u r my everything -swaragini (Part 11)

PART 11:
In restroom
Laksh had tears in his eyes..
Laksh (himself):why i can’t c u in this state …this is the first tym I went against my sweety’s words…she is everything to me…I left her alone(HE REMINISCING RAGINI’S TEARFUL EYES) …sry swara now I have to be with Ragini …sry by saying this he turned to go…but swara held his hand tightly..He turned n saw her tat still her eyes were closed) .laksh was tried to remove his hand from her grip…sry swara I have to go…she needs me…he started to go…

@ ragsan place
Sanskar was about to go…Ragini clapped soundly to gain sanskar’s attention..he turned to c her..she smiled at him widely..Sanskar got confused by her smile…he thought tat she was worried till now suddenly how can she be happy…
Ragini:wat happen Sanskar? R u confused by my behaviour…today u tried to make me fool but see instead of me u get fooled by me…she glared at him.(till he in confusion) ..she talked with him with full of hatred …wat u thought tat I’ll get doubt on my laksh and will leave him…noway Sanskar ..I’ll never ever leave my laksh for anything…wat u thought tat i cant came to know Ur plan. .if u thought like tat then u r totally wrong.. our relationship is not like tat much weaker to believe everything rather than us…we were always together since 21 years. U cant seperate us just like tat…wat u said b4 tat every boy has some weakness may be girls ryt??? But u were wrong…u thought tat laksh will clinging on girls like u…laughed loudly….seriously Sanskar my laksh is not like u…he always know how to respect girls but u make fun of girls…my laksh is not a womanizer like u…got it?by hearing this Sanky clenched his fist…shouting RAGINIIII…

Ragini glared at him…don’t scream Sanskar..by shouting at me Wat u want to prove haan?? (with raising her eyebrows one-sided)..and one more thing don’t bother about us we will sort out our problems.. hereafter don’t try to come between us… If u do then I’m sure I’ll make Ur life worse even u can’t imagine…don’t talk rubbish anything about my laksh…infact u have no standard to talk about him.. do u understood that better u ???…HE IS MY EVERYTHING …if anyone tried to play between us.. then I’ll not spare anyone…by saying this she turned to go…but something strike on her mind …she again turned to him and said..

I know tat u and swara had made this plan to separate us …to start ur mission u both first did this unconscious drama ryt?(HE WAS NUMB) I must say tat u r brilliant BUT IM MORE BRILLIANT THAN U…Sanskar got shocked (he thought that how could she knew his plan)wat happen sanskar …?oh r u confused how I came to know …MNG I heared Ur so called plans…(PART10)(flashback..when Ragini headed towards clsroom she saw swara with Sanskar…she heared tat they were gng to do drama..so only she didn’t talked with swaragini, bcse she agreed to sanskar tats y)may be u think then why I had cried when laksh left me for swara?? I felt bad bcse my laksh didn’t know tat u people r acting infront him…he didn’t know that u people r trying to seperate us…tats y I’m crying…my laksh will always keep me happy…hereafter don’t use Ur cheap tricks on us…if u again tried to disturb us then I’ll never
C tat u r Sujatha Mam’s son…I’ll not spare u …u’ll c different Ragini…saying this she walked from there while she turned

she dashed with laksh…Sanskar was still in shock…he can’t digest the words wat ragini spoke…he went from there to his class with angry face…(NOTE FRNDS:LAKSH DIDNT NOTICED SANSKAR N HE DIDNT HEAR ANYTHING) laksh had tears in his eyes…he immediately hug Ragini tightly…Ragini too reciprocate…she rubbed his back gently…laksh broke the hug..
Laksh: sry sweety…
Ragini: for wat
Laksh:I hurted u by ignoring ..bcse she is in trouble…
Ragini: don’t be sry Bandar…I’m not at all angry on u..
Laksh: r u sure..
Ragini: yeah sure…cum.. Saying this they headed towards library …while walking Ragini in mind (thank God laksh didn’t hear our conversations…..tears formed in her eyes while thinking abt swara..why u did like this swara…u also join hands with tat Sanskar…how I forget tat u r sanskar’s bestie..yeah I agreed tat I didn’t let u come near laksh bcse I’m possessive about him.. but I didn’t thought even in my dreams tat ull make plan to separate us…im really felt bad tat my laksh didn’t know tat u acted to fall unconscious…I know he had some unknown feelings towards u….if I told Ur so called unconscious drama definitely he’ll trust me but he will feel bad by not hearing me…so I’ll not tell urs plan to him…I myself will handle this

swara was present in the class… While raglak returned from library and entering inside their class.. ragsan glare at eachother…swalak saw eachother..Ragini sat near swara…swara smiled at her…Ragini smiled at her forcely and turned her face…swara felt weird but brushed out her thoughts…(she didn’t knew tat Ragini had came to knw their plannings.. N sanskar too didn’t told her)

@eve Kapoor mansion
Sanskar:why u didn’t propose him baby
Swara:I didn’t get a chance Sanky…
Sanskar: we planned well Na…then how can u say like tat..
Swara: u were ryt…but he dropped me in waiting room he didn’t gave a chance to tell my feelings towards him…he always thinking about tat Ragini only…i think u can’t seperate them..so pls drop this idea here itself…
Sanskar: mmm…Ragini will never leave laksh..I don’t know why she is always with him…okay as u say hereafter I’ll never make plan to separate them okay happy??
Swara smiled at him..yeah happy…but swara is in deep thoughts..both hugged eachother
..it was seen by ram(only hugging position) okay come I’ll drop u ..uncle and aunty must be waiting for you…
Swara:I’ll wait downstairs…u change and come

After she left…
Sanskar (himself) okay swara as u say I’ll not try to separate them…but I’ll keep disturbing them…day by day I can’t wait to make her as mine.. I’ll make her mine at any cost …today u use such a big word (WOMANIZER )ragini(with rage in his eyes) .u don’t know about me fully…I’ll show u who am I…get ready to face problems in Ur life…he smiled evilly…and he went to drop swara…
Ragini home
Both raglak enjoyed with their families…

Both sanlak fight eachother..Sanskar about to push laksh from clg terrace…swarag rushed to help laksh…sanskar got a slap from whom?? wat will happen???

sorry frnds for this uninteresting episode…I’ll try to give nice update next time…pls forgive me..don’t forget to support me…and pls give Ur feedbacks…

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  1. You only uploaded 23rd Pat in fb dear where is next part sis

    1. Ritathomas

      I Have no time sis… ..but soon I’ll

  2. nice part… nice twist… Ragini took a good decision… Raglak can’t become a couple in this story.. still I say don’t suffer Ragini… let other suffer… plz..

  3. Despacito

    nice part hoping it will be ragsan and swalak. But i dont know your twist. Swara is such a buddhu. Ragini is smart. Sanskar evil minded. Laksh like (nothing to say). Btw the way love the part and your twist wala love story. Carry on.

    1. Ritathomas

      Thank u keep supporting me

  4. can you plz give me the link of our story that written in fb?

    1. Ritathomas

      U will find my ff in tevar page Dr….

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