. Kairav asks will Sirat go away from me. Kartik thinks it will be better for you and her that she goes away. Sirat asks where are you taking me, tell me. Ranvir asks her to open her eyes.

She gets emotional seeing a lovely surprise. He says forgive me for every hope which I couldn’t keep. She says its nothing like that, you did for me what none can do, you saved my life. He says I saved my life that’s in you, I couldn’t forgive myself, I m sorry, I got conscious after two days, I didn’t think come to you, I took two years, because Chauhan threatened to shoot you, I was scared, I didn’t believe your love, which kept me alive, my love would have protected you, I had taken revenge on Chauhan on the day when he tried to separate me from me, I snatched his son, I didn’t talk to mum, she also didn’t support me. She says you left your family for me. He says it was a punishment for me, I thought to either meet you or forget you, truth is, I couldn’t do both the things. She hugs him. He says its enough now, just stay with me, I can’t stay without you. They romance. He says you are my earth, I m your moon, I will always revolve around you, its a surprise for you. She gets a ring. He makes her wear a ring and shouts I love you Sirat. Lo safar….plays… She gets Kartik’s call. Ranvir asks her what was she saying.

Sirat answers Kartik’s call and asks is Kairav fine. Nani says you could ask about me also. Sirat asks why did you call from my phone. Nani says my phone isn’t charged, how are you. Sirat says I m fine, I will talk later. Nani says focus on what you went to do. Sirat says yes. Kairav asks Nani to come and play. Sirat asks Nani to go. Nani says Kartik will get my and Kairav’s tests tomorrow. Sirat asks which tests, Kairav was fine. Kairav asks were you talking to Sirat, how is she. Nani says yes, she is okay, are you happy. Kairav says I m missing her. Nani says she is also missing you, I m missing her. He asks is she missing my dad. She asks is Kartik missing her. He asks are you happy with Sirat and Ranvir’s marriage. She says I m happy in her happiness. He says dad also said this, but I feel she would be more happy with my dad. Ranvir asks what happened, why did your mood spoil, I have much work, I don’t have time, come fast. Sirat stops him and takes the bike keys. She says you got upset. He says no, my hardwork, my surprise, everything got ruined. She says sorry. He says give me the keys. She says you would want an answer for the question you asked, fine, drop me to the hostel. He asks what’s your answer. She says you have no time. He asks her to answer. She says my answer is yes. He smiles. She says I love you. He hugs her.

Kartik makes the snake and ladder game on the floor. Everyone gets surprised. He says this time, we will play this way, it will be fun, everyone gets your colours. Manish says good job. Suwarna says why did you keep a snake at 99, it changes the game. Kartik says its the big truth of life, we can’t deny it, we have to make a new start always, I will never lose. Manish asks about Kairav’s tests. Kartik says yes, we will get the tests done, doctor can say how will Sirat’s leaving affect his health, everything will be fine, Kairav will become like before, we all will be happy here, Sirat would be happy there, decide colours first, we shall start the game. They play the game and enjoy.Yeh rishta…plays…

Sirat gets Rhea’s message and video. She says Kairav looks so happy, I m missing everyone. Sirat says I wish Kairav’s reports come clear. Ranvir thinks did she sleep, she isn’t checking my message. He looks at the window. He says she is online, she isn’t habitual to stay alone, did she get upset, what shall I do to end your loneliness, its her match tomorrow, she should be okay. Guard comes to him. Kartik sends an audio to her to wish her for the match. She thanks him. She checks Ranvir’s messages. She asks Ranvir to sleep and let her sleep. Kartik wins the match. Kartik and Kairav talk like Sirat. Nani thinks Sirat left from their house, not their hearts. Kartik hugs Kairav. Its morning, Sirat says Kairav and Nani have tests today, I will talk later. She sees the watchman sleeping and thinks to teach a lesson. She pours water. Ranvir wakes up and asks what are you doing. She asks what are you doing here. He says guard is sleeping at his home, I was here to be close to you, you gave me a bath, we will go for jogging now, we will have tea at the stall, then I will go home and get ready. She says you got prepared. He says I have prepared for the entire life.

Ranvir waits for Sirat. Kartik brings her on a bike. Ranvir doesn’t see his face and shouts, how dare you. Kartik turns to see.

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