The leap drama of Indian soaps

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I thought of discussing the kind of stories indian soaps generally have… especially after the leap…

After leap, this is the kind of track most of the serials follow…

1) Doesn’t matter how happy the lead pairs were shown in the serial, they has to get separated after leap…the love, the connection and whatever magical thing was there between the leads has evaporated…

2) The reason of lead pair separation has to be a death. A character of less importance will be killed by the creative team..any non sense would do…dadi died (of heart attack), brother in law died (of drug overdose), sister’s kid died (while playing)… whatever it is, the Hero will consider it is heroine’s fault and will leave her…

3) Hero, heroine and their sacred love has reached to a point where they just hate each other…to that extent, that they can’t bear his/her name taken by other family members..

Eg – Abhi from kumkumbhagya

4) Hero and heroine has got married to someone else…and are happily married…at least for the first few episodes after leap.

5) Heroine will definitely have a child with her…which of course will be the ex hubby’s child…and that poor guy has no clue about it.

6) The current dildaar hubby who will take care of the child as if it is his own baby…he has no issue with the child calling him daddy or his wife still feeling for ex….

7) The current pair (Hero n current wife/ heroine and current hubby) is in a relationship and will be called as husband wife…but,but they will never ever have s*x or physical attraction towards each other…their Marital status is just for the world to know that lead has moved on…

8) Dildaar current hubby doesn’t get anything from the so called institution of love, no care…only an aaya or maid who takes care of his household…yet he is happy with the name sake of hubby tag and daddy tag..

9) The heroine and the kid will leave this poor chap as if nothing has happened..if possible, she will make you feel intimidated for falling for her. She using his name, money to bring up her child is alright.. but he falling for her during these years is a crime. That Dildaar hubby falling for his wife after taking care of them for at least 5 years(coz the kid will definitely be more than 5) is a sin and he has to be pubished…

Eg- Kasam,Tanu reacted when she came to know that he was in love with her.

10) last one…and the highlight of this track is that you will get to know that the lead pair never got divorced…(as usual the heroine just picked her bag up and just left…and on her way she came to know that she is pregnant…) Basically whatever happened in between was all nullified and the hero and heroine are together and lead a happy life…the other two (respective partners of the lead pairs during the leap) were kept as dummy or you can say was curry leaves…they were added just to get essence and now that it’s done, curry leave has to kept outside.

I have seen the same track in almost every serial. Be it yeh hai Mohabbatein- ishita getting separated, Kasam- Tanu getting separated, kumkumbhaghya with Abhi Pragya separation, saath nibhana Saathiya – Gopi n ahem separation, sasural Simar – Simar was with someone and had a kid too, yeh rishta kya kehlata hai- upcoming naira separation, Suhani si ek ladki- Suhani separation…and many more to come…

I just found it weird…if you want to separate the lead pair any how… can’t you at least have some change in story… can’t the girl or boy lead an independent life?

Anyways… that’s my thoughts about the leap…

Please let me know what you feel about it through your comments…l

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  1. Yess, you’re absolutely right di…. each nd every show is having the same storyline after leap but I must say there is one show which is different from all other.. unique i must say… nd i’ve never seen such an amazing story with strong characters like naamkarann… Naamkarann is such an amazing show. The 10 years leap came but Avni was shown as an independent woman living her life for the illegitimate kids whom she didn’t want to suffer like she did being illegitimate..!!
    It is not like every other daily soap. It has a unique plot and strong characters.

    1. Jisha

      Actually I don’t know abt naamkaran coz I didn’t watch it. It’s good that some serials make sense…

    2. Even they had a kid…..

  2. Riana

    In case of kumkum bhagya…
    • Pragya is king’s pa now…oh btw wasnt she a proffessor ! I mean this is the logic ?

    • In Saathiya, Gopi killed Radha and went to jail for 10 years, but they later celebrated gohem’s marriage anniversary just to bring another leap twist by killing ahem’s character !…lol…they said gohem are married for 25 years, but for me it was only 7 years of partial togetherness !…as gopi left home one for 8 years and another for 10 years…

    • For me Kumkum bhagya’s leap story is a combination of yhm’s and kasam’s leap story !…They can never show anything fresh thats why its balaji ! ??

