The Last Spirit – Chapter 1 ‘Meet Her’

(of course you can find it similiar to Frozen 2!!! I love that movie so so much!)

A girl, royally dressed like a beautiful princess should be, was running down the corridor opening several big gates by herself, holding her lehenga by her hands. Her gold embroidered dupatta, was resting on her arm at one side and tangled with her finger ring in the other side.

The mid part of the dupatta was in friction with the floor accompanied by her long lehenga, her anklets making sounds like wind himes, and a cherry on cake, her open wavy hairs reaching till her hips, some of the strands tucked up with a small flower stem. Small yellow roses aroused her hairs and a light necklace with a small pearl was moving up and down as she ran.

“I can’t let it go today” She whispered and moved to wards the garden and stopped, looking at the surroundings.

A voice came out, like a music siren, the girl ran towards the small stream in the garden and her leg splashed the water along with the anklet sound.

There were the main gates of the fort, closed. The stopped infront of the gates, and returned with a sad chuckled on her face.

“Destiny’s play” she said chuckled sadly. And moved back from where she came.

Standing at the window of her room, from which she could see was only the little garden, which had her whole life. She closed her eyes and inhaled the fresh air, with a little tint with the smell of pure black soil in the garden. She heard the same voice, again, and opened her eyes in astonishment.

“Why are you distracting me? Don’t make me loose what I am born for.” She said loudly, and what she got in return, was the same voice.

(A/N: please listen the track given as yt video. That’s the voice and it was tough to look for it 😊)

Cleared her throat, inhaled a breath from mouth to speak, but before she could, she was called.

“Hail princess Riddhima, you are called by Rajguru.” A servant came bowing his head down.

“I am coming” Riddhima said and moved towards the other side.

Reaching her room, she sat infront of her dressing table, and braided her hair turning them into a bun. She sighed and took out the flowers, and then her anklets. She lightened up the candles in the room and left.

“Greetings, Rajguru Jaidev” Riddhima joined her hands infront of an old man, standing with a stick made of gold sparkling and ruby in it.

“Greetings, Princess. Hope you know why are you called” Jaidev said with a stern face.

How much good he was, Jaidev always kept a stern face. No one ever got familiar from him, and he never tried to do after he lost his brother in the separation of the spirits.

“Yes Rajguru, but I ..” Riddhima stopped as her hands started glowing making beautiful Henna like patterns, she fisted her hands but the sparkles came out between the fingers.

“Control it Princess!” Rajguru said, Riddhima didn’t understand he was scolding her, or motivating her. The back of her palms even had same silver designs. Riddhima groaned trying to stop them, but seemed like it didn’t work. She lifted her hands in the air being pissed and the sparkles were coming as daggers, hitting the walls of the castle.

Riddhima went away from there running, while Jaidev didn’t stop her, and sighed being disappointed. Riddhima reaches the other side of the garden and sat next to pond, dipping one of her hands inside, watching the water flow with the movements of her hands.

A tear fell on pond, and the sound echoed and water moved in circles with the flow.

“I was just 10, when you both left me. Mother father, do you even know how I am living a tough life?” Riddhima said stirring the water.

“You said you will come back and tell me how to control this sparkling henna, but why didn’t you return? And I am stuck inside the castle since last 12 years I have not even seen my kingdom perfectly. How can I become a good ruler? A punctual queen?” Riddhima said gazing the clouds, which looked like a picture to her.

“Oh the great Optimistics! I don’t know what beyond the dense forests of Akashgarh. Is there a world beyond which has a power to let me control this unnecessary magic?” Riddhima said, a little loud.

Riddhima could see the clouds, turning into something else, shaped like a fire flame, and then into water droplets. A tear escaped Riddhima’s eyes as she saw her legs sparkling again.

“Some people say it’s a curse, but I am the only heir; so I would become the queen alone as I can’t get married with this curse. Is it true?” Riddhima said looking at her hands which were sparkling. She peeped herself into the water to find her neck and cheeks also sparkling. She threw her hands splashing the water being angry and the water started making patterns in its own, the water shaped itself as…..

A woman standing on a big stone and 6 people which were sparkling, sitting with their head down. The all threw sparles in the air together creating a circle, and then, the earth. The woman standing in the stone faints and fells on the ground.

Riddhima squeezed her eyes to see but the water came back to normal, with a pissed face. She went towards the other side of the castle, little girls were playing with their dolls. A smile crept her face and she sat next to girl..

“Stay away she is cursed! She has magic she is a witch!” One of them said pulling the little girl.

“Maybe she has magic and she an angel?” The little girl said.

Riddhima stood up and left from there with a sad smile on her face, clutching her lehenga in her fists, she headed towards the kitchen, and hugged an old lady.

“What happened Princess?” She asked making sound of a kiss.

“A girl was saying I am witch Daima” Riddhima said and chuckled.

Hansini, Daima of Riddhima. Or we can say her half-mother. Hansini always took care of Riddhima since childhood. And Riddhima had a huge amount of respect for her.

“But you are special my dear, not any witch. Little girls have less brain” Hansini said and laughed. “You are unique. God have must sent you for a purpose” Hansini encouraged her.

“I know Daima. Wow! You are making Kheer for me?” Riddhima squealed in happiness.

“Yes. Only for my princess” Hansini said passing a bowl of it to her carresing her head. Her smile became small as she saw Riddhima’s hands sparkling, but she ignored it looking towards Riddhima.

Opening her hair bun, she slowly opened the every bed and sat on a small stool on the floor with a table. Dipping a white feather in ink, she started scribbling the wrinkly-crushed paper. After some time of writing, she kept the paper in a small cover which contained other same papers.

As soon as she drifted to sleep, her whole body had white sparkles all over, and the same voice came again…

How was it?
What do you think about the sparkles?

Where did Riddhima’s parents go?

Will she be a good Queen?

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