I opened the message. I looked at his dp just to check if it was really him. It was him, that weird guy with that confident eyes.
“What now?” I texted back.
“I was bored. So simply texted” the reply came.
“Go text your girlfriends” I replied.
” I have got no one” he said.
I don’t know I felt kinda happy at that statement. Wait! What am I thinking? Why should I be happy if some random guy whose name I don’t even know doesn’t have a girl?
‘Aditi he is playing you’ my inside securities started warning me.
“Then die alone” I replied.
“Not without you sister” he replied.
“How the hell did you get my number?” I asked him.
“Sis, you are forgetting the main person behind all of this.” He replied.
‘That b*t*h’ I thought.
“Shit! Neha” I replied.
“???” he replied.
” Care to tell me your name atleast?” I asked him.
“The game will loose its charm then sis” he replied.
” Stop calling me sister” I replied.
“Then what should I call you? Sweetheart?” He replied.
That’s it. I lost all my cool.
” Go to hell moron! Stop playing with me. Stop texting me first” I replied.
“That applies to us both. I ain’t the only one texting here?” he replied.
He was right. I was texting back too. I usually don’t text back to strangers. And now I thought about how I let my guard down.
” That’s right! Go to hell” I texted back.
” Good night at hell with you sister?” he replied.
And I deleted all the texts.
‘I have to find this loser’s name’ I thought and slept.

It was 5 in the morning and my alarm rang.
“SWITCH OFF THAT DAMN ALARM” Rey shouted in her sleep.
“I woke up not because of that alarm but because of that b*t*h’s loud voice.
I and rey got ready for college and woke Lisa before we left. I was telling rey about the texts.
“Don’t you think he is flirting with you?” Rey asked me.
“Yeah yeah flirting calling me his sister”I said.
” So you don’t like him calling you sister?” She asked me with a wink.
” Correction. I DON’T LIKE HIM AT ALL” I shouted gaining the attention of those people who stood at the corridor.
“b*t*h don’t shout” Rey said.
” Says who” I said.
“GIRLS!!” Nikki called.
“Hey nikki!! Class over?” I asked.
“Yeah class got called off” Nikki said.
” Girls shall we go to ‘The hungry beasts’? ” Rey asked.
“Yeah sure hungry beast” Nikki replied.
Hungry Beast is a cafe near our college and you could see the entire college there.
As we entered I could smell the presence of evil. Yeah Rey found it.Oops her.
“ADITI!!!!!” Neha called.
‘Yeah sure b*t*h’ I thought.
“Hey Neha! Sorry I didn’t see you” I said. ‘But smelled you’ I thought.
“That’s okay! HEY NIKKI! Long time yar” Neha said.
As nikki and neha were conversing I and Rey found a place to sit.
I saw Aashik standing over the corner. He waved a hi and I waved back. Suddenly I could again smell trouble.
I turned back to see if Neha has left. But I saw another entry. It was him.
‘OH GOD! Why can’t I have a normal day? I thought.
I tapped Rey and told her it was him. He was wearing a black shirt with his sleeves folded.
Rey scanned him and whispered
“Nothing so worthy adi”.
I starred at her. He was coming near to our table and I couldn’t do anything but panic.
He walked past our table and started talking with Aashik.
For a moment I couldn’t understand the scene. DID HE JUST IGNORE ME NOW? I thought.

I know I shouldn’t be angry but I couldn’t stop being angry. I know he is playing his game. How can he avoid me like that? I thought.
“Aditi!” Rey called me.
“What??” I asked her in an irritated tone.
” Are you okay? Why do you look so disappointed? Is it because that black shirt ignored you?” Rey asked and laughed.
“You know what b*t*h? Shut up before I kill you” I said.
Nikki came and we had some snacks and left.
I had some work in my department and so I asked Rey to go front. Although I hate to admit, Rey was right. I was disappointed that he ignored me. I don’t know why he did that but I was kinda hurt.
“Sister” someone called.
” Ugh! I told you not to call me that” I said without turning back.
” Whats wrong adi?” He asked.
And I realised it was Arjun. Arjun is my cousin who studies in the same batch as I am but he is one year elder to me.
“Juno!! Sorry I was thinking about something else” I said turning back.
“Day dream huh? ” Arjun said and laughed.
Yeah unless he knows the dream he can laugh.
I smiled a bit.
“Hey adi, I was actually looking for you” he said.
” Why?” I asked.
” You are good in studies. A friend of mine wants help. So if you don’t mind can you teach him?” He asked.
Juno has never asked any help and I was also free for the time being and so I agreed to help.
” Sure Juno!” I said.
“Thanks! You are the best” he said.
“The world knows it” I said.
” I will ask Virat to text you” he said and left.
‘Virat? Nice name’ I thought.

Later in the evening, I and Lisa were talking about random things. I suddenly got a text from him.
“Hey sister” he said.
” I told you not to do this” I replied.
“What? Not to call you sister?” He asked.
” Not to text me” I corrected.
” Sorry order cancelled” he replied.
” What do you want now?” I asked.
I was still pissed at him for the cafe scene.
” I saw your priceless reaction in the cafe. You look so funny being angry” he said.
And then my anger hit the top level. He has purposefully avoided me. How dare he! I thought.
” Just go to hell! I am gonna stop texting and you too stop it! Goodbye” I texted back.
” Oops sorry sister. I don’t think that could happen” he replied.
” What are you talking about?” I said.
” When do I have my class, teacher?” He said.
“VIRAT!?????” I replied.
” ???” the reply came.

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