    • Sasural simar ka, lol that supernatural house show, i dont wanna discuss anything about it !..?

    • SSEL, Total stupid show no sense of logic at all after 20 years leap !…It was a garbage..Even they said sorry to a viewers on the last episode…?

    • Yrkkh, Quite following the unnecassary seperation track…funny

    Article was very good, you wrote the points clearly

    1. Jisha

      Thanks for the comments…

  3. To a great extent naamkaran and kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi are some shows which shows that men and women are not fully depended on each other and can live separately also.

    But I still haven’t seen a show in which has brought a leap to show change in lifestyle or any change in lives of people….

  4. Awesome yaar. You jusy got it right. I just hate these leaps. And after living peacefully for 5to 7 years with the dildaar husband , suddenly the hero and heroine’s path cross, they meet , again fall in love do hell with the dildaar husband / wife’ssacrifices, the dildaar husband or wife turn negative, and all of a sudden the child also accepts the hero as his/her father. Don’t know when writers will prove that they are really WRITERS and make something good.

    1. I think whenever the writers think of the leaps either they should think of some new , logical stuff or just end the show, because they show us what we have seen for decades and still want the viewers to be gripped to the so called new track.

  5. Not to forget the stupid hit and miss sequence..sometimes phones fall,people block the way…and all that nonsense of sensing each other and turning back dramatically only to find some other person..The dupatta doing wonders making the hero sense heroine…. blah blah blah

    1. Jisha

      True…the dupattas of heroine is designed in such way that it will always fall on hero ??…

      1. Absolutely…….the dupatta is their messenger actually.

    2. LOL!!!

    3. Exactly and in kkb it is the most i feel , it has been around a month they took the leap but still they didnt had face off , how many coincides like in airport ,school hotel , police station even on the foot path .

  6. point 2 matches with naamkaran . neela maa murder and sepration but it was a little diferent

    1. Point2 don’t match because after Neela maa death, avni made her own death drama to keep Neil and Neil’s family safe and Neil doesn’t know anything about how can it match point 2 in anyway.

  7. The description you said don’t match NAAMKARAN and KRPKAB. They are totally different from these regular shows and NAAMKARAN and KRPKAB are unique I must say.

  8. that CURRY LEAVES thing in the point 10 is so correct. LOL! your comparison is very funny though!

  9. Kashaf

    I hate when leap goes stereotypical. I think naamkaran had a sensible leap as the couple never hated each other nor any drama like ex occurred. Even yeh un dinno ki leaps are best and unique. Yeah most of the shows have this kind of leaps.

  10. Lokesh

    Totally agree to u, even one more thing is common in Indian shows that is fake marriage , one partner on bed other on sofa , and lives as couple for the world. And soon will fall in love.

  11. Anjanaa

    Most Indian serials are just stuck in this same plot no matter whatever the plot was in the starting

  12. Agga4102

    True!!! I literally hate leaps…

  13. Ooshi

    Yeah totally agreed and feels very sad for the curry leaves(in the article)

  14. Totally agrees with you in beintehaa after zain dad die he divorced Aaliya and after that know about that she is innocent she leaves him for 2 years he searches for Aaliya and in Hyderabad Aaliya become independent women and live her life but she became khadoos
    In Naamkarann after leap avni become independent women and take care of orphanage
    In krpkab dev and sonakshi separate and after leap sonakshi become independent women and live her life.
    I find these show are different
    In kumkum bhagya they totally copy kasam
    Eg-Pragya work for king kiara call him dad
    Tanuja work for Abhishek Natasha call him papa.
    King and abhi hate each other
    Rishi and ak hate each other
    School scene was same they copy kasam

  15. Makers always want trp. Viewers ki soch change imp I don’t understand why people watch kkb really youngsters Plz change u r parents mostly youth does not like kkb I thought which serials youth like they won’t run somuch time bec youth watched in online and that serials are near to this generation
    Humara parents generation diff so they like other type
    Which serials having high trp that story real me now this generation me nahi hoga

    So much changed in youth ib, naamkaran, are diff but trp low online me high ek bar parents E 2 serials ki female leads hamari children inspiration
    If possible change parents
    I wNt to say one thing to writers this generation not blamed his wife’s this stupid reasons they won’t break for like that

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